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Where can I get a copy of this book?

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Carrie Zagzebski It's out of print, and I can find it used, for 35 bucks on amazon. I don't want to pay that much for it, but I read the first one and would really like to read this, as it's the sequel. Does anyone have a copy they're done with and would pass onto me?

Jenn Carrie-check your msg box. :o)

Jessica I have the same problem! Does anyone have a copy of this? I would pay for it but I also don't want to spend $35 on amazon.

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Jenn @Jeesica:
I sent Carrie an email but I maybe I should type it here after all....

I emailed the author about this book and she said she is giving the book a facelift and putting it back out on the market next year. As she told me, don't waste that much money or more on the book when you can just buy it cheaper when it comes out again next year. :o) The rewritten version of AFTER THE RAIN will be available next fall (2012).

Happy reading! :o)

Ps have you checked the library?? That's how I was able to read it..and when it comes out again I will buy it then for a better price than 50.00, that's the price it was in June when I was looking it up.

Jessica Thanks so much! Yeah it's only $24 but I would still rather wait and get it cheaper. Plus the rewritten version will probably be even better. =] Thanks for letting me know! I did check the library but they don't have it at my library.

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Jo Banks Can't wait for this one to come out.

Vikki I bought one on Ebay last fall for under $15 with shipping.

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Jo Banks Just finished reading The House On Montagu Street. Now I have to W A I T on the next one. UGH! I will keep trying to find this one as well.

Vikki I know the 4th book is out later this year(I think). I don't think I can wait that long! LOL!

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