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yay! what do you want to do?

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so you want to double?

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romance or something else?

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sure gtg bye

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lol yea so wanna start?

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just start i guess.

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Joel tried to help Izzy with the lyrics.

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"Sort of. But they all suck." Izzy said running her hand through her hair.

"They do." Joel said.

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"Sure." Izzy said. She handed paper to Ryan and Sammie.

"What should it be about?" Joel asked.

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"Alright." Izzy said.

Joel thought for a moment and started to write some words down. When he was done he handed it to Sammie. "What do you think?"

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"Thanks." Izzy said and walked over to the drums.

"Try it out." joel said.

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Izzy smiled, "So show me the beat."

Joel strummed a few chords.

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Izzy listened, "Yea...that's a good idea. I think this should start of the show since it's so fast. It would also be a good ending to switch up from the usual routine."

Joel smiled, "Perfect."

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Izzy smiled back, "Yeah I bet they would. It will be epic."

Joel took the paper and took a little longer time to write.

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((hmmm...Northern Riot?))

"Any ideas for the video?" Izzy asked, sitting in front of him. She looked up at him and realized how cute he was.

Joel finished up and handed her the paper, wanting to please her.

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Izzy rolled her eyes and smiled, "Okay help me then."

Joel nodded, "I think it suits your voice. You sang it really good. You can sing it with ryan or me. you choose."

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Izzy thought and wrote stuff all over the paper. she looked at what she wrote and chose one thing. She flipped the paper to the back and started to write.

Joel nodded and smiled, "Sure, wanna test it out?"

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Izzy wrote a verse and showed it to him.

"Alright." Joel said, he got up and offered his hand to sammie.

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"You write a verse." she said.

Joel led her to the studio.

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she smiled and wrote the chorus.

Joel opened the door for her.

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izzy finished it up, "Think it will work?" she asked and showed him.

"No problem." he said and followed after her.

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she smiled, "good."

he sat on a stool and picked up his guitar.

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she smiled back

joel started to strum

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"sure." she said.

joel sang with her.

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joel watched her the whole time.

izzy started to sing.

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Joel smiled back and strummed more.

Izzy closed her eyes, really getting into the song.

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joel listened to her.

Izzy opened her eyes when she heard ryan sing and smiled at him.

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izzy stopped singing and let ryan have a drum solo.

Joel played the last chord and smiled.

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izzy did a mini dance.

"I think we got ourselves a song." he said.

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izzy smiled as she danced.

"who? Well I'm not too sure, it just came to me right on the spot."

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Izzy started singing again.


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izzy danced as she sang.

Joel's eyebrows furrowed and looked down, "You." he said quietly.

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"really." he said and looked at her.

izzy sang the last line of the song.

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joel smiled at her.

izzy looked at him and smiled.

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"That...was epic!" she said.

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joel smiled proudly.

izzy laughed and gave him a hug.

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Joel took a risk and kissed her gently.

Izzy smiled at him.

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"So...what now?" Izzy asked, not realizing she was still hugging him.

Joel smiled against her lips and brought her closer to him.

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Izzy shook her head, "They should be working on that song."

Joel deepened the kiss.

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Izzy pulled away and rolled her eyes, "We finished though."

Joel pulled away, "Izzy and Ryan must be looking for us."

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Joel laughed, "I've seen Izzy sneak glances at him. And whenever she sings she's usually looking at him."

Izzy shrugged, "I like it the way it is."

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"They would."

Izzy raised an eyebrow at him.

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Izzy just shook her head and stayed quiet.

"Check on them?" he suggested.

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Why does he have to be so cute?, Izzy thought and laid down on the floor.

Joel shrugged.

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Izzy looked up at the ceiling and started singing to herself.

Joel smiled and kissed her again.

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Izzy smiled and sang the chorus over and over again. (she's singing My Immortal by evanescence)

Joel wrapped his arms around her waist.

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Izzy finally stopped and smiled.

Joel kissed her lovingly.

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Izzy turned and saw Ryan looking at her.

Joel kissed her deeply.

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Izzy laughed and waved back.

Joel pulled away to take a breath.

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