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I was waiting for other YA authors to post promo stuff here, but I guess I'll take the plunge.

I'm Hayden Thorne (total pseudonym!), and I write LGBT YA fiction that I describe as oddball because I don't write contemporary realistic stuff. And, as a heads up, neither do I write pure romances for LGBT teens. Romance is a subplot, and the main conflict of my books lies in character growth in some way or another.

Anyway, my Goodreads page is over here, and my blog is over here.

But here's a rundown of my releases:

Icarus in Flight (historical)
Banshee (historical ghost fiction)
Masks: Rise of Heroes (contemporary fantasy)
Masks: Evolution (contemporary fantasy)
Masks: Ordinary Champions (contemporary fantasy)
The Twilight Gods (historical fantasy)
Curse of Arachnaman (contemporary fantasy)
Desmond and Garrick 1 (historical fantasy)

Cheyenne Publishing:
The Glass Minstrel (historical)

Current WIPs: Renfred's Masquerade, a historical fantasy novel. To sum up, it's a loose retelling of the "Orpheus and Eurydice" myth that's set in an alternate Venice during the 19th century.

Rose and Spindle, a satire on the "Sleeping Beauty" folktale as told from the perspective of the princess' gay cousin and his nemesis-turned-boyfriend. It may be the first of a series of books that poke fun at heterocentric fairy tales we all grew up with. I've yet to decide.

Upcoming release: Desmond and Garrick (Book Two), which I anticipate to be released later this year (either September or December). If you want to get an idea about what the story's all about, the first book pretty much sums up half of it.

I'll be updating this post as new stuff comes up. :) Thanks for reading!

message 2: by Pickles (new)

Pickles (angstypickles) Ooh, I like the sound of "Rose and Spindle" and the potential series. :)

message 3: by Nikyta (new)

Nikyta Oh! I like the sound of Rose and Spindle, too!

message 4: by Heather C (new)

Heather C (heathercook) | 18 comments me three!!

message 5: by [deleted user] (new)

I appreciate pompoms, thank you! Yeah, I might be working on two novels simultaneously since I've already got momentum going for both of them. But I'm also looking wistfully at Mimi Attacks!, which already has the first chapter written for it. I seriously suck at multi-tasking.

message 6: by Heather C (new)

Heather C (heathercook) | 18 comments Yay for Mimi Attacks!!!!!

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*sheepish* I started MA before R&S, so logic dictates that I pick that one up and set R&S aside. I just reread the stuff I've written so far, and I'll fiddle around with the outline tonight.

Maybe I should post a snippet at my blog to jumpstart inspiration again. Not that I need it, though, as I've got you, Nykita, and Bubbles to spur me on. :)

message 8: by Heather C (new)

Heather C (heathercook) | 18 comments Yes! Must we keep harassing you til its done? Jk.

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Okay, mark Rose and Spindle as an "ixnay" for now. Unfortunately I'm going through some major historical fiction/historical fantasy burnout, so that's not going to be touched for a long time.

Renfred's Masquerade is also on rocky ground right now, and I'm fighting against the decision to shelve it indefinitely until I get over my burnout. Unfortunately that's also turning into a losing battle.

It's most likely that the next sequel to my Masks series will be completed next, and I'll be switching gears entirely to contemporary fantasy fiction for the rest of the year and all of 2012.

Burnout sucks!

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Just thought I'd crawl out of my cave of doom to share this bit of good news. I managed to finish my novel, Renfred's Masquerade, despite the drama it made me go through, and now it's set to be released by JMS Books LLC this November.

My quickie description: It's a gothic romance and coming-of-age novel set in an alternate 19th Century Venice. It's about a boy stricken with polio who's long been taught that he's not worthy of respect or love, and when he's adopted by an enigmatic magician with a tragic past, he suddenly becomes the unwilling hero of a dark romance involving strange masquerades, portraits that come alive, and the unexpected results of a passionate but unrequited love.

Sorry if it sounds rather garbled at the moment, but it's been a long day. ^^;;;

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Pickles (angstypickles) Oh, sounds awesome, Hayden! :D

message 12: by [deleted user] (new)

Harper wrote: "Oh, sounds awesome, Hayden! :D"

Thanks, Harper! Yeah, I'll pimp it out once it's released. In the meantime, I need to brush the dirt off myself, crawl out of my hidey-hole, and participate in the discussions here. It's been a while, unfortunately.

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Lisa wrote: "I'm really looking for the Desmond and Garrick Book 2. Any new information on when that is coming out?"

