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will Isobels friends including Brad ever truly except Varen??
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i would die for a guy like varen. mysterious, sexy and heartfelt, even though he tries to hide it as best he can. but who out there likes Brad as much as i like varen?? any volunteers?

ok varen all the way!! he is exactly the type of i guy i would go for!!
and who's honestly gonna choose a jerk like brad!?!

At first when I read this book I was freaked out by him but then I got so intrigued about him I was mad that I wasn't in the book to question him.
He's so mysterious and hot and that is what no doubt drew me to him! He was the typical male character and I totally agree with that, because he's better!
Brad on the other hand was a douche and yet he and his friends knew it too!

I love varen! and isobels friends will never accept and i love varen all the way! im jealous of isobel.

Brad was a total jerk. I love Varen :DDDDD


Who would choose Brad? lol

lol pretty sure everyone will choose varen. hes so mysterious and hot...hes exactly like a guy i would fall for.

Give a Varen and i would eat him up. how some some love or for that matter like brad? he is an obsessive bully who i can see him beat up a girl in jealous rage.

I agree. I can't even tell you how much I loved this book. And Varen was so different from all of the other "typical" hot guys in books nowadays, it made me love him even more :D <3

Haha, Varen would have been the kind of guy I went after in college. :->

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idk lol i agree with all but you never know...he could be like a male heroin in distress considering the end ofthebook and people would feel bad for him how he got tortured...idk as tupid yet good question. never know what people migh say...they could call varen a selfcentered goth ...even though i would TOTLLY doubt anyone brad is a total douche bag....AND I WAS TRULY OBSESSED WITH THIS BOOK

I think brad was an obssessive jerk. Nuff said o_O

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