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Daniel vs Rafe

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Breemck Ok soo let me explain this ya see i loved Derek and Chloe so i trust Kelly to make a good couple butttt through out this whole book i just did not see Rafe and Maya together so I really want her to be with Daniel so i made this post so you could tell me what u thought so I want Daniel because hes really protective over her and I think he might have always liked her so yeah for me definatly Daniel.

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Esther DANIEL For The Win!

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Breemck Yes thank you!!!!!!!!:)

Tânia Daniel, no doubt! I couldn't picture Maya and Rafe together, but i think the reason why Daniel is so protective over her is because they have a kinda of brother and sister relationship.

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Breemck Yeah but when he was all ever if serena was still alive i dont know if we'd be togeter i think that was his way hinting that he might possibly like her :)

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Breemck oops sorry i ment even if :)

Tânia I hope so, i really want them to end up together!

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Breemck Me to and what do u think Sam is up too do you think they could get together cause that would suk if they did :(

Tânia I don't think so, they're just good friends, it wouldn't make sense. But i'm really intrigued by her mystery. I wasn't expecting that twist at the end.

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Breemck Me eaither :) i just hope they work out! So what r ur predictions for this next book?

Tânia After that awesome end, i think it's gonna be great! I can't wait!!! Oh, and i really wanna see Maya shapeshift into a cougar :) What do u think?

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Jayda Dyment i dont know i liked both of them i gess i would say rafe

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Breemck Ah. And yes i would love to see her change.
My pairs for the series
Sam-??? * i think they want her to eaither a be with daniel or b just be an enemy cause they portrayed her kinda as a jerk and that she likes and is kinda protective over Daniel so i dont know*
What do you guys think?

Kayleigh Daniel all the way. I know that Rafe and Maya are the same and have a lot in common with the whole skin-walker thing, but Daniel and Maya have know each other for a while so they have a good chemistry.

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El Daniel! I respect Kelley as a writer, and hopefully she will make good decisions with this story. (:

Caroline Daniel, most deff. I think Rafe and Maya should just be friends. There's like nothing there. Daniel has always been there for her and she deserves someone like him!! during the darkest powers series everyone thought it was gonna be Chloe and Simone but it was Chloe and Derek!!! I hope that Daniel and Maya are together(: Aparently the calling has a lot of romance in it and i cannot wait to see what happens!!! all i say now is: WHY 2012?!?!?!? and like APRIL??? i cant wait that long!!!! no joke!!!!!! im gona forget what happened and have to read it all over agaiN! that happened with the summoning.. i was waiting for the 2nd book to come out and i totallly forgot about it untill last week when i read the whole series and the gatherine(: i need to find out what happens. hopefuly she changes the date. and hwo else thinks there should be a movie on this??? and by the way.. i don't want to wait that long so i wanna read the Women from the otherworld series but would it confuse me if i read it in between now and before the calling comes out??? help!!! I NEED TO READ MORE!!! hahahaha(: TEAM DANIEl!!!<3333

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El Aha. (: Yay for Daniel~ Don't forget to visit Kelley Armstrong's site and vote for Daniel there in the poll. He is currently losing. D:

Deena Beena DANIEL !!

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Juice RAFE ALL THE WAY!!!!!!

Kirabook Eh, I'm not too sure on Daniel. Their relationship isn't romantic at all, which she states multiple times throughout the book. Their relationship is definitely more or of a best friend/ almost sibling thing. Can't a girl have a guy best friend without that meaning their meant to be romantically involved?

Personally, I believe she'll end up with Rafe. It's almost the same set up as Chloe and Derek *which I love to pieces*. Guy that the girl doesn't really get along with at first. They go through life threatening events together and get to know each other in their most revealing state.

Daniel and Maya has the same set up as Chloe and Simon. Kinda friendly and all, but it doesn't end up being that kind of love. Daniel and Maya have even less romantic interest in each other than Chloe and Simon did.

In short, I believe Maya will end up with Rafe. After all, they are alike in many ways, though that doesn't automatically mean they'll end up together. Just a plus, they already have personalities that compete with each other, in a good way of course *in other words, chemistry*.

I would be shocked if Daniel and Maya end up together, as I don't get that vibe from them at all.

