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Robert Berg (robwillreview) | 3 comments Mod
The relationship between authors and readers is a special one, and we wanted our company to celebrate that, by creating a publishing model that gives the author larger royalties while simultaneously lowering the books’ prices. We wanted to foster a community of readers and authors, working together to bring great science-fiction and fantasy to fruition.

The principle behind Quixotic Night Press is very simple: the more pre-orders a book gets, the cheaper the book will be for the remainder of its life. In other words, you the reader have the power to determine the book’s price and how much the author will receive, based on how many friends you can convince to purchase it along with you.

Our mission is to provide great, fun, rewarding, challenging, exciting books to as many people as possible for the lowest possible price, while still supporting the authors, the foundation of the industry.

To that end, you will not find any of the titles we publish on major e-book distribution sites, because they take a larger percentage of the books’ cover price. We would prefer to see it go to the author, or to the production of more books.

In short, we’re just a bunch of guys (and gals!) who really, really love books, specifically those in the sci-fi/fantasy and horror genres, and want to dive in and try to make the publishing world just a little bit of a better place. We’re the fans, the geeks, the nerds—we’re you and your friends, basically.

And we love awesome books.

Check out our site, http://www.quixoticnight.com. Watch our friend, Quincey N. Puppet, explain the deets in a fun video on our How It Works page. And please preorder our first release, a Shakescraftian mashup of devastating cthragedy, HAMLET, PRINCE OF DARKNESS. We need a minimum of 2,500 preorders, and after that point the price starts dropping, and everyone who preordered will receive the lowest price it reaches by the deadline.

Preorders are open for HAMLET: PRINCE OF DARKNESS until July 31st! Let's make this happen, people! :)

message 2: by Anne (new)

Anne (annemwhite) I'm so glad you're doing this! I love seeing these kinds of opportunities for writers. Too bad that I can't write fiction to save my life...I'm a "true story" kind of girl.

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