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message 1: by Nutmeg (last edited Jun 29, 2011 08:19AM) (new)

Nutmeg Books | 3 comments On behalf of the organisers, I wish to invite you to the following event:

KampungBuku Malaysia Melaka with the collaboration of Cheng Ho Cultural Museum will be organizing a BOOK TALK in conjunction with the 3rd Anniversary of Melaka’s inscription on the UNESCO World Heritage Cities List.

Date : 9th July 2011 (Saturday)
Venue : Cheng Ho Cultural Museum, Melaka
Time : 10.00 am - 12.00 noon
Entrance is free.
Registration by telephone (06-232 3308 – Norgayah) or email ( is encouraged for groups above 10. Light refreshments will be served.

• Book Talk by Dennis De Witt
Author of “History of the Dutch in Malaysia”**, “Melaka from the Top”** and “Re-connecting Through Our Roots”.
** Copies are available at AnjungKaryawan Melaka, KampungBuku Malaysia Melaka. You can also order these books online at our website.
History of the Dutch in Malaysia by Dennis De Witt Melaka from the Top by Dennis De Witt

• Book Talk by Serge Jardin
Author of “Rever Malacca”

Profile of Authors

Dennis De Witt - is a 5th generation Dutch Eurasian from Malacca. He has developed a keen interest on subjects relating to Dutch influences in Malaysian history due to his own heritage. His research on his ancestors has produced family data going through 300 years, down 11 generations and across 3 continents.

He is the author of the following books:
1. Reconnecting Through Our Roots (self-published) (2006)
2. History of the Dutch in Malaysia, Nutmeg Publishing, ISBN: 9789834351908 (2007)
3. Melaka from the Top, Nutmeg Publishing, ISBN: 9789834351922 (2010)

He has contributed articles for the Journal of Malaysian Biographies, published by the Malaysian National Archives, presented papers at seminars and written articles for various newspapers and magazines, such as:
- ‘Children of the VOC’ in The Easternization of the West: The Role of Melaka, the Malay-Indonesian archipelago and the Dutch seminar, subsequently published by the Institute of Occidental Studies, UKM.
- ‘In the Chasm of Malaysian Ethnic Pluralism - Malaysia's Dutch Descendants’ at
- ‘A Family Reunion – The Sequerahs of Malacca’, Heritage Asia Magazine, April-June 2009, Vol. 6 No. 1, ISSN 1675-6924.

He is a registered speaker with the Malaysian Tourism Development Council and he has given lectures and talks on history and ethnicity at various forums and seminars.

In 2009, he was named as the winner of the ‘Dutch incentive prize for Genealogy’ for his book ‘History of the Dutch in Malaysia’ and he received his prize in the Netherlands.

Dennis De Witt was born and raised in Malacca, he and his family now reside in Selangor. He now acts as one of the co-ordinators of the Malaysian Dutch Descendants Project and is the President of the Malaysia-Netherlands Friendship Association.

Serge Jardin - is a geographer and historian per training and has a Master’s Degree from the University of Paris. After a short stint as a teacher for 2 years, he started to travel extensively around the world and finally joined the tourism industry.

He arrived in Malaysia in 1986 to work as a tour leader and tourist guide. In 1988, he incorporated his own travel agency which is dedicated to the discerning traveler.

Retired since 2008 he occupies his time by entertaining guests at The Snail House, Heeren Street, walks in the gardens, hills and in the villages around Malaysia.

He has just published the book “Rêver Malacca”, which is an invitation to discover Melaka through the eyes of travellers. He is currently working on a new book “Malaisie, un certain regard” or “Malaysia in the literatures”.

Who should attend?
History buffs, tourists, students, teachers and anyone interested in the history of Melaka is encouraged to attend. The sessions will be moderated and members of the audience will be able to participate in a Question & Answer session with the authors. See you there!

message 2: by Norziati (new)

Norziati | 378 comments Wow! Interesting! Tapi 9hb tu...eerrmm....

message 3: by Nazmi, Editor Sastera Berita Harian (BH), cerpenis dan novelis (new)

Nazmi Yaakub | 2414 comments Mod
Norziati wrote: "Wow! Interesting! Tapi 9hb tu...eerrmm...."

wah norziati.. eerrmm...

message 4: by Najibah, Penterjemah yang mencintai kata-kata (new)

Najibah Abu Bakar (najabakar) | 2842 comments Mod
Thank you for the info.

Irresistible, unfortunately...

message 5: by Najibah, Penterjemah yang mencintai kata-kata (new)

Najibah Abu Bakar (najabakar) | 2842 comments Mod
Mohd Nazmi wrote: "Norziati wrote: "Wow! Interesting! Tapi 9hb tu...eerrmm...."

wah norziati.. eerrmm..."

Nazmi, note that Serge Jardin's working on new book "Malaysia in literature". There goes the idea....

message 6: by Khairul Hezry, I hate people but not you. You, I like. (last edited Jun 29, 2011 11:02PM) (new)

Khairul Hezry | 2357 comments Mod
Najibah wrote: "Thank you for the info.

Irresistible, unfortunately..."

Surely that would be, fortunately?

message 7: by Nisah (new)

Nisah Haron | 145 comments Menarik, tapi saya tidak berada di dalam negara pada waktu itu.

message 8: by Najibah, Penterjemah yang mencintai kata-kata (new)

Najibah Abu Bakar (najabakar) | 2842 comments Mod
@Kak Nisah mahu melawat kampung buku di mana pula :)?

@Khairul memang unfortunately, sebab suami bekerja hari tu dan tak berpeluang untuk pergi.

message 9: by Nisah (new)

Nisah Haron | 145 comments Najibah, cadangnya mahu ke Pesta Buku Jakarta. Ketika itu saya terlibat sebagai pembimbing program Mastera di Bogor. Jadi ambil kesempatan untuk PBJ.

message 10: by Nutmeg (new)

Nutmeg Books | 3 comments 9th July - Bersih or no Bersih - history will go on, and so will the Melaka Book Talk. Bandar Bersejarah Melaka is the perfect event backdrop.

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