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The winners of our monthly writing competitions will be posted here, along with their compositions. If you have any queries or comments, please only post here. Sorry for any inconveniences!


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June Writing Competition

Winner: Immie
Title: Missing
Genre: Short story

People have been going missing. Our village is in a panic. Night is so quiet that you can hear the people in the house next door whimpering, which by the way just makes you more scared. Our village is about four and a half hours from the nearest tar road not town, road. Although there are many people living here we know we are far away from any outside help. Last week it was my friend’s mum that went missing, before that it was our neighbour’s daughter Sandra who was only sixteen. The ghost has taken many. Most people have had a family member taken, but my family have strangely remained a whole or as whole as it was before the kidnappings. Our family consist of my Mother, Me and three years ago my Se`ntel Bercl`erou, which means that we were made for each other a perfect match, Blaine Conner. He died in a car accident three years ago on the way to town. Father was an evil man whose sins finally caught up to him just after I was born. So our house is still whole. One person is taken each month this has been going on for the last three years which is thirty-six months, thirty-six people taken from our town. The forests have been searched for any remains, nothing has been found. This month a kidnapping has yet to take place and everyone is holding their breath.
The moon is full hanging low above the tree tops so light it could be an over cast day. Everyone has boarded up their houses and locked their doors although we know it will do nothing against this supernatural being. My sheets are freshly cleaned and my hair is still slightly damp. I should be asleep now but I can’t there’s something in here. Every time I close my eyes it moves flicking the light against my lids and I pop my eyes back open, showing me the world empty of anything but me and Yogi my little dog sleeping on the end of my bed. Again the light flickers over my eyelids and I try to open my eyes but they’re stuck, screaming was also useless, as I can’t open my mouth. I feel as though I’m being lifted and Yogi makes a small rumbling sound telling me he feels it to. Suddenly I feel my hair drifting back in a wind and a shiver runs through me. It feels like I’m running though I know I’m not moving my legs. I think I’m flying actually flying and I should be happy but I’m just terrified. Finally the ground comes up to greet me. I’m lying on itchy straw. Yogi comes over and licks my face, so I can open my eyes. I don’t saving a few more seconds of happiness. The ghost had finally broken our family.
I must be dreaming I can hear his voice, his sweet as honey voice. Nope it must have killed me cause now Blaine’s coaxing me to open my eyes. Slowly with much effort I pull my eyelids up and… I can see him, after all this time I jump and run to him but he steps away holding up his hands. “ What’s wrong?” I inquire. “Nothing it’s just your alive and. . . I’m dead.” His voice is awkward. My world seems to suck out again and I collapse in a pile at his feet. Blaine drops to help me but remembers before his hands fall through me not to touch. My voice is weak and tired “but I love you!” Tears prick behind my eyes and then I remember the story’s we were told as kids.
Once as the sun was setting, a man walked slowly towards a cottage in his hand he held a yowling grey kitten. The cottage was sitting in the middle of a tall forest, the man was weeping. Lost was the man although purposefully. He had gotten lost to find the witch who lived in the cottage. The kitten was hers , his Se`ntel Bercl`erou and the witch would bring her back to life. Trailing behind the weeping man was she, in a tattered white dress flying out in a wind that didn’t exist. The weeping man had found her and the witch would bring her back to life.
“We have to go get lost. We have to find the witch.” I exclaim urgently. Laughing “Oh Kessie but we are. Why else would I have bought along Yogi, for once was he not mine? She will soon be ready and then you can greet me back to the land of the living.”
Out of the cottage walks a woman holding a flickering candle. Her aged face was beautiful even with the soft creases cascading down it. She smiled at me and hauled me to my feet surprising me with her strength. She kneelt down by Yogi’s side and pressed a hand to his heart.

She caught him mid fall and I let out a whimper Yogi was my saviour throughout Blains death, I would not have made it without him by my side. Looking over at Blaine I saw she was doing the same to him. I was still as he dropped, but my scream was deafening. I could not lose him again. “ Hush dear he will awaken in a minute and a path will show you to your town.”
With that she stood and went back to her cottage. As she had promised they both woke in minutes together we went home. Surrounded by our all the ones Blain had kidnapped because he could not find me, we looked quiet a sight. Celebrations went on till long after dawn and the story of our love lived on forever.

Congratulations, Immie!

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July Writing Competition
Winner: Demonic
Title: It's Just Skin Deep
Genre: Poem

Is dripping from the sink,
As I lift my face to the sky and weep,
It runs to the tiles,
Pools at my feet.

Oh, I got Sympathy for the Devil,
The Black Magic Woman,
The damned Gypsy Queen,
For their bloody tears.

I hate you,
For doing this to me,
As the blade flashes again and again,
Ever deeper,
Into the skin.
Marks for the future, wounds of the present, gates of the past,
I'll hate you forever,
For what you've done to me.

