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message 1: by Marulett (new)

Marulett | 13 comments Hi all!!

Does anyone have Jace´s letter?
I bought CoFA as ebook, and it´s not there and also here in Buenos Aires the book isn´t available let alone with the letter...
Maru :)

message 2: by [deleted user] (new)

message 3: by Marulett (new)

Marulett | 13 comments Yayy!!!! I ordered it at bn but it got lost!

Thanks soooo much Emily!!!!!!!!! :)

message 4: by [deleted user] (new)

Your welcome. I also got a picture of the letter. :)

message 5: by Katie (last edited Jul 13, 2011 07:41PM) (new)

Katie If you go onto Cassandras blog, she has the letter there to read & also post cards for the time between COG & COFA

message 6: by Marulett (new)

Marulett | 13 comments Yeah! I saw it the other day!!! finally she posted it!

Did you read the teaser for CP she posted today!??!?

message 7: by Katie (new)

Katie Not yet, I have just finished reading COG and haven't started on the ID books yet. Its tempting but i don't want to spoil the books i haven't read yet. It took all I had not to read Jaces letter till I got to that part in the book & the post cards till i got to the end

message 8: by Marulett (new)

Marulett | 13 comments You should read C. Angel before CoFA...you´ll understand better a couple of things...
you´ll find it www.4shared.com for free :)

message 9: by Katie (new)

Katie Ok cool, thanks for that

message 10: by Marulett (new)

Marulett | 13 comments no problem!!
when you finish it we can discuss it!

hope you like ;)

message 11: by Katie (new)

Katie Sure thing

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