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message 1: by *Sklip* (new)

*Sklip*  (stalkerninja) Human and robots are like, enemies now? There are humans, the full robots, and the hybrids?

I dont know, go from there, and I'll add more to it....

message 2: by Zachman (new)

Zachman | 5136 comments Why not have like four factions? Humans against all robotic usage at all, even computers. People who are against total robotic usage, but are ok with stuff commanded by humans and some computers. The cyborgs who are half human,half robot. Full on robots like from I,robot.

message 3: by *Sklip* (new)

*Sklip*  (stalkerninja) Dood, you write the back story then XP

message 4: by Zachman (new)

Zachman | 5136 comments What I just explained with your idea is a good enough back story.

message 5: by *Sklip* (new)

*Sklip*  (stalkerninja) lol I'll just leave it I guess

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