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Darkling (deideidarkling) .

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ShadowTalon (flameofnight) | 153 comments Mark made his way down the lamplit streets, enjoying the silence of the late night hours. His shadows followed obediently at his feet, as always, and he could hear their murmured whisperings in the back of his mind as he turned a corner and found himself heading down a shadier-looking street than the one before it. Homeless people, drug dealers, and the occasional prostitute were the only people in sight. Mark gave none of them any heed and instead leaned against one of the darkened buildings, staring up into the night sky in thought.

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Darkling (deideidarkling) Aiden walked silently down the street, the only noise coming from her was an occasionally whisper about ow quiet it was and the faint wisps of music that came softly from the large SkullCandy headphones around ehr pale neck.
Her coat billowed around her hips as she pulled it tighter around ehr frail frame, her white fingers half hidden in black fingerless gloves while her hair flew gracfully down her delicate back, a pretty ghost on a cool night.
She paused as she reached a corner, glancing up at the street name and checking a peice of paper in her grasp, squinting slightly at the scibbled words before carefully looking around and eluminating the tip of ehr finger, the paper seeming to become newer the longer she glowed.

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Esther (essie7198) Ciel had her hands stuffed into her pockets as she leaned against a random wall outside on the street. She sighed before she started to walk, hoping that by now her mother was asleep and would spare her the yelling for a night.

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ShadowTalon (flameofnight) | 153 comments Mark's eyes narrowed suddenly, followed by a turn of the head that was almost indistinguishable from that of a cat's. His shadows were informing of him the presence of another. One with powers similar to those of his own.
Intriguing... Mark thought, a mild interest displaying itself in his head Scout this person, return with more information. he said to several of the shadows, watching them quickly move along the walls toward the wielder of light they had sensed.

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Esther (essie7198) She looked down at a little water left from the rain. Then she looked around and didn't see anyone, so hummed softly and water slowly floated in the air.

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ShadowTalon (flameofnight) | 153 comments ((Any idea where The Quiet One is?))

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Esther (essie7198) ((*shrug* no idea...))

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Darkling (deideidarkling) ((Crap sorry, havent really been paying attention....sorta forgot i was part of this one...))
Aiden sighed softly and shivered, pulling her long coat tighter around her thin pale body as she stuffed the peice of paper back into her pocket, glancing around warily. She began walking again staring straight ahead of herself as she consentrated on the uneasy feeling in her gut, fighting the urge to begin running as she sensed someone 'tainted' nearby, and something inhuman following her.
((sorry its so short....))

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ShadowTalon (flameofnight) | 153 comments ((No problem, I'm a part of so many rps it's sometime hard for me to keep track...Love your status update, btw :3 ))

The shadows surrounded her, moving closer. One of them grew bolder and went through her, gathering information about her body and her powers as they went. They whispered to themselves softly, conferencing on what their master would need to know about the girl.

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Darkling (deideidarkling) ((Oh, thank you :]))
Aiden jumped and spun around, her skin glowing with a light that could rival the Sun's for a moment as she destroyed/pushed back the shadows around her, her eyes wide with slight panic. She looked around as the uneasy feeling in her gut ebbed and turned back around hurrying down the sidewalk and pausing infront of older house, hurrying up to the door and unlocking it, glancing around once more, her eyes falling on a man nearby, one that made her shiver, before she stepped inside.

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ShadowTalon (flameofnight) | 153 comments The shadows gave out a slight shriek, fleeing the scene quickly as they raced back to their master, who looked at them calmly as they informed him on what had happened.
Mark gave the shadows a quick mental chastising for not being more careful as he contemplated what they had told him. Whoever this girl was, she must be very powerful to have fazed his shadows in such a way. His movements quick and fluid, he made his way up to the house he had caught her running into, hoping to observe her more carefully. The remaining shadows, sensing his intentions, cloaked him in their darkness, shielding him from human eyes as he entered the house.

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Darkling (deideidarkling) Aiden looked around the bare house and sighed alittle , the movers would show up tomorrow with her few possessions. She pulled her coat off as she turned on the lights and a radio that she saw in the kitchen, turning up the volume as much as she dared at the moment, wandering towards the bedroom, dancing slightly to the music playing.

