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I've read a couple books that have great story lines, are really clean, but they have religious overtones. They often have a chapter or two about faith and holding on to God to keep you strong, and repenting of your sins, etc. I'm a religious person, but I often disagree with what the novel or the writer's religious stand. I find that books like that are frustrating (although I totally respect others religious beliefs). What do you think? Do you mind books with religious overtones?
ps - if you have something you want to talk about, feel free to add a topic! :)

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M.M. Lake (mmlake) | 3 comments I've come to believe that a subtle approach to faith-sharing is much more receptive than shoving it down someone's throat. If we're talking about fiction, I'd much rather the character show me than tell me the right way to live.

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D (dizzypal99) I've read many books like that. Often the only clean books for miles around are from religious authors. I too have trouble stomaching these ideas. I am christian, but unlike my friends, I don't believe that demons can haunt you, etc. So when the whole ending scene of my Snow White retelling was about banishing a demon in the name of the Lord, and then pretty much groveling on the floor in thanks and relief, I found it mildly annoying. Still, I usually just ignore it, or substitute ideas or characters with something else. For example- demon to dragon, god to knight, etc.

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