Oh, I got Sympathy for the Devil,
The Black Magic Woman,
And the damned Gypsy Queen,
What I wouldn't do,
To join you,
In that pool of despair.

The razor clatters,
In the sink,
Vision blurring,
I fall to the floor.
Tears of red,
Run down my face,
Into the cracks,
That are my mask.

My shattering Mask.

The bathtub glints,
In the light,
As I slip,
Into its warmth.

Oh, I got Sympathy for the Devil,
The Black Magic Woman,
The damned Gypsy Queen,
As they make their tracks,
Across the globe.

Water gushes,
Dirty, filthy
Over my body,
Red and Grey,
Together in harmony.

Oh, I got Sympathy for the Devil,
The Black Magic Woman,
The Gypsy Queen,
Oh, yes I do.
As I take my life,
In the fluttering light,
Of this motel of the dead,
Music blaring,
Prostitutes moaning,
Little boy's screaming.

Goodbye, my baby,
I won't see you anymore,
Forgive your mother,
For her black little heart.
She just can't stand the sight of you,
The memories you incur,
Please forgive her,
As she picks of the rusted blade again.

Oh, I got Sympathy for the Devil,
The Black Magic Woman,
The Gypsy Queen,
Oh, yes, I truly, truly do.

The blade looks so innocent,
As I press it to my throat.
The tears come again,
Oh, they do come again.
I can do it,
Oh yes I can.
The slits in my wrists,
Are testaments to that.
They sting,
They hurt,
I just want to die,
Just go away, please.

The knife is so cold,
Like a piece of ice.
But the blood,
Oh, the blood,
Is so warm.
It makes me sleepy,
I just want to sleep.
The water rises,
Spills over the side.
I will but cannot cry.

Oh, I got Sympathy for the Devil,
The Black Magic Woman,
The Gypsy Queen,
If they had half the life I did,
In these short few years.
Of death and tears,
Of pain and hate,
Constant complaints.
So I say goodbye,
Water gone pink,
Limbs gone numb.
I'll see you in the afterlife.

Well done to Demonic. We loved your poem!

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August Writing Competition
Winner: Can't-Decide-On-A-Name
Title: Inside My Head
Genre: Poem

Why does black seem dark
and white seem light?
why do people die,
for another's fight?

why is beauty fake,
and laughter dead?
nothing makes sense,
inside my head.

Great job Can't-Decide!!!

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September Writing Competition
Winner: Nikkie
Title: Caught in the Rain
Genre: Short story