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ShadowTalon (flameofnight) | 153 comments The door closed without a sound as Mark stepped into the house. He felt suddenly reproachful at the prospect of spying on a girl without her knowledge or consent, but felt as if he had to retrieve more information on a human so powerful that she could damage one of his most trusted servants. His hesitation fleeting, he stepped further into to the house, finally laying eyes on the girl herself moving in time to the music. He watched silently, observing her movements with a deep curiosity that almost confused him.

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Darkling (deideidarkling) She laughed faintly as the song ended and she stepped into the bedroom, smiling as she saw the clothes folded neatly on the bed, a favor from the institute, a congradulations gift for making it a full year away from them. She moved forward and grabbed a pair of sweatpants and a tanktop, under garments and a towel and walked into the ajoining bathroom, still alittle surprised that her foster parents had allowed her to move here, or that they had even found a place like this here. She shrugged and set ehr clothes on the counter, unaware of the stranger inside her home, ignoring the faint uneasy feeling in the back of her mind this time, turning on the shower and waiting for the water to heat up as she stripped off her clothing, eyeing her petite pale figure in the mirror, running her fingers over the scars shimmering on her skin.

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ShadowTalon (flameofnight) | 153 comments As he sensed that she was going to strip, he closed his eyes out of respect, yet couldn't resist one or two quick glances. She did have quite a beautiful form, this woman. And a she seemed to have a sense of purity about her, as if she could right any wrong done.
Perhaps, this is part of her powers? he guessed, debating in his mind whether or not to confront her.

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Darkling (deideidarkling) Aiden sighed softly closing her eyes for a moment to get get rid of the thoughts of her own disgust for her scars and opened them again, stepping into the warm stream of water, letting it wash away her doubts, things she knew made her lose control of ehr powers, doubts and hate, two things her natural purity didnt work with. Smoothin gher hair back, a sigh of contentment escaped her cherry stained lips, the warmth loosening her tense muscles and relaxing her emotionally, a smile playing across her lips as she began washing herself, attempting to forget the incident earlier.

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ShadowTalon (flameofnight) | 153 comments Deciding he had seen enough, Mark slipped out of her bathroom as silently as he had entered, thoughts of the girl flooding him incessantly. Making his way down the stairs, Mark found the image of the girl slipping into the shower popping into his mind, causing him to do something that he hadn't done in years. He lost control of his powers for the slightest of moments...and felt the shadows push him to the ground, causing an echoing boom to ring loudly throughout the house.

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Darkling (deideidarkling) Aiden jumped and flew out of the shower, wrapping her towel around herself and flitting out of the bedroom, eyes wide in fear of what she would find. She slowed as she entered the hallway, silently padding barefoot on the carpet and reaching out softly with her light, her wet skin glowing and sending small round rainbows glittering on the walls, ceiling and floor. The light pushed all the shadows in the house away and she felt a shiver roll of ehr spine as she sensed Mark, closing her eyes as she felt the urge to flee back to her room and hide behind a locked door as if she was a child again.
((Can she see him now? or is he still Invisible?))

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ShadowTalon (flameofnight) | 153 comments ((Yes, since he's lost control of himself.))

Mark let out a huff of annoyance as he clumsily tried to pull himself together, yet felt himself fall once again as the burst of light covered him. He groped for his shadows, only to find that they had abandoned him as he turned his head to find the girl standing there, her dripping skin shining beautifully and her eyes wide with fear.

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Darkling (deideidarkling) ((I see))
Aiden stared at the man infront of her, finding him oddly less intimidating now that he wasn't cloaked in the darkness that scared her. She approached him slowly, one hand holding the towel tightly around herself, while she wrapped her free hand tightly around ehr thin waist, eyeing him with more curiousity then fear now "A-are you alright?" she asked softly, her voice sounding like something an angel would envy as her black eyes studied him, her hand leaving her waist and reaching out to him as she found herself wanting to help the stranger laying on her floor.

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ShadowTalon (flameofnight) | 153 comments Mark rejected the hand without a second thought, rising slowly. His dark eyes glinted with blackness as he ran a hand through his raven hair.
"I'm fine." he said in a deep, rich voice with an oddly soft edge to it "I'm sorry for intruding." Could he fade now? No, the area was still bathed in the soft light this woman was emitting. He'd have to wait for him to get his bearings before he could summon the darkness once again.

