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OKAYYY So what should it be about?

Striped Skittles Let's seeeeeeeeeeee......maybe vampire horror? Haven't done thouse in awhile.

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How About A Superhero RP

Striped Skittles ★♥Farah♥★ wrote: "How About A Superhero RP"

Okay then! I like the idea.

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Lets do that.

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Name: Sarah DeRosa
Age: 13
Gender: Girl
Personality: Really Pretty, Cute, Amazing, Sweet, Kind,
Appearance: Cute SUPER HOT!!!
History: Had Amazing family.. Blah blah blah really outgoing
Family: lives is NYC
Do they have any goals?: Be As Nice as she can
Other: Is All star cheerleader has to get to finals
Power: Flexibility





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U Make Ur's :)

Striped Skittles Name: Raven Hatsune
Age: 15
Gender: F
Personaity: Quiet
Apperance: http://media.photobucket.com/image/an...
History: N/A
Family: Lives in Hollywood, CA
Other: Can sing really well.
Power: Sonic Scream

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Awesome Lets Start!
DAMN! My pic isnt working. Let me get a new one. Hold on

Sarah Was walking around, With a brochure That said: ALL STARZ 2011 FINAL COMP. IN CA! She Took it out of her face and realized the worlds was empty. Except one person was there, Raven. Sarah Didnt know who raven was, So she just went up to her and wanted to say hi. "Hi Im Sarah DeRosa What's ur name?"

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