I duck under a gnarled oak tree to escape the downpour of warm rain. I smile like a child at Christmas, giggling with abandon. As I watch, lightning wraps around the sky a bright blue in color, striking awe in me. Thunder rubles like an over grown beast shaking the world around me, making my pulse jump and my heart race. I'm tempted to run back out into the rain and dance around like a kid. I'm tempted to lose myself in the pure happiness I used to find in the wild abandon of dancing in the rain, worshiping the earth and sky as pagans must have in a time near forgotten. But I don't. The memories of the last time I danced in the rain, with you, are still too fresh in my mind. Though the memories are bitter sweet ones, I smile to myself remembering.
I remember how your car broke down along the highway as you drove me home. Black silver smoke drifted out from under the hood, making you curse and me worry. How we parked just off the high way cars whizzing by us, beside an old orchard it's trees reaching for the sky. You tried to call AAA but had no reception, no surprising really reception was back there at the best of times. You were miserable. You hated the cold and the wet. You complained endlessly about your shitty car and the shitty weather, how annoying it was that I lived way out of town, and how inconvenient it was that I’d gotten off work late so we left just as the storm was moving in.
You grumbled and complained, stomping around the car, fiddling with something under the hood the rain hissing as it fell on the hot metal, only to slam down the hood, cursing again waving your hand as if you'd burned it. Your blackened mood hung around us like a heavy woollen blanket; suffocating, and making me itch. I didn’t take part in your foul mood. To me the weather was perfect and the car meant little. The rain was soft and just a bit colder then the warm spring air around us. It was the first rain so it had that smell, you know the one, that smells like water and warm concrete. It sounds like a bad smell, but to me it’s wonderful. It’s my favorite smell in the world. A smell that would forever remind me of you.
So as you stomped around complaining, trying to start your car to no avail, and I stood in the rain in a pair of shorts and a white tank top, getting soaked but not caring in the least. Rain clung to my eye lashes and darkened my hair and still I stood there, just smelling that fresh rain smell and feeling the electricity in the air smiling brightly. I felt like laughing and running around like a little kid at play as I'd done since I was young, worshiping the earth, the sky, and life itself in the only way I knew how, but I held back. We were new. You were new, and I wasn’t comfortable acting like that in front of you...yet.
You paused in your grumbling and complaining long enough to notice me standing in the rain. I could tell you were about to start up again, probably directing it at me for being all wet. You were probably going to complain about me getting the seats all wet, or something equally as trivial but I stopped you. I walked up to you, wrapped my arms around your waist, and leaned into you, smiling into your eyes. You wrapped your arms around me and smiled down at me. It was a loving look that made me feel treasured and special.
You call me an imp and tweaked my nose, making me feel like a little girl again. I laughed and twirled out of your arms, acting childish, but reveling in the freedom of it. You ask me what I was doing, already charmed by my childish enthusiasm. Rather then answer you, I just laughed pulling you with me into the orchard. I twirled away from you, dancing between the trees, making you follow me. You laugh at my antics and soon you were chasing me.
We laughed and played, and you chase me, trying to catch me. I ran screaming and laughing, and you caught me. An outstretched arm catching me around the waist pulling me against you, pinning me to one of the large walnut tree that surrounded us. We shared a kiss that was startling in it’s intensity, in it’s passion. I slipped out of your arms and pull away, making you chase me again. You called me a tease and ran. You caught me again. It was just a matter of time.
You tackled me into a mud puddle and I screamed like a little girl. I was soaked and dripping. You laughed and fell into the puddle beside me, pulling me into your arms. I snuggled into your arms, feeling the chill you’d been complaining about a few minutes ago. You wiped muddy water from my face and smile that incredible smile down at me that made me feel breathless, and a little giddy. The whole world faded in that moment to only you and me and the sound of the rain around us, nothing else but the way you looked at me mattered.
You pulled me closer then close and kissed me again. Butterflies took wing in my belly making me feel like I was falling in love. I smiled at you brightly, feeling content and happy. We laid there for a while, under the outstretched branches of the walnut tree, with the random raindrop hitting us. After a while you stood up and pull me up as well. Holding my hand, we headed for a house seen not too far in the distance.
You whispered things to me as we walk, like how beautiful I was, and how I looked like walking temptation, and that you couldn't stop look at me because of the way my wet clothes left nothing to the imagination. I giggled and blushed as you ran your hands over my curves, making me feel giddy and desirable.
You turned me around and pressed me into a tree, kissing me hard, making me breathless and a little weak in the knees. We kissed and touched and ended up making love under that tree. It wasn’t my first time, but it felt like it. Everything felt new and magical, I wouldn't have been surprised to see fairies dancing around us just then, if felt like anything could happen. I knew this time would be the one I remembered, the one that would actually count in my mind.
The rain had stopped by the time we were finished, and the clouds were breaking up. The dappled sun light was shinning and it was sunset. The sky looked like it was liquid fire, bright reds and oranges that countless master artists had tried to capture and never could. The scene was made all the more beautiful because of the parts of it that were hidden from view by the clouds.
You held me close and whispered that you loved me. Without second thoughts or hesitation, I told you I loved you too. We walked back to the car through the dripping rain the house in the distance forgotten in the after glow of our happiness. We drove home the car having decided it would cooperate now and in my limited understanding of cars it seemed almost like as if the car had been working with fate to bring us together that day. It seemed like such a promising beginning, so magical and perfect. But life isn’t a fairy tale, and like most teenage loves ours wilted like a flower picked too soon and fell apart.
It was almost a year ago, on a rainy day just like this one, that I laid in your arms and told you I loved you. The break up had been painful but I treasure that memory. The day in the rain when I had enough courage to tell a boy, you, exactly how I was feeling, and risk my heart in someone else’s hands, for just a moment of perfection.
Smiling to myself at the memory, I stepped out into the rain. With the memory of our day in the rain fresh in my mind, and your name on my lips, I danced in the rain with my arms outstretched my face tilted to the sky, thanking the world for that one moment of true perfection.

Thank you for your story, Nikkie. It was long, but well worth it!

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October Writing Competition
Winner: Emmy
Title: Tourniquet
Genre: short story

I lay down on the cold floor of my room. Contemplating this plan. Staring up at my ceiling. My bed is right beside me yet I like this position. I cry sliently in the dark where no one can hear or find me. I've thought about this for ages, begging and praying for death to come. The world has spun out of my control I have lost sight of who I am. No one understands they never care to try. I lost my innocence I have lost my way and my purpose in this world. They can't understand that i'm wounded and that i can't be what they all want. Behind close doors I'm a break down. I HATE MYSELF! I'm desprately broken, I deeply wish to find a connection to someone yet, am alone. What did I do to deserve this. This pain. I try to fight with the voices inside my head that mock my sorrow and laugh at my pain. It hurts to feel this way yet this is all I feel. There's nothing left to live for in this world. I no longer wanted to live this way. I hope someday you will understand and please God forgive me. It's now harder for me to breath as the tears rush down my cheeks till they reach the floor as my cry turns into a weep. I close my eyes and take a deep breath as I take the knife that's in my right hand and stab my chest. I feel this sharp new pain and feel the blood leave my body. Goodbye.

Congrats on your winning creepy tale!

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