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Darkling (deideidarkling) Aiden didn't let his rejection of her help bother her, she was used to people being wary about her, she did glow most of the time. She cocked her head slightly to one side, making no attempt to dim her glowing skin as she studied him, pulling the towel alittle tighter as she shivered alittle, the water on her skin cooling "Uhm...w-why are you here anyway? Were you attempting to rob me or something?" she asked softly, meeting his gaze without hesitation.

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ShadowTalon (flameofnight) | 153 comments Damn... he thought, his gaze unwavering and his face expressionless This woman is striking... he could feel his control beginning to return, he just had to bide his time a little longer.
"No, I was not attempting to commit any act of malevolence against you." he said, his dark voice dropping to a low tone.

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Darkling (deideidarkling) Aiden nodded and her resigned expression melted into a warm smile "Alright. Well in that case, make yourself at home. Please exuse me while I get dressed." she stated, not seeming to care that there was a strange man in her home as she turned on her heel, walking briskly back to ehr room and shutting the door behind her. Sighing softly as she walked into the bathroom and shut off the water, drying herself off and pulling on her clothing, her mind racing as she recognized the uneasy feelings the man and his shadows gave her from the incident earlier.

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ShadowTalon (flameofnight) | 153 comments Mark blinked as she watched the woman run off, looking to the side as he sensed the return of his shadows in her absence.
"Filthy traitors..." he muttered as they circled him in apology. His eyes then moved up in the direction of the girl. He had to leave quickly, he didn't understand why she had made him lose control of himself like that, but he knew that he absolutely could not let it happen again. Feeling much more at ease now that the light was gone, he allowed himself to sink into the darkness as he faded once more. Looking back one more time in the direction of the girl, he left the house without another sound.

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Darkling (deideidarkling) She froze as the uneasy faded and felt a frown cross her lips "So he left..." she whispered softly, trembling slightly and walking out of the bedroom, staring down the dimmly lit hallway. She bit her bottomlip and wandered to the livingroom, sitting down in the middle of the empty room and pulled her pale legs close to her chest and rested her chin on her knees "I wonder why...? Did I do something wrong...?" she wondered out loud as she stared at the wall infront of her, content to just listen to the music coming faintly from the radio in the kitchen as the image of the man played across her vision.

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ShadowTalon (flameofnight) | 153 comments Mark went as far as he could from that house, trying desperately to get his thoughts of that girl to leave his mind. He couldn't let her distort his control like that...no one could...if he lost control again, who knew what he might do.
Stopping in the park on the other side of town, he sat on one of the swings and breathed deeply, trying to force himself to be calm. There was no way he could go back to that house. Losing control again was not an option. He closed his eyes as he leaned agains the chains on the swing and felt himself slip off into oblivion, unable to keep the woman out of his thoughts even as he slept.

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Darkling (deideidarkling) Aiden looked up as she heard the radio switch over to commentary and stood gracfully, pulling ehr damp hair up into a messy bun and walking into the neat and empty kitchen, switching the station till she found more music and turned the volume up to drowned out ehr thoughts, wondering back to her room and falling down on the large bed. She curled up silently, barely taking up a corner of the queen sized matress and closed her dark eyes, willing sleep to come so she could forget all of this, the image of the mans face burned into her mind, but mostly his eyes, he had seemed so cold while his voice had had a soft undertone.

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ShadowTalon (flameofnight) | 153 comments Mark's eyes opened to find the soft earl gray light of morning illuminating the city around him. He stretched and yawned slowly, finding his back to be very stiff from sleeping in a sitting position throughout the night, and soon found himself shivering in the early winter dawn. He stood from the swing set, wrapping himself more tightly in the light brown jacket he had on as he made his way to the nearest coffee shop. He still had enough money with him to buy himself breakfast, and hoped that he'd be able to get more soon before he skipped to the next town.

