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message 1: by Lyrical (new)

Lyrical (lyricalbrown) | 37 comments Mod
I love a good heart-pounder and recently I read an advance copy of a book called POD by Stephen Wallenfels, a gripping survival thriller. It's out in September and you should definitely get this one.

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Lyrical (lyricalbrown) | 37 comments Mod
Nails getting too long? Stomach feeling too comfortable? Well, I have the perfect remedy: Gone by Michael Grant. This is a real squirmer and a very strong eye magnet, you won't be able to leave the characters for a second once you start reading. Here's my review. I'll give you a clue: one day everyone over 15 disappears...

message 3: by Lyrical (new)

Lyrical (lyricalbrown) | 37 comments Mod
If you want to get your heart racing but don't fancy doing any exercise then TimeRiders by Alex Scarrow is definitely the series for you. I've reviewed the first book but it won't be long before I'm reading the others as these are the time travels adventures I always wanted to read!

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