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Kendra (madamejade) The land of the Ra'zaac. Miraculously, some eggs survived Eragon's raid and there is now hundreds of Ra'zaac that lots of people avoid (wonder why)

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Kendra (madamejade) Kurnla- "Vakna"
Eryn- (startling awake) "What? Where? How?"
Kurnla- "You are in the Hadarac Desert, about twenty leagues away from Helgrind. To your left is a cauldron of boiling lead large enough to drown twenty elves. I had it made just for you."
Eryn- "Why not just kill me with that sword?"
Kurnla- "Shades like hearing people scream, duh"
Eryn- "Why am I here?"
Kurnla- "I brought you along so that I could interogate you, but I found that there is no need. I smashed through your mind barriers and learned everything you know. I've also added a special torture bonus on you."
Eryn- "What?"
Kurnla- "There is a spell on you that TAKES energy from your willpower and ability to fight pain and GIVES it to your ability to feel it."
Eryn- "That isn't good"
Kurnla- "It gets worse. I would have been merciful and just thrown you into the cauldron, but when I ordered the shades to have it ready, they thought I might need twenty-six torture chambers in alphabetical order, and I'd hate to see them all go to waste."
Eryn- "Well, I don't care if that's the case. Just throw me in the cauldron."
Kurnla- "You'll start with the A- the Air Randomization Chamber. Then you'll go to the B- the Bombs of Minimal Damage Chamber. Then C- Chains that Wip Elves, etcetera."
Eryn- "You cannot make me"
Kurnla- "Have you seen yourself, Princess?"
Eryn looked down. She was wrapped to a pole with chains.
Kurnla- "I think we can"

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Kendra (madamejade) "First- the Air chamber!" the air tore the chamber apart and left her unharmed.
"SECOND! the Bombs of minimal damage!" The chamber exploed before anyone went in.
"Third, the chain wip," The wip broke and fell.
"Fourth, the Decomposed components, we're not even going to try this one,"
"Fifth, the Elf-bomb that vaporizes in a painless death, the opposite of what I wanted, we'll skip that one as well."
"Sixth: Fairth. We capture you screaming in a fairth. HOW IS THAT TORTURE!?
Seventh: Grrr. Grrr. I'm not not even going to read the description.
Eighth: Hyrogen in Your Lungs. We'll try it."The hydrogen was unable to be contained.
"Ninth: Incredibly painful stuff... we're just going to skip these nest several.
Twentieth: Toxic toxins of toxic toxicianism of toxic toxins with thourough tox... I DEMAND TO HAVE SOMETHING READABLE!
Twenty-first: Unclassified objects of healing nature... Where is the shade that made this?
Twenty second: Volcanic Implements of Vehicular Activity, I SAID READABLE!
Twenty third: Weapons of Minor Destruction involving Forks, knives, spoons, cannons, CANNONS! We'll try it, but leave ot the cannons." The shades ended up trying to kill each other with forks.
Twenty fourth: X. The initial of doom. NEXT!
Twenty fifth: Yodlers yodle directly in your ear.
Twenty sixth: the one I had made, the Zipline into a Cauldron of Boiling Lead...wait, where is the boiling lead, dargh!" Eryn had stabbed him in the heart.

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