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Darkling (deideidarkling) Aiden jumped as she heard a loud banging coming from the livingroom and stood swiftly, flitting down the hall and answering the door for the annoyed movers standing there. She directed them in a half daze and soon enough ehr few possession were placed neatly around her new home and the men were out the door and driving away. She shut the door softly and looked around herself, feeling alittle more relaxed now that the place wasnt so empty. She walked back to the bedroom and changed into baggy black jeans and a tanktop, pulling on socks and wandering into the kitchen and starting up the coffee pot she leaned against the counter and found herself thinking about the man from last night again, alittle regretful she hadn't attempted to learn his name.

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ShadowTalon (flameofnight) | 153 comments Mark drank his muggy cup of coffee silently as he sat in a dingy little diner on the corner of the road. He stared out the window, watching as the sleepy little city slipped out of it's grogginess to begin it's day. People emerged from their homes for work, and traffic began to build up once again. Society moved forward, just as always. Mark gave a sigh at the thought, his mind lazily wandering to long black hair flowing around angelic white skin only to catch himself in the action. He shook his head and scolded himself for being so weak. The sooner he left this town and got as far from that dangerous girl as possible, the better.

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Darkling (deideidarkling) Aiden sighed and pured herself a cup of coffee, sipping it as she moved around the kitchen, putting things in different spots until she discided to get out of the house. She pulled on her shoes while walking out the door, locking it behind her as she walked slowly down the sidewalk, letting the sun warm her pale bare skin. She glanced around noticing a park with a coffee shop nearby, a smile lighting up her features as she walked closer to the shop, dimming her glow as much as possible with so much light around herself and slipped into the small shop, ordering a small black coffee and glancing around, her dark eyes widening as she noticed Mark in the corner.

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ShadowTalon (flameofnight) | 153 comments Mark felt a soft, familiar glow enter the shop, one that made his shadows move closer to him in dislike. He looked up, his black eyes scanning the shop with intensity to finally rest on the same girl who had caused him so much confusion the night before. Hoping to avoid a confrontation, he forced himself to ignore every one of his instincts by leaving the money for the coffee on the table and exiting the shop quickly, hoping against hope the woman wouldn't follow.

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Darkling (deideidarkling) Aiden bit her bottomlip to stop herself from calling after him and turned away from the door and took a deep breath, smiling as she payed for her coffee and walked outside. She looked around, deciding against following him or even looking for him, he obviously held no liking for her, he was pretty much running from her now and she had barely spoken to him for a full minute. A sigh slipped past ehr lips as she walked to the park close by, avoiding the people walking by as she sipped her coffee, enjoying the warmth it brought as she sat down on one of the swings softly, placing her ear buds in and turning up her music.

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ShadowTalon (flameofnight) | 153 comments Mark breathed deeply as he quickly made his way down the street away from her. What was wrong with him? Why did this woman, this insignificant girl have such an affect on him that he couldn't explain? He slowed his walking, trying as best he could to get a hold of himself when an image entered his mind that practically made him stumble forward into the concrete.
It was the woman, naked and chained to a bed. Hundreds of candles were set around the darkened room. In the vision, Mark moved toward her slowly and watched as a soft whisper of lust came from the woman's small, cherry-red lips...followed by his name in every so soft a tone....a soft cry for him and only him.
As the vision ended, Mark grabbed his head, feeling a tightening in his pants.
"So, that's what it is. I'm aroused by this woman..." he muttered to himself. Yet he knew that it was more than blind lust, it was like a magnetic attraction. He had to know this woman. He had to talk to her...the desire to understand her was more than unbearable.

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Darkling (deideidarkling) Aiden closed her dark eyes softly and leaned ehr head against the chain, mouthing the words to the music blaring in her ears, her skin seeming to reflect the sunlight shining down on her where she sat. She consentrated on her music, occasionally sipping her warm coffee, or glancing around to see how many people were there, feeling oddly down after the man's murry to get away from her.
After a short time she stood silently and left the park in a hurry, annoyed at her own lingerance on a man who wanted nothing to do with her, scolding herself silently for letting herself become entranced with a man she would most likely never see again. She slowed as she neared her home, biting her bottomlip till it bruised, finding herself reluctant to leave the sunshine for artificial lighting and letting ehr pale skin bask in the warm light as long as possible as she unlocked her door and stepped inside.