Deena Beena I disagree.
One I thing I didn't like about this book was that Maya and Rafe ended up together so fast, in the darkest powers series, I loved that Chloe and Derek's relationship grew over time, and throughout the whole series. And That is why I am shipping Daniel and Maya. Who knows? Maybe there'll be something there. I also disagree and that Rafe and Maya's relationship is similar to Derek and Chloe's dynamic at all. At the beginning of the book, Rafe is cocky and confident unlike derek, he expresses his feeling towards Maya way too fast, which shows he is more like simon, and unlike derek. And he just your typical mysterious bad boy, just like Simon was described to be your typical heart throb, at least with the other two, you get something different, I also don't like that Maya and Rafe have soooooo much in common, including what they are, it's weird and very typical, I hope to see more of Daniel and Maya's dynamic in the books to come! (:

Kirabook Deena Beena wrote: "I disagree.
One I thing I didn't like about this book was that Maya and Rafe ended up together so fast, in the darkest powers series, I loved that Chloe and Derek's relationship grew over time, and..."

But Rafe and Maya aren't together. They have a little nudging going on, but they are far from being the fantastic couple Derek and Chloe are. Both of them will have to grow up a bit, which is what I'm expecting in the books to come.

Just like in the first book, there are still obstacles and the pairings aren't clear, but I can already see signs of where it's heading, and I'm sure you can too.

1. The OBVIOUS brother and sister relation ship between Daniel and Maya. They're been friends forever for 1, and Daniel dated her best friend. That's an awkwardness I'd be willing to avoid. Trying to stick those 2 together would appear way too forced to me since the author already established Maya didn't really have feelings for him in that way.
Of course, since we're only 1 book into this trilogy, things can shift in the other direction, but it would still seem very awkward and random to me. You don't just drop a brotherly love just like that and start crushing.

I'm not really shipping anyone yet, and while I find Daniel interesting, I don't think his relationship with Maya will be all that interesting. But that's just my personal opinion based on how I felt while I read.

2. The obstacle Maya and Rafe will have to over come will probably be what gets them together in the end. Maya I predict will still question Rafe's interest in her. *Heck I would definitely* Since that is currently her biggest obstacle *relationship wise* it leaves room for drama. Drama results in clashing. Clashing results in aftermath of calming down, explaining, getting ever so much closer. That's how Chloe and Derek's relationship was built up and I fairly enjoyed it. I can see the same things happening with Maya and Rafe.

Of course there will be differences, Derek isn't Rafe and Maya isn't Chloe, they are different people. It wouldn't be as entertaining if they had the same personalities. I don't expect it to be exactly the same, that's a no no in writing.

3. They don't really have that much in common other their their powers. And besides, just because you have something in common doesn't mean you're a match made in heaven. Far from it, usually people that have stuff in common are more likely to butt heads, I know this from person experience. >.>

Again, I'm not shipping anyone yet, and I almost always go with the most logical pairing that I see developing behind the scenes *though, I was already shipping Chloe and Derek from just the first book* So far, Rafe seems to be the most logical. The fact that the author seemed to make a point in Maya mentioning the non romantic relationship with Daniel to me either means, there won't be any romance between them at all, or they will try, and things won't turn out so well.

Still on the fence, probably will remain here till the next book.

Deena Beena I will admit, you do have some valid points so I'll respect them. But, I still support Daniel and Maya, we all have our opinions.(: I guess we're going to have to agree to disagree. (:

Kirabook Nothing wrong with that. I'm mainly just speculating on what I know thus far. 8D
But the author has surprised and confused me before, so I'll just wait before I start to ship so I won't get disappointed.

Deena Beena I know right! With the Kelley armstrong you never know what to expect.

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El Kirabook wrote: "Eh, I'm not too sure on Daniel. Their relationship isn't romantic at all, which she states multiple times throughout the book. Their relationship is definitely more or of a best friend/ almost sibl..."

I seriously disagree with all of this, especially comparing it to Chloe and Derek. It took Chloe and Derek three books to hook up, it took Rafe and Maya like three chapters.

I found it very annoying that with just a few sweet words from Rafe that Maya would fall all over him. That, to me, says that Maya is way too easy to get.

Daniel and Maya are also definitely not like Simon and Chloe. Simon and Chloe liked each other from the beginning and Chloe realized she didn't care about him like she thought she did. That isn't anything like Daniel and Maya's relationship.

And honestly Rafe, in my humble opinion, is boring. He is a very flat character that you see everywhere.

I don't think Kelley would pull the same thing she did in her first trilogy, making Maya and Rafe (like Chloe and Simon), like each other through all three books and suddenly have one realize it's not what he/she wanted. Kelley isn't the type of person to do the same things over I think. That would lead me to believe that Maya will end up with Rafe, a new character altogether, or that her an Daniel's relationship will grow in a way totally different than that of the Darkest Powers trilogy.