Hi Lisa! The book's due for release this December. Not much longer to wait. :) Thanks for asking!

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I just got the cover art for my other novel that's coming out later this year (December), and it's hand-drawn by my friend (I paid her, of course!), who's an incredible illustrator.

It's the second book of a two-book series, and the first is over hereDesmond and Garrick

The series is a historical fantasy and a satire on teen vampire romances with a lot of bad poetry thrown in (the poems in the books are actual poems I wrote when I was a pretentiously emo teenager - I'm not kidding).

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Not sure if anyone here subscribes to or follows my blog, but I just switched to a new site, and my new URL is http://haydenthorne.com

Also wanted to give you a heads up if you're interested - my publisher just put up a copy of Renfred's Masquerade as a Goodreads book giveaway. You can check it out over here. If you participate, good luck! :)

message 16: by Byron (new)

Byron (byft) | 1060 comments If you haven't got a copy of Renfred's Masquerade already, I would definitely suggest trying to win a copy.. It's a great story.. well written..

Why are you still reading this?? O_o go, enter.. :)

message 17: by Brendan (BJ) (new)

Brendan (BJ) (heresjohnny) | 382 comments YES! Definitely agree with By! :D I could kind of relate to Nicola even if that does sound sad haha the only thing I had trouble with was thinking of Nicola as a guy's name hahahaha :P

message 18: by Sammy Goode (new)

Sammy Goode | 5380 comments BJ wrote: "YES! Definitely agree with By! :D I could kind of relate to Nicola even if that does sound sad haha the only thing I had trouble with was thinking of Nicola as a guy's name hahahaha :P"

AM reading as we speak--darn good novel!!

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Two things - firstly, Renfred's Masquerade got a really nice review over at Top 2 Bottom Reviews.

Secondly, Lee Wind just posted about the book at his blog, and if you read the book, feel free to write a quickie review as a comment to the post.

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My first short story contracted with Queerteen Press is already posted at the publisher's site. It's a fairy tale, and it's due out on January 15. You can read an excerpt there as well for a good idea of the story's tone.

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Renfred's Masquerade made the list of top books for 2011 over at Top2Bottom Reviews. It's not as big or popular a review blog as, say, Jessewave's, but the reviewers tend to be very thorough and thoughtful in their analyses of books. And historical fiction (straight/pure or fantasy) for LGBT teens is always such a hard genre to market, so I'm really happy about this.

message 22: by Byron (new)

Byron (byft) | 1060 comments WOW Hayden, That's a whole lot of awesome for you on New Years Eve...

and like I said, it took me out of my comfort zone.. and I still enjoyed it.. Made me willing to accept that historical fiction 'can' be good..


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Byron wrote: "WOW Hayden, That's a whole lot of awesome for you on New Years Eve...

and like I said, it took me out of my comfort zone.. and I still enjoyed it.. Made me willing to accept that historical ficti..."

*hugs back* Thanks, Byron. Yeah, I understand perfectly. I don't read certain genres, myself (not a big fan of contemporary issues-based fiction, for instance), but at times I find myself pleasantly surprised when I sample some books from them.

In fact, the book that tops my list in the LGBT YA market is Julie Ann Peters' Luna, which is a contemporary issue-based novel about a transgender teen.

And it's always good to expand the LGBT YA market into less-traveled roads, so to speak. :D

As far as historical fiction goes, I tend to avoid those that pigeonhole LGBT characters into rigid roles (like tragic victims of the times, for instance, and don't get me started on historical fiction about arranged marriages and the angst that goes with them). Another reason for some readers to dislike historical fiction is language, i.e., some writers tend to be too stilted in the way they write dialogue because they're used to reading books written from those time periods. It's perfectly okay to "update" the language without toppling over into anachronism.

So, yeah - it's a delicate juggling act, and for the most part, I find historical fantasy a lot more interesting because the fantasy elements allow writers to avoid the rigid boundaries that pure historicals have.

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Lisa wrote: "Hi Hayden I'm reading Desmond and Garrick Book 1 again now so I can go ahead and get book 2, which I realized is out now."

Thanks, Lisa! :) I hope you enjoy the second book!

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Hiya! :D Go ahead and read the file and see how it looks.

The original errors I found were no scene breaks (no extra spaces in between different scenes), no chapter breaks, and no italics.

Yesterday I checked Amazon's preview feature, and it looks like they corrected the errors. I'm hoping that your device will be able to read the file properly (my Kindle seems to be a bit buggy), but if not, would you be able to download from Amazon again? I can't remember if they let you.

Thanks so much for reading the books, BTW. :)

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