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message 1: by Joe (new)

Joe | 57 comments Ok this is just a short story I made on the spot.

Wilibus Flitwick was a very, very immature man. After he'd seen the reports of Albus Dumbledore's death he'd gone straight into hiding. He'd moved into a house with muggles, therefore, he didn't get the word that the ministry had been taken over, he hadn't gotten the word that Voldemort's followers were growing, he didn't know the the Dark Lord's name was Taboo. The very decision that he thought would save his life was the very reason he died.
"VOLDEMORT! VOLDEMORT! THATS THE NAME, OK?!" he screamed. A muggle had been stalking him for weeks, always staring curiously at his clothing. Wilibus had confided in him, telling him he was on the run. This brought the man to think Wilibus was, what he called, "a druggie". Wilibus had understood none of this, and finally screamed who he was hiding from instead of a, "Don," or, "Kingpin." All of which were barbaric names to Wilibus.
Seconds after the muggle had left, a familiar crack was heard behind him. He turned around to find the owners of it wearing long billowing robes and silver masks, and after being away for the wizarding world for a long time, took awhile for him to recognise who they were.
He ran past the two to reach his wand and ducked under two spells before one hit him in the knees. He threw his arm out and grabbed his wand, tapping his knees to free them from being locked together. After recovering he ducked under two more spells before running behind a wall. He could hear them running, and came sprinting out from behind the wall, frantically flinging spells at them.
He found cover behind a nearby couch and the arm rest exploded just as he'd ducked behind it. He turned around and aimed a Stunning curse at one of the deatheaters. The spell hit him squarely in the face and he was thrown into the wall behind him. The other deatheater continued to fling spells at him, all of which he dodged successfully. He shouted, "WHAT'VE I DONE?!" but the only answer came in bursts of light.
He jumped out from behind the couch and charged towards the deatheater, he caught him in the stomach and threw him to the ground. The man tapped him lightly on the shoulder, and Wilibus was suprised to be thrown back. I'm gone now... He thought, his wand had gone flying when he'd been thrown back. The spells constantly still flying at him, he searched for it. Looking in the corners of the room. His heart jumped, it was atleast a metre away. Without thinking, he jumped for it. He grabbed it and turned around to face the deatheater, "AVADA KEDAVRA!" .
The spell flew past the deatheaters ear and the deatheater shouted, "Expelliarmus!" followed by a burst of light sent to him in retalaition. His wand went flying from his hand and he had the sudden thought of apparition. He thought, Hogsmeade and felt his body drop into darkness. Sadly, the darkness was enlightened with a green glow, and he felt the familiar apparition feeling die away, just as he did..

Is that good? It was just a short story I made up right now and I was wondering whether I should actually try writing a full-length fan-fiction.

message 2: by Blair (new)

Blair Zadallia | 16 comments That was cool. Super awesome

message 3: by Tanavi (new)

Tanavi | 23 comments That was really good! Great description. Will you read mine? It's in the creative writing section (under Harry Potter). It's called Albus Potter and the Deathly Hallows and it's on the second page!

message 4: by MarySue (new)

MarySue | 10 comments It was amazing!

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