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message 1: by Dusty (new)

Dusty (mrsbieber) TADA! what type?

♬♥★Isabelle♥★♬ (lawls) | 319 comments um im good to go for anything lol

message 3: by Dusty (new)

Dusty (mrsbieber) Lol forbidden like vampire/human slave/master romeo/juliet step parent/step child?we could do a double one like romeo/juliet and vaampitre/human or something

♬♥★Isabelle♥★♬ (lawls) | 319 comments Lol sure double

message 5: by Dusty (new)

Dusty (mrsbieber) LOL yay! what type?

♬♥★Isabelle♥★♬ (lawls) | 319 comments romeo/juliet ?lawls

message 7: by Dusty (new)

Dusty (mrsbieber) Okey dokey artechokie. what other one? Vamp/Human? slavce/master? **i like the slave one

♬♥★Isabelle♥★♬ (lawls) | 319 comments Slave master just for you lol

message 9: by Dusty (new)

Dusty (mrsbieber) YAY! can i be the girl tho?

♬♥★Isabelle♥★♬ (lawls) | 319 comments lol otays but i semi suck at guy rping :b or we could be awesome and each do one girl one boy

message 11: by Dusty (new)

Dusty (mrsbieber) Okay that sounds good :)

♬♥★Isabelle♥★♬ (lawls) | 319 comments lol so when do we start?

message 13: by Dusty (new)

Dusty (mrsbieber) after we make the charries :P ill make mine hold on

message 14: by Dusty (last edited Jul 05, 2011 02:10PM) (new)

Dusty (mrsbieber) Name: Janessa
Age: 16
Gender: F
Slave/Master: Slave
Sex/Manual/Both: Manual. They wanted her as a sex slave or both but she refuses and fights them off
Personality: Drawn in quiet scared of the world. but if some one rys to make her do something she doesnt want to shes feirce and terrifying
Appearance: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_2iSSI8Mqc5c... but has the skin tone and build of a porcelin doll. she looks weaker than she actually is. she looks like she culdnt lift an empty box let alone a giant box filled with stuff
History: Her parents and brother beat her because they didnt want a girl in the family but didnt want to hurt her brother **their twins** in the womb. when she turned ten they put her into the slave tradeing company
Other: Is an amazing singer and dancer. when she sings the birds stop to listen to her. feels most at home in a forest and a loake or a lake in a forest :)

message 15: by Dusty (last edited Jul 05, 2011 02:10PM) (new)

Dusty (mrsbieber) Name: Aiden
Age: 19
Gender: M
Personality: Acts nice and freindly to get girls into his grasp then can be mean and rtude but is actually nice and freindly when people try to get to know him
Appearance: http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=h...
History: TBA
Other: Vampire

Janessa is human btw

♬♥★Isabelle♥★♬ (lawls) | 319 comments Name:Liz salinas
Age: 18
Gender: female
Persona: she's really sweet with a wicked sense of humor, can be bit shy, is a bit of a geek semi bi polar at times and is headstrong when it comes to decisions, she's a loner some times, she likes acting like professor exavier from X-man
History: her parents divorce so travels back and forth gets bullied at times for her looks
Family: they're divorced no sibs and only distant cousins
Name: Eli
Age: 18
Gender: M
MAster/slave: Master
Personality: wicked sense of humor mischevious, and a likes to tease...

message 17: by Dusty (new)

Dusty (mrsbieber) Nice :)

♬♥★Isabelle♥★♬ (lawls) | 319 comments wait how does aiden look like?

message 21: by Dusty (new)

Dusty (mrsbieber) yup:D

♬♥★Isabelle♥★♬ (lawls) | 319 comments lol so


message 23: by Dusty (new)

Dusty (mrsbieber) lol kay

janessa was thrown on a stage and the slave master poresented her saying that if more than hundred people could defeat her she would be forced to move to the sex slave section

Janessa slnarled as the first guys came up and took them down easily

AIden watched amused

♬♥★Isabelle♥★♬ (lawls) | 319 comments Eli watched for the very first time a slave action his stomach turned a bit and he felt sorry for the girl

Liz was up next after this girl, her most redeeming part was her face and she was going to be sold for the 3rd time

message 25: by Dusty (new)

Dusty (mrsbieber) Janessa kicked the men off the stage "Stay away" she snarled

the guys kept comeing and she kept thriwing them away

♬♥★Isabelle♥★♬ (lawls) | 319 comments Liz smiled at the girl's gutsy manner

((lol can eli buy her now??))

message 27: by Dusty (new)