ANYWAY, I think it's clear that others have noticed Daniel's feelings for Maya. I'm no sure how Maya feels yet, but I really hope she grows in this story because, so far, I don't even like her.

XD The only character I DO like so far is Daniel.

Kirabook Lizz wrote: "Kirabook wrote: "Eh, I'm not too sure on Daniel. Their relationship isn't romantic at all, which she states multiple times throughout the book. Their relationship is definitely more or of a best fr..."

I've stated before, Maya and Rafe are nothing like Chloe and Derek. Also, they are not together, they might have a bit of a fling, but again, not together. I consider Chloe and Derek together, and I'm sure you'll agree that Maya and Rafe are not to that point.

I also already stated making the couple just like Chloe and Derek would be a no-no for writing. I doubt Kelley would make them fit together just like that. There's still a lot we don't know about Rafe and it kinda annoys me when readers are ready to put off a character as typical when we have barely seen him around so far.

You can never list off two different characters as being "like" each other exactly unless the author intends for that. The relationship between Simon and Chloe and Maya and Daniel have a few similarities, but thankfully, many many differences. There's more to Chloe and Simon's relationship than the beginning of it, there's an after too, when they end up acting more like good friends, hence why their relationship is "like" Maya and Daniel's relationship.

I would be disappointed if the build up that occurs between Maya and Rafe is just like Chloe and Derek, again, they are different people, different characters, I don't expect them to be like Chloe and Derek at all.

My only problem with Daniel is the repetitive "He's been a friend forever", "We're like siblings" kind of stuff Maya occasionally thought about. Personally, if Daniel did decide he wanted to be with Maya in that way... eh, I can't imagine how many things would get screwed up. I enjoy their friendship, I would hate to see it ruined with romance. Friendship chemistry is different from romance chemistry... that's for sure.

Now that I think about it, I hope Maya doesn't end up with either one. I hope she stays friends with Daniel and boots Rafe out of the romance section. But all I see is the Rafe and Maya potential. Once more, they aren't together yet, at all. They still have some hurdles to overcome... that's for sure.

Man, I wish it had stuck to Chloe's story, but I guess I'll have to wait till Kelly goes back in their direction. 8c

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Breemck I can see all of your points but I think that because Daniel and Maya are such good friends that, that will help them move in to a relationship better than Rafe.

Team Daniel!

Deena Beena Breemck wrote: "I can see all of your points but I think that because Daniel and Maya are such good friends that, that will help them move in to a relationship better than Rafe.

I can't stan it when people say things like 'But they're like brother and sister.'
Why? Because for those of you who actually have siblings like I do, know that you will fight and argue over the stupidest things. Daniel and Maya aren't like that at all.

With Siblings you squabble all the time, you do different things, have different friends. Now I'm not saying that ALL siblings are like this, but most are. Also, how horrified would you be if you found out your friend started dating her brother (Disturbing I know, but I have to make a point) I mean you'd be mind boggled! But if Maya and Daniel go out No one's going to be like 'Oh my god! They're going out? Ew!) My friend's known this boy since she was 3 and yes they have been dating for over a year now, and no one finds it weird or disturbing, brothers sisters fight ALOT and you can see Maya and Daniel have good chemistry and don't fight at all.

Kirabook Deena Beena wrote: "Breemck wrote: "I can see all of your points but I think that because Daniel and Maya are such good friends that, that will help them move in to a relationship better than Rafe.

I can't stan it ..."

You're sorta making the assumption that all siblings fight and such. And again, just because people are LIKE siblings doesn't mean they ARE siblings or EXACTLY LIKE siblings.

There is a category where people have friends that are like their siblings. They feel close to that person in ways you don't feel close to someone that is your significant other. You know what they're thinking or what they'll most likely do before they do it. You know their behaviors/attitude/personality by heart.

There's a fine line between being "sibling" like and having good chemistry as a friend and having romantic chemistry for a potential lover.

I still don't get this notion with fans such as yourself and fans for just about every other book in existence that just because a girl and a guy are good friends means they'll end up together or they belong to each other. Can a girl not have a best friend who is a guy? Why must Daniel and Maya be together other than they're friends?

When Daniel comforts Maya and such, does that always have to mean he loves her in a romantic sense? No, friends can love each other too, it doesn't have to be romantic.

