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So What should it be about??

Kiwi's Hero is Sydney Davies ❤ (sarahkiwi) ((I'll do one Farah))

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Dusty (mrsbieber) Forbiden romance?

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How about we do... a Superhero R.P.

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Sarah {kiwi} wrote: "((I'll do one Farah))"

((Okay Sure!!))

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Dusty (mrsbieber) ★♥Farah♥★ wrote: "How about we do... a Superhero R.P."

Okay sounds good :)

Kiwi's Hero is Sydney Davies ❤ (sarahkiwi) ((Dessy hey rp in kidnapped))

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Dessy Irene wrote: "★♥Farah♥★ wrote: "How about we do... a Superhero R.P."

Okay sounds good :)"

Okay Lets Make The Charries

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Dusty (mrsbieber) ((kk))

And kay can i be the girl?

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How about we both be girls...

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Dusty (mrsbieber) Like gay or we both make a girl and a guy?

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Yeah lets both be a girl and a guy.

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Dusty (mrsbieber) Okay :)

Janessa: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_2iSSI8Mqc5c... Is drawn in quiet and scared of the world until you get her mad or try to get her to do something she doesnt want. then shes feirce terrifying and unforgiing. Hard to earn her trust but once you do she trust's you with everything and when you loose her trust its almost impossible to earn it back

Aiden: http://www.sodahead.com/fun/skater-gu... cocky arrogant a jerk. well at first when you get to know him he's actually ery sweet nice and charming.

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Dusty (mrsbieber) ello?

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Dusty (mrsbieber) Hello?

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Oh srry i was on vaction


Name: Cassidy Jones
Age: 19
Power: Flexibility
Personality: She is shy, but really sweet once you get to know her. She has a golden voice and she's to scared to bring it out to the crowd. To shy to bring anything out to the crowd. Is amazing sketcher. Also She Has a very soft personality, But also not the total sweetie.
Looks: http://media.photobucket.com/image/re...
Friends: Everyone
Crush/bf/gf: ...

Name: Andrew
Age: 19
Personality: Very similar to Aidan. Just like any boy.
Power: Super Strong

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Dusty (mrsbieber) Lol its okay

and nice. but you didnt press the space between looks and the link for Andrew =P

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