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ShadowTalon (flameofnight) | 153 comments Sensing the desires of their master becoming unbearable for him, the shadows began to urgently whisper distracting things to him, anything to get his mind off of that girl, for they knew that they could lose their influence over Mark were he to become to involved with someone who wielded light that skillfully.
Mark thanked the shadow for their efforts, trying hard to focus on their whisperings rather than the far more appealing image his mind had managed to conjure up for him. He licked his lips and stood, he was started to attract attention by simply sitting on the side of the road. And attention was the last thing he ever needed.
He made his way further into the neighborhoods of the city, managing to score a job at a reputable restaurant washing dishes for the day. Hopefully he could simply leave the town and thoughts of her would vanish, although in the back of his mind he knew it would never be that easy...

((Idea: do you think Aiden could get in some kind of danger that Mark would have to save her from, bringing them together?))

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Darkling (deideidarkling) ((Sounds like a good idea. What did you have in mind?))
Aiden stepped into the cooler artificial light and pulled off ehr shoes, setting them next to the door and curling up on her couch silently, her earbuds still in, and closed her eyes, feeling her internal light go out now that that man had placed doubts in her mind. Her pale skin stopped glowing and she felt a horribly painful cold seep into her entire being. Shivering slightly she mouthed the words to the music blaring through her skull as she dozed, keeping her eyes closed and forcing the image of him into the back of her mind.

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ShadowTalon (flameofnight) | 153 comments ((Well it is a city, maybe she could go out at night and get into a gang rape situation?))

Hours later, Mark finished his job just as the dinner rush ended, getting paid before he promptly left the scene. Upon exiting the building, Mark felt a blast of cold air hit him, and couldn't help tucking further into the shadows for warmth. The sun had already faded from the sky, and the city looked as if it were about to settle away for the night. Mark gave a sigh as he made his way down the street, hoping he could catch the midnight train.

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Darkling (deideidarkling) ((Sounds like a good idea to me :] I'll do what I can with the men....not to good at..well..mean charries...))
Aiden woke up suddenly with a scream, tumbling off ehr couch in a mess of pillow and pale skin, hitting her head slightly on the wodden coffee table.
Forgetting Mark for a moment her light turned back on, her white skin glowing again and the petite girl pulled herself up, looking around with wide eyes before laughing at herself as she cleaned up, feeling better now that she had her internal light back and the cruel cold had left her body.
Shaking off the nightmare she felt around for her cellphone, curious as to the time and if any of her foster family had attempted to get intouch with her. After not finding it her bit her bruised lip and thought back to the last time she had had it and could only think of the park she had visited earlier.
Scowling at her own ignorance she stood and pulled back on her discarded shoes, stretching and tossing her Ipod on the couch, not planning on spending much time out at night.

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ShadowTalon (flameofnight) | 153 comments Mark made his way through the city, glancing at his watch. He still had plenty of time, so he stopped to grab a map to the city before continuing on to the train station.

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Darkling (deideidarkling) Stepping outside she glanced around, immidiately uneasy as the shadows outwayed the light now that dusk had fallen. She shivered slightly and jogged down the sidewalk, heading towards the park, continuing to glance around, purposely letting doubts creep into her mind so she wouldn't have to deal with the attention her glowing skin brought at night.
Passing a group of men howling with laughter she became increasingly uneasy, and nearly jumped out of her own skin when one reached out and grabbed her wrist, yanking her back to them hard enough that she hit the ground on her hands and knees, jaring her left shoulder.
She opened her mouth to shout as she narrowed her dark eyes at their grinning faces, only to have one of them yank her to her feet and cover her mouth, getting pulled into a nearby building, completely forgetting about her extinguished light.

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ShadowTalon (flameofnight) | 153 comments ((Excellent. :) I like your roleplaying style.))

Mark stopped dead in his tracks, the city map fluttering away in the wind as he felt his hands go limp. Something was wrong. He could sense it. He raced forward, making his way down the street and toward the park. His shadows were advising him against it...once again attempting to distract him. But he wasn't stupid. His powers weren't limited to shadows that served as his servants. There were other shadows that he could manipulate, other shadows that were informing him that the wielder of light was in danger.

