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Sarazen | 6 comments Introductions...painful, painful introductions. Where to start... give me a second... I'm just digging through my should be right in here...dang. I must have lost that cool synopsis of my life that both makes me the hero that saves the day, and still shows my sensitive side.

Well anyway. I'm an American of Irish descent who is hopefully on my way to being a published author. That is the plan at least... plans can work out, right?

What else...? Well, I'm terribly interested in those Irish roots. I'd love to come and visit some day, find traces of my family (any Carrolls out there?), that sort of thing. And when I'm not dreaming about that, I knit, raise my 4 kids, write, and cook with the best of them.

Whew! I hope I passed the test. I'm terrible at introductions.

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Welcome to the group. I noticed on your profile that you're a knitter too. Are you on Ravelry?

Iuliana Naughton | 46 comments Welcome to the group and good luck with the writing. What do you write?

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Sarazen | 6 comments @Sam Yes I am on Ravely. I'm sarazen over there too.

@Iuliana I am working in two different directions with my writing. In one vein, I'm working on what I hope will be a series of picture books that illustrate economics for kids. In another direction I'm working on a novel about mermaids. I also write poetry on occasion, some of which I did manage to get published years ago in some very compostable magazines.

For the most part my writing has been on hiatus while I did the job of child rearing. I'm not quite done with that yet, but they are now big enough that I have been able to that prior passion. In this renewed effort, I have been working at it fairly consistently for about six months. I have a way to go yet, but I am making a serious effort.

I have posted one small story on my profile. It was the result of a writing exercise. I wouldn't say that it is my best work, but I thought that it was a success in terms of the assignment (which was to craft a painful moment.) I plan to put up other micro stories as my writing progresses and I welcome input that makes them better.

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Just friended you on Rav. My user name is Starsam.

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Good to have you over here, Sarazen.

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