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If its fulled with Fairy Tales and Witchcraft
Post it here(:

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I wouldn't really call my story completely fantasy, but I guess it fits. Anyways, I hope you all enjoy, and feel free to comment away!


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Begonialasia. A world unlike ours. A world where nature is cared for, where animals are respected, and where peace prevails over all. The beings are more advanced than us Earth beings. They all have an element of which they control like a power: Fire, Air, Crystal, Water, Earth or Electricity. The land was a supernatural world undiscovered by those of Earth... until her.

Well, Elaina isn't exactly an Earthling. Begonialasia is her homeland, but she was kidnapped and brought to Earth as an infant. Almost fourteen years later, a Begonialasian girl sent to retrieve Ellie finally finds her. Finally. She takes Ellie back to her true home, where she learns what her life was supposed to be like, and will be.

But why was Ellie kept on Earth? Why is her kidnapper (and supposed "mother") so abusive and wicked? And why does her return throw Begonialasia into peril, just like what happened when she was born?

A story of courage, love and finding one's true self.


Not finished, but will be adding more. Please tell me what you think!

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Emily Please check out my finished story "Irresistible Power"! Please 'like' and comment. I don't mind constructive criticism. :)

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Grace (fictionaladventures) This is my short story called The Black Cords: http://www.goodreads.com/story/show/3...

I really need it critiqued so please take a look at it! It's not very long and won't waste your time. Please tell me what I should improve! (But please put your comments under the story, not in this topic)

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Grace (fictionaladventures) The Edge (a short story): http://www.goodreads.com/story/show/3.... Please check it out and give me critiques (if you don't like it, tell me WHY so I can improve!) Comments ON THE STORY please, not here.

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Na Deela (nadeela) Hi group! I posted the first draft of my first chapter for a book I'm working on, please check it out and tell me what you think:


Leave comments, I'm open to criticism, so please don't go easy on me! thanks :-)

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Ashpash | 3 comments I have four chapters of a story called "The Charmed Book of Alton" up on here. Still ongoing.

Description: Cara knew that moving to England's prestigious boarding school, Alton Academy, would bring a series of new changes, but what she didn't foresee was how great these changes would be.

Suddenly, Wizards are real, story book characters are being reincarnated and a charmed book runs everyone's fate!


In all of Cara's fourteen years of living she never expected to run into the problems she has to face now.

Will everything end Happily Ever After?

Link: Start reading Charmed Book of Alton

Also a lot of people seemed to like "Fated for Magic"

Description: It is a mystery on how two completely different things, or maybe even people, could have so much in common. From sharing the same dreams to sharing the same destiny....

Torianna Anderson was average. She went to a regular public school and had a tan like everyone else who lived in California. Her straight black hair isn't necessarily to die for and i'm sure any person would want a job better then a waitress. Yet still, she goes through it all, because if it means helping her mom nothing was ever up for debate.

Tabitha Price was not so average. Compare her to CiCi McGraw, most popular girl at Cornelius High, and that's probably the closest she would get to being average. Her curly midnight hair and model like body is to die for but pale skin isn't really wanted in her town. She was the beloved daughter of Jeff and Laura Price; which meant getting whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted.

Two totally different people right? One's a hard working average teenage girl while the other is a spoiled teenage brat bent on the demise of the one person keeping her from being the most popular girl in school.

Completely different, right?

Well that's where you're wrong.

Link:Start Reading Fated For Magic

Long... I know. But thanks for hearing me out!<3

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