I don't like it when fellow fans try to force two characters together when they haven't shown much proof the the relationship is going from "sibling" to "lover". As long as no one is disappointed in the end and then turn around and call authors a bad writer because they themselves blindly ignored all the clues and just went with what they wanted for the characters and not with what the characters wanted themselves.

Again, I'm not shipping anyone yet, I'm going with the facts that I see and what I absolutely know from what I have read. I don't mind if people ship Daniel and Maya, I just want people to understand their relationship thus far and not make something out of nothing. There is always the possibility that Daniel and Maya can get together, but I predict there would be an awkwardness to get over and reluctance, since he dated Maya's other best friend too.

With Rafe, their problem is I don't think Maya trusts Rafe very much. He's had a lot of secrets so far and I'm sure there's even more possibly. Trust is a hard thing to build once you messed up once.

If anything, I'm leaning towards no pairing please. Daniel stays friends with Maya and Rafe doesn't end up in any romance with Maya, but that's just an opinion based on my personal feelings and not what is represented in the book.

Deena Beena Kirabook wrote: "Deena Beena wrote: "Breemck wrote: "I can see all of your points but I think that because Daniel and Maya are such good friends that, that will help them move in to a relationship better than Rafe...."

Okay seriously. Could you please stop rebutting everything I'm saying? I am allowed to have an opinion, if you've read my statements correctly you would know that I said: 'Now I'm not saying that ALL siblings are like this, but most are'
And that's just the truth of it. Do you have siblings? Also, I'm not sure if you realised, but believe it or not, this is a FICTIONAL book. Anything can happen, it's not as if I am literally forcing two real human beings together, so no, I don't think me and any other 'fans' are causing any harm, and also, the title of this description is 'Daniel vs Rafe' And you aren't shipping any pairs, so why even comment if you don't want anyone to end up with anyone? So you can prove me wrong? Well, congratulations, you have showed off your debating skills and wide vocabulary, but please for the sake of me and others, join a debating team instead of doing this.

Kirabook I saw what you said, but you are assuming that since Daniel and Maya are not like most siblings, then they don't have a sibling relationship.

Yes, I have 4 siblings, 2 being step brothers, all of which I have a different relationships with. There isn't 1 type of sibling relationship. That's why I am positive Maya and Daniel are more like siblings than potential lovers at this point.

When it comes to a debate, it's always good to take a step back from whichever side you're on and debate with factual information on the topic. When I take a step back, I see that Maya and Rafe have a better chance of becoming a couple than Daniel and Maya from what we have seen so far.

Hm, in my opinion, my vocabulary is sorely lacking through this. This isn't a life or death debate, but I'd like for fellow fans on both to understand who they are shipping and not be disappointed in the end.

Why should I care who is shipping who? Because I personally know people now who detest the author just because Chloe and Simon didn't happen. Because they ignored the development going on throughout the book between Derek and Chloe. I hate when that happens, the author being blamed because the reader wasn't paying attention. I've already seen someone comment on this site somewhere, "If Maya and Daniel aren't together I'm dropping this series" or something like that.

I'm not talking to you in particular, but vaguely all shippers, just please... this time around, understand that neither Daniel&Maya or Rafe&Maya will happen absolutely. And don't become angry in the end when the facts are all laid out. *sigh*

Not meaning to be rude or anything, I just like to debate these types of things when both sides have evidence to support themselves. 8P Don't be offended!

Deena Beena Okay, fair enough, your points do make sense. Sorry! Truce?

Kirabook There was never any malice here! 8D
But sure!

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Courtney I think Rafe and Maya look really good together at some parts in the story but when she's around Daniel I just get this feeling that he cares more for her then just a friend. So Daniel all the way. :)

message 37: by Sam (new) - rated it 4 stars

Sam Okay I love Daniel but the thing I know that Maya is gonna end up with Rafe. I really didn't like Derek, I wanted chloe with Simon, so SIGH! I want her to end up with Daniel so bad :/

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Silena Scalzo Rafe all the way hes so bad ass i love that and hes so in love with maya i mean Daniel is awesome but i see thenm as brother and sister.

Bridget Daniel i route for cause he is oh so speacial

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Leighlei Hmm, it's a tricky one because from how things stand (In my opinion!) I think it's more likely Maya and Rafe will be getting together. There could be potentional for Daniel though they have several things to get around if that ever happened --- one being that he was her late best friends beau. However I got the feeling that Daniel just wasn't that into Serena, if that makes sense. I, at points, got the feeling that he felt a twinch more for Maya than friendship. But their all young and hormones are running.

I would vote for Rafe though.

