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Lorrie I finished Rock's book about a month ago and still can't get it out of my head! Lingering questions.....what do you think?
1. Was "Father" really Caroline's biological father?
2. What was Caroline's name before she lived in the foster home?
3. Why was "Father" able to so easily collect Vets checks even after they ran from the farm? Wouldn't they at least require him to come collect them in person?
4. Do you think Caroline was sexually abused at an early age which is why she was careful not to allow even her leg to touch "Father" as they slept?
5. Do you think Caroline will also become a kidnapper since she watched her foster sister so longingly from across the street?

Charles 1 no
2 she never lived in a foster home. she was abducted by 'father'. her name is never given
3 he was having them forwarded to a p/o box
4 this is left up to the reader, but i think it has to do with that she is becoming sexually aware.
5 this is left to the reader also. there are cues to either point. the fact that she's getting a job would indicate not, but you can tell she is tempted by the softball girls, at the same time. she also feels slightly out of place among the general population, as you can see when she discusses her interactions in college, and that she's living in a yurt.

i was able to discuss some of these questions with the author, who is intentionally vague, but it was easy enough to tell where he leaned based on his research of other abducted girls.

Lorrie Hi, Charles:

1. I'm glad to hear you say you think Caroline isn't "Father's" biological child. I didn't think so either.
2. I disagree. She DID live in a foster home. Della lived there also. It referred to the foster home throughout the book.
3. Even though he (and after his death--her) were having the checks forwarded to the PO Box, shouldn't "someone" doing their job have caught this?
4. Your idea of her becoming sexually aware is good. I would have to agree with that. It reminds me of her shirt hanging in the tree.
5. Oh, yes, the softball girls. She is sitting on the fence between the two worlds. I think she might want to teach someone the way she was taught to live in the wild.

Thank you for your response. My good friend who is a literature mature reminds me that contemporary lit. often leaves some matters vague intentionally.

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