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Graphic Love Scenes

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Anna - I have to agree with the others. If that bothered you that much, then you will be missing out on a lot of fabulous books. I honestly thought the sex scenes were very tame. I find that if the sex scenes are written well, it's more enjoyable. It's too bad you found it to be "disgusting." All I can say is stay away from the Romance section. In fact, you're going to have to research each book you wish to read in order to avoid such scenes. I say just enjoy it. Sex is a part of life.

By the way, thought this book was an amazing read.

I didn't mind the sex scenes, I was excited! Gregory does not usually take that path in her writings, so I liked the difference. However, it was a bit accurate because the 15th and 16th centuries were extremely sexual in that sense with extreme dominance by men, adultery, and lust. If anything, Gregory seriously kept the book PG-17 compared to how descriptive it could've been written.

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I,m rereading this book right now. I like some of her other books better but I,ve seen alot spiceier love scenes than whats in this book. Or should I have said read alot more saucy love scenes.

I read the book when it was first released and I don't recall being utterly shocked by the content, although I now want to go go back and see what the hubbub is about. I have read Gregory's entire Tudor collection and never recall getting upset by the content. I know that some of the Tudor novels that I have read have been much more descriptive than the book in question and I have found that to a be turn off for me in certain cases. I remember reading a YA novel last year "The King's Rose" about Katherine Howard and I was completely shocked at the sexual content especially since it was a YA book.

I thought she was talking about a totally different book than the one I read. They weren't so 'shocking' that I would remember them especially. I thought it was a very good and enjoyable historical fiction book. It isn't pornography or even erotica by any stretch of the imagination.

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Anna I owe everyone a apology.
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Anna, I've read every book Gregory has written so far. Honestly, there is a LOT more that's graphic on TV than there is in any book I've read except for Letters to Penthouse, LOL. If you're freaked over something that tame, then don't ever read any of Laurell K Hamilton's Anita Blake series!

*sniggers* It was a bit graphic, but they were married so it was all okay. I doubt it is as bad as some other books out there. I don't recommend it for younger readers though.

Have you ever gone into a book store and seen how LARGE the "Romance" section happened to be? And how every page of those books are filled with sex and lust and all that? And notice how Philippa Gregory remains in the fiction section, not the romance section? That's because her sex scenes are more tasteful than other literature, and she has the ability to write an actual story, and pepper it with what most likely happened all the time (sex). She doesn't write a novel with sex at the center.

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Are you kidding? The sex scene was barely The Constant Princess, whenever Catalina/Catherine talks about sex, she usually uses euphemisms, not "graphic" descriptions. Maybe you were offended because she didn't have a happy wedding night? The point was that her first sexual experience *was* supposed to be disgusting, until she and her husband fell in love, etc. Especially compared to some of Gregory's other sex scenes -- I'm thinking of 'The Boleyn Inheritance' in particular -- these were nowhere near graphic.

I actually liked this book. I didn't find the sex scenes to be graphic when compared to say Romance novels, which talk about it in more detail.

I think "I bit back a scream," is pretty tame compared to what others authors have written and some of the things you can find on tv.

O.K now I don't want to come as Offensive and I'm really sorry if I do but I personally don't mind Sex Scenes. I think they are Quite Normal a lot of authors use them some are more detailed than others and more excessive.

I'm afraid I didn't finish this book because it didn't hold my attention for long the plot wasn't working for me. However, I thought the sex scene was so *light* for someone who reads a LOT of ROMANCE trust me this isn't even close to Graphic.

I think I was a little surprised by how detailed the sex scenes were but from what I've researched on the royal family, her book was pretty accurate. I wasn't offended but no, it's not something I would let my teenager read either. Overall I thought the book was spectacular.

i meant this with respect, but please. I don't remember the scene you're talking about but if you're going to freak out everytime there is a sex scene in a book then you're going to miss out on a lot of really great books. but if you want to cheat yourself out of great literature, I guess that's your business.

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