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is this a good picture for the cover
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Not really.

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not at all. i have never understood the cover art for harry potter. i believe the cover art should highlight the main events in the book and that for sure is NOT the main event in the book.

Honestly, I've never been a fan of the cover art for HP. Could be soooo much better. The characters look very strange in the art work. Okay, I know they're technically considered books for children, but the work is just way too childish. I think it fails to capture the real magic and mystique the books themeselves offer.

i thought so. I mean when the books were still coming out-yeah. now the series is older so people actually care about the covers, but then and still now, i luuuuv the covers. =D

I think that it is really good, but that instead, it should show someting that had to do only with the first book, not quidditch, which had to do with almost all of them.

I must say that though we in Denmark have our own cover art: http://tellerup.dk/grafik/bog/1135.jpg must I say that I like the English adult version much better, that is a good piece of cover art I would mean.

AJ ew. he doesn't even look eleven! ...more
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