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message 1: by Veronika (last edited Jun 29, 2011 11:10AM) (new)

Veronika (laceandconcrete) | 4 comments Hey,
My name is Veronika or Nikki for short. And yes, I know that is not the most likely nickname for Veronika but there really aren't any other options, are there? ;)
I'm 18 years old and just graduated from secondary school. Now I'm planning on studying drama or english literature, preferably in London.
I have loved reading for as long as I could and hardly anything has changed. I have the habit of carrying around several books in my handbag, whenever I go out and however small the bag.
I am just as passionate about performing arts, namely acting, and have been taking classes since I was 13 years old.
Looking forward to some interesting discussions and nice people :)

message 2: by Kristen (new)

Kristen Lee | 56 comments Mod
Welcome Nikki!! You mentioned you carry books around even when you have a small bag. Have you seen the books that are sold in the playing card cases? They are pretty awesome. They are the same size as a deck of cards and are packaged exactly like they ARE a deck of cards. I think they are so cute. They mostly have classics as far as I know. You should check them out though, it might free up some space in your bag. You've been acting since you were 13? That is awesome. Have you ever been cast in a film or anything?

message 3: by Veronika (new)

Veronika (laceandconcrete) | 4 comments That does sound pretty awesome. I should go look for these, since my shoulders are starting to hurt and I figure I'm a little too young for chronic back pains ;)
And yes, I have done a couple of TV-films and some episodes for TV-shows here and there, nothing huge, and also you wouldn't have heard of them, since I live in Austria and have only done local stuff.But now that I'm done with school, I'd love to really focus on my acting. I've always been one for big dreams ;)

message 4: by Viv (new)

Viv (a_pocky_box) | 156 comments Mod
Hi Nikki! You like the performing arts too! I am a huge fan of mostly musicals and dance performances. Say, what was your favorite TV-film or TV-show you've done? I find it so amazing and brave of you to be on camera.

message 5: by Veronika (last edited Jun 30, 2011 01:11PM) (new)

Veronika (laceandconcrete) | 4 comments Hey .
I love musicals aswell. I'd love to do musicals at some point, but I find it a lot harder singing in front of people than acting. :(
I did a kind of mystery thriller thing last year, which I loved doing, since I met so many amazing people. Also I had to completely change my look for the part, which was a lot of fun. I don't think I'd actually get myself to go through with some mayor change to my style if I didn't have to, but it's fun being somebody else not only when you're on set but also when you're alone at home in front of the mirror :)
And thanks for the brave part ;) It's a lot easier than being on stage, though. I'm quite stage-frighty but cameras are a whole different story.
Do you dance and sing yourself? Since you said you loved musicals...

message 6: by Viv (new)

Viv (a_pocky_box) | 156 comments Mod
Awesome! I'd like to try on a different look some time. It's like you're taking on a different persona for that brief period. But then you can always revert back. Haha I hear the best actors/actress can totally lose themselves in a role to produce something that seems so real that you cannot imagine it's an act. Have you ever experienced that? I'm probably romanticizing it too much. :)

The most singing I've ever done is to my car's dashboard and my shower head Haha. I'd have to say my best thinking and singing comes from the shower. But I do dance. I'm trained in classical ballet. Even now I still get stage fright.

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