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So, as I'm completely new to goodreads and these groups, I thought this'd be a good idea. Anything you wanna see or have, suggest it. Also, if you're wanting to become mod/admin/whatever, lemme know here.

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Olivia (musecalliope) Volunteering Mod services... only seems fitting.

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Roxy | 1 comments Hi, we should get this party started. That is my suggestion.

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Nora (neithernora) | 2 comments Roxy wrote: "Hi, we should get this party started. That is my suggestion."

I started a party! That is to say, I started a discussion thread on what we're currently reading. It's over here: http://www.goodreads.com/topic/show/8...

Also, I suggest (as I always suggest) some link or something to the FYEMA forum, as we are (as we always are) in need of new blood: http://fyemarmadillo.proboards.com/

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