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((Start: The current case is a man named Officer James Fitzpatrick and was killed. You have to make up your own suspects/witness, cause of death ect))

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Abby jogged into the NCIS building and took out her IPOD she had been listening to. "Morning Abby"a guard called as Abby went through security. "Morning"She called and went over to the elevator.

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Chris was sitting at her desk on the Phone with a Poliece officer.

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Abby got off the elevator and went to her desk. "Morning boss"she called as she dropped her stuff by her desk

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"Good morning Agent Smith" She said.

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Abby sat down in her chair and began to log onto her computer. She leaned back in her chair and glanced at her boss"Do we have a case?"

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"Just got one Petty Officer Murdered Field River National Park Grab your gear." She said.

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Abby grinned "Alright good!"She said and got up. "Not good that some one was murdered but good that we have a case even though that some one was murdered, which is bad but still good"

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Chris nodded. "Stop rambling and Grab your Gear." She said and picked up her Coffee and headed to the Elevator.

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Abby opened her mouth then closed it. "On it boss"she said, grabbing her gear and followed Chris

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Chris went down the The garage and got into her Charger,

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Abby got into the Charger with her boss

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She sped out of the parking lot and Broke the Speed limit Driving down to the Crime scene.

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Abby said nothing but held on tightly

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They arrived at the crime scene.

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Abby got out and grabbed the equipment

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