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The Hypnotist by M. J. Rose

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message 1: by (last edited Jun 29, 2011 08:41AM) (new) (manoflabook) | 229 comments “The Hyp­no­tist” by M. J. Rose is the third book in the fic­tional “The Rein­car­na­tion­ist” series. Each book, while part of the series, is free stand­ing.

The pub­lisher has made avail­able one (1) copy of “The Hyp­no­tist” to be given out– enter at the end of the post.

Also, please consider joining the Facebook Book Giveaway Group:

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Cassandra | 50 comments Says it ends June 5, 2011? (manoflabook) | 229 comments Do'h, July 5th :)

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Cassandra | 50 comments Oh,ok, thanks!

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