Dusty (mrsbieber) ((yes he can buy her anytime))

Janessa threw another grounp of guys off the stage and they stopped comeing. she stood panting in the midddle of the stage giving the crowd a look daring them to come and try to fight her before the slave trade shot a drug in her arm makeiing her pass out. he picked her up throwing her over his shoulder "Unless anyone wants to buy her now she will be in her cage. anyone willing to try and tame this wild beasst?" **winky face))

♬♥★Isabelle♥★♬ (lawls) | 319 comments ((lawls))

Eli rose and held out his stick "250" he yelled

message 29: by Dusty (new)

Dusty (mrsbieber) Another guy yelled 300

♬♥★Isabelle♥★♬ (lawls) | 319 comments "500 cash" he yelled out

message 31: by Dusty (new)

Dusty (mrsbieber) Tthe guy grumbled

The slave trader smiled "oing once... Going twice AAANNNNNNDDDD SOLD!" he yelled jumping opff the stage making his wway to Eli

♬♥★Isabelle♥★♬ (lawls) | 319 comments Eli walked down and the girl to his car after handing the money to the guy

Liz was led ruffly to the stage and pushed down, her outfit looking like a worn baby doll dress she looked up to the crowd. "Like what you see boys now lets start the bidding" The slave owner said

message 33: by Dusty (new)

Dusty (mrsbieber) "500!" AIden yelled and continued the proces higher until 750

♬♥★Isabelle♥★♬ (lawls) | 319 comments Liz bit the inside of her cheek the slave owner took her by the arm and led her to Aiden

Eli put her in the back of his car and safety locked the doors, he got in the drivers and started to pull out

message 35: by Dusty (new)

Dusty (mrsbieber) Janessa groaned the drugs didnt work as long this time she thought smirking to herself before she realized she wasnt in her cage. she took deep breaths so she wouldnt hyperventalate closing her eyes

♬♥★Isabelle♥★♬ (lawls) | 319 comments Eli winced "Are you ok?" he asked sincerly

message 37: by Dusty (new)

Dusty (mrsbieber) Janessa shook slightly "i dont know" she saidas he hand flew to her neck "w-wheres my necklace?!" she asked begining to hyperventalating

♬♥★Isabelle♥★♬ (lawls) | 319 comments Eli put his hand in the jacket pocket and held it out toward her "it fell earlier and i put it up for a while im sorry i didnt know it was special"

Liz looked at the guy who bought her and flinched as she got pushed towards him

message 39: by Dusty (new)

Dusty (mrsbieber) Aiden walked forward smiling "lets go sweet heart" he said grabbing her arm and paying the guy

Janessa took the necklace back "thank you" she said

♬♥★Isabelle♥★♬ (lawls) | 319 comments Liz winced a little and followed him "My name is Liz not sweet heart" she said

"your welcome" he said putting his hands on the wheel "are you hungry?" he asked?

message 41: by Dusty (new)

Dusty (mrsbieber) Janessa sat up "I havent eaten in weeks" she said

Aiden shrugged "I'll call you what ever i want" he said

♬♥★Isabelle♥★♬ (lawls) | 319 comments "What would you like?" he asked

Liz looked at him "why did you buy me?" she asked

message 43: by Dusty (new)

Dusty (mrsbieber) "Anything but fish or mushrooms" Janessa said

Aiden looked at her "I;m not quiet sure. I like you" he said pulling her to his car

♬♥★Isabelle♥★♬ (lawls) | 319 comments He smiled "up for a good burger joint?" he asked her

Liz tilted her head and started heading toward the back seat of the car

message 45: by Dusty (new)

Dusty (mrsbieber) Janessa nodded "Sure" she said

Aiden op[ened the dorr for her

♬♥★Isabelle♥★♬ (lawls) | 319 comments She got in the back and sat down her arms bu her side

He smiled and did a U-turn "you can climb to the front" he said

message 47: by Dusty (new)

Dusty (mrsbieber) Janessa bit her lip thinking before she climbed into hte front seat looking at the seat belt but not touching it

Aiden closed the door and got in the front seat starting the car

♬♥★Isabelle♥★♬ (lawls) | 319 comments eli stuck put his tongue " Its click it or ticket" he said

Liz held her arms "where are we going?"

message 49: by Dusty (new)

Dusty (mrsbieber) Janessa bit her lip and put it on wincing at how it felt against her skin

"My place" AIden said

♬♥★Isabelle♥★♬ (lawls) | 319 comments Liz bit her lip and nodded her head

he pulled up through the drive through "what would you like?" he asked

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