However, ultimately, I trust Kelley to make the decisions that fit her characters and her story and will read it, and continue to do so, no matter what the outcome.

Bridget Yeah ;( But i love Daniel!

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I don't know who to chose so I'll wait for #2.No one judge.

Deena Beena Fair enough.

Sofia I think the book hinted at a possible Daniel/Maya romance in the future, much like Chloe/Derek. They barely had any romantic hints in the first book and I hope that's where Daniel and Maya are headed as well.

And IDK, I didn't care for Rafe at all, but I did like Daniel so I hope Kelley explores that further. She's a good writer and writes good love triangles and if it comes to that I'm sure she'll handle it well.

message 45: by Alaska (new) - added it

Alaska To be quite honest, I think that couples are going to form when the characters from the Darkest Powers are thrown into the mix at the third book. Because the author did say that they are going to meet up in the third book, but she didn't say it would be the last book about them.

I think Daniel and Tori are going to end up. She'll be the challenge he needs, and he'll soften her anger and bitterness. I think they'd really balance each other out.

And I think Simon will definitely fall for Nicole, because she seems his type. I don't really have an opinion on Sam, she confuses me to no end, so I hope we learn more about her soon.

Nichole Honestly, I'm not a huge fan of either of the male characters. I like Daniel more than Rafe, but I wouldn't really want to see either of them with Maya. This series is a little harder on me since it's not nearly as good as The Darkest Powers series. /=

message 47: by Anna (last edited Mar 29, 2012 09:29PM) (new) - added it

Anna Ugh, no Daniel. I'm tired of the main character hooking up with their best friend. Why is it that in YA it's just impossible for the main character and their best friend of the opposite sex to just have a strong, mutually platonic connection? I understand that close friendships do sometimes turn romantic but not all the time. It be nice if just one author could explore the concept of an intense non-sexual and non-romantic bond between a girl and a boy. I love my bromances, I love my sromances, why can't I have a "mance" that doesn't begin with a "ro" when it involves a dude and a chick?

That's actually why I like Maya and Daniel's relationship so much; they are so close but Maya repeatedly states it's not romantic between them. It seems kind of brotherly/sisterly and it's sweet. I was happy that I might actually get to see a powerful friendship between a boy and a girl without it becoming something else so if this turns into some kind of love triangle... well than it's just going to be incredibly disappointing for me because love triangles are the bane of my existence. I have used that exact wording multiple times but there's just not a more perfect way to put it. They are tedious, constantly done, and can potentially ruin a story for me. It didn't bother me so much in The Darkest Powers because even though I could see the development I could also see that Cloe didn't fully realize her feelings for Derek until after she kissed Simon and didn't feel a spark. There was none of that obnoxious inner torment and indecision. Maya has kissed Rafe and knows for a fact she has strong feelings for him so if Daniel were to become a love interest than it would inevitably become a triangle that drives me crazy. I just like them how they are.

I personally prefer Rafe and Maya but not as a default. When I read about them I saw chemistry, I saw fun, I saw understanding, and I saw a very balanced relationship. I'm also a bit of a sucker for situations where two characters either have distaste or indifference for each other but then get to know one another and find qualities that makes them realize they're someone they actually really like. I get to see more evolving that way. Daniel and Maya would be the kind of romance I'm not so fond of, the kind where it's like: "Hey they've known each other forever, they've already become very close, and they've already learned most of what's to know about the other. Lets stuff them full of teenage hormones and see what happens!". Rafe and Maya getting together in the first book would have normally kind of annoyed be but I still consider them a developing relationship rather than an established one because they were given problems they need to work through and grow from if they could ever hope to start over.

Anyway, that's all just my opinion. I can totally see the appeal of Daniel/Maya but it's just not my thing. I don't know what's going to happen. I saw Derek/Cloe coming all the way back in The Summoning so I'll probably be wrong about this series because I'm not lucky enough to predict correctly twice in a row with the same author. If Daniel does become a love interest... well I'll probably close the book and start hitting myself in the face with it. Then keep reading.

Kirabook Anna wrote: "Ugh, no Daniel. I'm tired of the main character hooking up with their best friend. Why is it that in YA it's just impossible for the main character and their best friend of the opposite sex to just..."

You can explain my stance on this so much better than I can! 8D

message 49: by Anna (last edited Mar 29, 2012 09:26PM) (new) - added it

Anna I saw your post and I thought, "Is there even a point of me commenting now?", but decided I might as well give my own opinion in my own words XD

Sofia after reading the Calling i ship Daniel and Maya like crazy tbh.

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