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Darkling (deideidarkling) ((Thanks :]Your style is much more descriptive then mine, I really enjoy reading it :3))

Aiden's eyes widened as her situation sunk in and she attempted to push her doubts from her mind. Struggling against the man holding her resulted in another slamming his fist into her stomach, knocking the air out of her lungs. She gasped for air as the man who had covered her mouth released her, instead ripping her jacket from ehr torso, much to the amusment of his friends.
Aiden gasped and attempted to scramble away from her captors, unable to see in the shadows of the room and backed into another one of the men, who caught her arms and pinned them behind her with one hand while his other skimmed her body.
Reeking of alcohol the men circled her, all taking the chance to leave some sort of mark on her pale skin as her shirt was literally cut from her body and her pants thrown across the room. Everytime she attempted to shout out a crimson line of blood was added to her old scars on her stomach.
Trembling Aiden gave up fighting, disgusted as the men removed her under garments and dropped her to the ground, laughing as one of the men pulled off his pants and boxers, getting ready to 'Make Love' to the trembling pale girl.

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ShadowTalon (flameofnight) | 153 comments Mark skidded to a stop as he came to a building. It was old and neglected, it looked to be some sort of warehouse. He took a second to confirm it as the correct building before bursting inside, his dark eyes wild and flaming with rage. He felt himself go blind with anger as he came upon the startling image of the girl lying naked on the floor with men swarming around her, their bodies reeked with alcohol and sweat, and their greedy little pig eyes glimmered with lust. They turned, startled by the teenage boy standing in the doorway and interrupting their pleasure session.
Mark was quick to seize their confusion and allowed the darkness in the room to become thick powerful to it's fullest extent. His eyes grew black as coal as every shadow in the city was summoned, swirling around the frightened faces of the men before they were pinned to the floor the strength promptly sucked from their bodies as well as any once of light they had left in them, leaving their bodies cold and dark as their very soul was rendered useless. Mark took a moment to stare at each of their lifeless forms, smiling at the knowledge that they would live the rest of their lives as shells, aware of reality but unable to experience it.
He approached the girl lying alone on the floor, kneeling beside her as he gazed into her frightened eyes, a possessive nature overtaking his own.
"Are you alright?" he simply asked, scolding himself for being unable to articulate his fiery and rocketing emotions beyond that.

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Darkling (deideidarkling) Aiden had curled up on the cold floor when everything had gone dark, her natural fear getting the better of her. She had uncurled when a silence had fallen, and was now looking up into the face of the very last person she had expected to see, especially after nearly being raped by a group of drunk men.
At his words her emotions breached ehr mental wall of control adn tears touched her now dim eyes, and she covered her face with her pale hands, sobbing nearly silently as a coldness seeped into her being, as she was unable to control herself enough to push her hatred and negative thoughts out of her mind to reesablish her natural purity and light.

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ShadowTalon (flameofnight) | 153 comments "Don't cry." he whispered, his voice soft yet firm. Yet took her into his arms and wiped her tears away, wrapping his arms around her. "You're shivering."

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Darkling (deideidarkling) She didnt resist, past the point of attempting to get away from anyone and continued to tremble, feeling limp and cold and hadn't realized she was still shivering until he mentioned it. She curled against him, crying softly against his chest till she forced herself to stop, trembling and feebly attempting to push herself out of his grip.
Looking up at him, her hair falling around her pale body widly she wrapped her arms around herself "W-why are y-you here...?" she asked faintly, still shaking as she attempted to clear her mind, trying to spark her internal light, needing the warm and security it brought her.

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ShadowTalon (flameofnight) | 153 comments Feeling the shadows around him continue to remain, sucking the remaining light out of the men on the floor, Mark turned his eyes to them as he felt her need for the darkness cease Begone, you have served your purpose. he commanded in his thoughts, and watched as the shadows promptly fled the area and returned to their nighttime wanderings. The only shadows who remained were the ones that served him, and he sent those to the farthest corner of the room they could manage, allowing as much of the unnatural darkness to dissipate as possible.
He then turned back to the beauty who lay in his arms, pulling her more tightly against his warm skin as he answered "I'm here because you needed me."

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