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Psychotic_Dog_Demon | 6137 comments Mod
Here you guys go, have fun

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YAY!!! Thanks, DDO!

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I'm up for anything XD I'm a hardcore rp addict :D

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Anything ;D

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Sure! But this time, you get to be the kidnapper or master XD That way I'll be less likely to commit foux-pas. And BTW, how far do you go with romance?

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lol, my dominant ones always turn out to be psycotic, randy, sappy, or a mix of the three X.X

Me too!

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The nice ones are the ones that end up being seriously sappy....

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You don't have to be mean if you don't want to.

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Ever tried doing bipolar?

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Hmmmm.... I might be able to do a master....

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Do you want to do the guy or the girl?

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kk I'll make a girl, give me a min.

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Name: Kyra
Age: 18
Sex: f
Slave or Master: Master
Looks: sexy girl Pictures, Images and Photos
Personality: playful, athletic, artistic, but has periods of depression.
Crush: open
History: The sole heiress of a wealthy mob boss, she recently recovered from an attempt on her life. She occasionally has nightmares.
Other: Her father decided to get her her own slave to be her bodyguard, but she has other ideas as well XD

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Do you want to start or shall I?

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Kyra and her father walked through the slave market. They went over to one of the slavers. Kyra's father cleared his throat to get the man's attention. "I need a strong male, one who can protect my daughter."

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Kyra smiled, eying him. She touched her father's shoulder. "I want that one, Daddy. Please?" She pouted. Her father looked him over, then nodded. "Alright, princess, we'll get him." He pulled out his wallet. "How much?"

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Her father handed the slaver ten 100 dollar bills. Kyra smiled, going over to Kato. She took the keys from a slaver and undid the chains binding Kato. "Thank you, Daddy."

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Her father looked at Kato. "What's you're name, boy?"

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"Kato. Well then, Kato, from now on you are going to be my princess's bodyguard. Do well, and you may earn your freedom one day."

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He nodded. "Good." He kissed Kyra's forehead. "I've gotta go to the office now, princess. You be careful, ok?" Kyra nodded. "Ok Daddy."

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Kyra looked Kato up and down. "Do you have any real clothes?"

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She grabbed his wrist. Then first things first, we're going shopping. Come on!"

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"Call me Kyra." She led him to a small clothing store.

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She smiled. "Now lets see.... What would look best on you..."

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She smiled. "I know just the thing!" She went over to a rack and began going through the shirts.

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She pulled off a black shiet and tossed it to him, then went over to find a pair of jeans.

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She pulled a pair of dark jeans off the rack and tossed them to him. "Try those on. The dressing room's over there."

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She waited for him to come out.

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She smiled. "Perfect." She paid for them. "Next stop, a stylist. When is the last time your hair was trimmed? Or washed, for that matter?"

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She sighed. "Figures." She grabbed his hand and headed for the salon.

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She led him into the salon. "Hey Maria, would you fix him up for me?" Maria nodded. "Si, miss Kyra." She went over to them. "This way please, senor." She led him to a sink and had him sit in the chair with his head leaned back over the sink. She frowned, cursing softly in Italian as she began to wash the dirt out of his hair. "Do you know what a brush is?"

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Kyra sat down to wait. Maria rinsed the shampoo out of his hair. "Don't move your head, or you'll make me mess up. You can speak, si?"

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Maria nodded. "Good." She finished rinsing his hair and towel-dried it.

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She left it slightly damp so it would be easier to work with. "This way please, senor." She went over to her styling booth.

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She had him sit in the chair and put a black plastic cover over his clothes so they wouldn't be covered in hair. She brushed his hair out.

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She trimmed and styled his hair.

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She finished. "Done."

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Kyra had dozed off waiting for him.

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She woke up. "Oh, sorry. I didn't mean to fall asleep on you."

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"Please call me Kyra."

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She smiled.

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Kyra took his hand. "Come on, I'll introduce you to Uncle Jericho."

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"Uncle Jericho. Jer for short. He's my dad's little brother. He runs my dad's club for him."

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She saw he was worried. "He's a really nice guy."

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She smiled. "Come on."

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She headed to a club and smiled at the bouncer. "Hey, Toni. Is Uncle Jer inside?"
Toni nodded. "He's running the bar today, miss Kyra."
"Ok, thanks." She headed inside.

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She went over to th bar. "Hey, Uncle Jer!"
Jericho smiled at her. "Kyra! Mi favorite neice! Is good to see you!" He came from behind the bar to sweep her up into a bear hug. "And who is this young senor?"

((Pic of Jericho: Gay-N Pictures, Images and Photos ))

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"This is Kato. Kato, this is Uncle Jericho."
Jericho held his hand out. "Is nice meeting you, Kato."

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Jer smiled. He looked Kato over, noting how thin he was. He went back behind the counter and made up two plates of spagetti, one much larger than the other. He set them on the counter, putting the larger one in front of Kato and the smaller in front of Kyra. "Is on house."
Kyra smiled. "Thanks, Uncle Jer."

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Kyra smiled and started eating.
Jer smiled and went back to work.

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