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Help with Kindle 3 (locations)

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message 1: by Erika (new)

Erika (erikareading) Hi everybody. I hope you forgive me if this was asked already. Very difficult to search for this since every thread seems to have the words "kindle 3" and "locations" in it.

I got my new Kindle 3 about a month ago. I love it! It's the best one yet and I'm reading on it way more than I did on the Kindle 2.

My only problem is that from the moment I turned it on, it only had % listed. I heard the Kindle 3 can do page #s for some books now so it completely surprised me that even locations are missing from mine. I tried looking at the settings features and all the other menu options and I can't seem to find it. Is there a way to get locations back? The way it is right now, I have no idea how long a book is. Even if it isn't page #s with locations at least I could compare one book to another. As a side question, how do you get page #s for the books that have this option?


message 2: by Cindy (new)

Cindy (newtomato) To see page numbers, when reading a book click menu, and the page numbers are at the bottom. If there's no page number information encoded into the book, you'll see locations.

I'm not sure if that totally answers your question, though?

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

The page numbers feature is a fairly recent addition, there are some books that have it and some that don't. Go to the settings page and look at the bottom, where it tells you the version number. If your Kindle version is less then 3.1, then you will need to download the latest patch:

If you have the wi-fi turned on, it should update automatically, but up until a couple of weeks ago I didn't have that option, so I downloaded it to my PC and transferred it via USB cable. It takes a few minutes, and then you are all set.

message 4: by Erika (new)

Erika (erikareading) Thank you! I will try out those things. I'll have to check which version I have and if it's not the right one I'll download the update.

It seems the locations show up when I click Menu. Thank you Cindy! Obviously I had no idea it was doing that...LOL. I kind of wish I could switch between the three and not have to click menu to see the other options, but I'm guessing I can't change that. Is that right?

message 5: by Cindy (new)

Cindy (newtomato) No, I don't think you can't change that. :( There's so many things about the Kindle I wish I could customize.

message 6: by Karen B. (new)

Karen B. (raggedy11) Erika, you wrote that when you click on Menu locations show up and that you wish you could switch between the three... three what? I'm trying to learn with you

What other options do you "see" when you click menu?

message 7: by Erika (new)

Erika (erikareading) Karen, I meant I wish I could switch between %, locations, and page #s (when available) when just reading so I would not have to click on menu because only % shows for me while just reading. Does that make sense? I'm not sure I'm explaining properly because I'm just learning this now too.

message 8: by Karen B. (new)

Karen B. (raggedy11) I don't know anything about switching to page numbers so I guess that is why I am confused. I'll learn. *S* wish I could help you

message 9: by stormhawk (new)

stormhawk | 542 comments I prefer the percentage readout ... it usually doesn't matter to me what page I'm on. Most of the bookclubs I'm in don't usually pay attention to what page things are on, but have listed chapter by chapter, usually because there are so darn many editions, each with their own page numbering scheme.

message 10: by Helen (new)

Helen I like the %age but only realised after getting a book that allowed page numbers. To get pages you do go to menu but then select 'go to' and then pages. As someone else said, not all books have them enabled.

message 11: by Erika (new)

Erika (erikareading) Thanks Helen! I'll try that on some of my newer books to see if they have page #s.

Stormhawk, I like % too, but that doesn't always translate well for me. I read a wide range of books from 20 page novelettes to 300+ page books. It's hard to tell how long the book really is, and especially hard to tell which book has more left in it. All in all, the kindle is pretty awesome though.

message 12: by Helen (new)

Helen You're welcome, so far only half of mine have had pages enabled.

message 13: by Karen B. (new)

Karen B. (raggedy11) Helen how can you tell? All of the books I read come up as percentages. I would like to have page reference numbers if they are available for a book and I am giving the author feedback.

Also I may have asked here before does anyone in this group use Notepad or Sticky Notes?

message 14: by Helen (new)

Helen Any book that you read displays as a %, to find the page number, press menu-go to-select page. If it is enabled the page number will show eg page 4 of 456, you can then press menu and it will show straightaway. Most books don't have the facility (yet?).

message 15: by Clare K. R. (new)

Clare K. R. (clare-dragonfly) I don't know, you might not be able to tell how long a book really is even if you do have page numbers! I recently read a nonfiction book. The whole final 10% of the book was notes. I knew it had a lot of notes but I didn't think it was that much! So the book ended a lot sooner than I was expecting. If it had been a paper book, I probably would have glanced at the end to see where the notes were (especially since I would have to flip back to refer to specific endnotes, which I just clicked on in the Kindle). Thankfully, with the Kindle, I could just move on to a different book after that one ended so unexpectedly!

message 16: by Betsy (new)

Betsy When reading nonfiction (which is mostly these days), I check the Table of Contents and go to the first of the "after" pieces. I make a note of how long the actual text is (whether pages or percentage) so I can estimate how far along I am as I'm reading.

message 17: by Karen B. (new)

Karen B. (raggedy11) That's a great idea! Thank you. Even with fiction I think you do something like that if the books are Amazon books. Not always Smashword books though. I still can't figure out though, if a book does have page numbers that can be enabled, how do you switch from percentage to page numbers?

message 18: by Betsy (new)

Betsy I don't think you can switch permanently. On K3, if you press the menu button, the locations and page numbers (if available for that book) are displayed at the bottom of the screen temporarily.

message 19: by Helen (new)

Helen You can't switch permanently, see post 14.

message 20: by Karen B. (new)

Karen B. (raggedy11) No, I just meant for the book as I am reading it. I can't switch it for that entire book? Have to do it page by page?

message 21: by Betsy (new)

Betsy Yes, afraid so.


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