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Lyrical (lyricalbrown) | 37 comments Mod
I love a good urban fantasy and perhaps my favourite books are Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials trilogy but I also love Eoin Colfer's Artemis Fowl series. And of course there's always Harry Potter...

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Lyrical (lyricalbrown) | 37 comments Mod
I've discovered a fantastic new author in Zoe Marriott and have reviewed her take on the Cinderella story in Shadows on the Moon. If anyone has read Zoe's other books then let me know what you thought!

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Lyrical (lyricalbrown) | 37 comments Mod
This one is definitely NOT a recommendation: Pegasus by Robin McKinley. Literally NOTHING happens at least up until about half way through the book when I stopped reading it because I was so bored. here's my full review but I'd love to hear from anyone who thought differently.

message 4: by Kathleen (last edited Oct 09, 2011 04:58PM) (new)

Kathleen Harsch I just wrote a book called Dreaming Dangerously that might be in this category. It's a YA paranormal romance novel. The main character, Cassie, can read minds and she begins to have psychic dreams that come true; however, she isn't a supernatural character, just a paranormal one.

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