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message 1: by Liz (new)

Liz | 2 comments Hi all. I recently acquired an Amazon Kindle, and as a woman on a budget, I'm looking for reasonably priced/free e-books! Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated as I start my e-collection of SciFi/Fantasy awesomeness.

message 2: by [deleted user] (new)

For all older books in the vein of Alice in Wonderland, War of the Worlds, Frankenstein, you can find them here: Project Guthenberg. Hope this helps a little, I'm not a huge fan of ebooks, just picked this site up in it's early days through Uni.

message 3: by Suzy (new)

Suzy Turner (suzyturner) | 2 comments Hi Liz!
Hidden by Shalini Boland is brilliant. Hidden
Forget the Past by Claude Nougat has paranormal elements and is excellent too.
Forget the Past:Book One of Fear of the Past Trilogy
And I'm going to be cheeky and suggest my own book, Raven which is getting rave reviews too!
Hope this helps!

message 4: by Mark (new)

Mark Rayner (markarayner) | 8 comments You may want to check out KindleBoards ( for announcements or The Frugal EReader ( for alerts and cheap reads.

And, ahem, my second novel, Marvellous Hairy, is available for $2.99 -- its the absurd tale of a man being turned into a monkey by an unscrupulous biotech.

message 5: by Bill (last edited Jun 29, 2011 07:08AM) (new)

Bill (kernos) | 117 comments François wrote: "For all older books in the vein of Alice in Wonderland, War of the Worlds, Frankenstein, you can find them here: Project Guthenberg (sic). Hope this helps a little, I'm not a huge fan of ebooks, just pic..."

I would underscore Project Gutenberg. There are hundreds of SFF public domain books available, many must reads, a lot with images in multiple e-book formats, including Kindle.

If you like this quality site, please donate to keep it alive.

message 6: by Linda (last edited Jun 29, 2011 09:42AM) (new)

Linda | 12 comments Liz wrote: "Hi all. I recently acquired an Amazon Kindle, and as a woman on a budget, I'm looking for reasonably priced/free e-books! Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated as I start my e-collection of..."

liz when you sign on to amazon click on kindle then there is a drop down for e books.on the right side is a listing of the 100 free and regular best sellers.i look at the free 100 at least once a week and load right then,because some authors put them there for a few days and then they go back to regular price.ive missed some good ones because i thought they would stay there.once you find one at the bottom of a book there are suggestions for others in the same genre and a lot of them are fre or 99 cents.

i found this one like that Griffins about elves ,magic and evil so far a very good read for have to be signed into amazon to see this



message 7: by Stephen (last edited Jun 29, 2011 10:31AM) (new)

Stephen (photoscribe) | 83 comments Liz wrote: "Hi all. I recently acquired an Amazon Kindle, and as a woman on a budget, I'm looking for reasonably priced/free e-books! Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated as I start my e-collection of..."

You could try "The Last Voyage of the Cassiopeia".... It might keep you company on those lonesome nights when all you can hear are crickets chirping.....(And they're inexpensive, too! The first and second in the series are only $1.99!!)

Find them on Amazon
The Last Voyage of the Cassiopeia
Almagest: The Adventures of MarsShield

message 8: by Robert (new)

Robert Taylor | 9 comments Amazon provides a free ebook section, as well as occasionally posting about under 2.99 collections. I have a couple in that category, myself, and of course I recommend them ;) You can see them by clicking on my name and going to my author page.

If you watch their recommendations for you, you can also find some great books at good deals. They also have some weird selections in their recommendations, but computer algorithms moved in mysterious ways...

message 9: by Richard (new)

Richard Davies | 2 comments At 4.99 many ebooks are a hell of a bargain. Think about what you get for that! A movie, worth one hour and thirty minutes to two hours of entertainment costs anywhere from five to fifteen dollars!

My own book, "The Heirloom," which can be found on Amazon Kindle, is 318 pages long. While I know there are some people who can read a novel in two hours or less, most spent days if not months slowly immersing themselves in the experience. It only took eight years to write my book. I suspect I would need to net somewhere around 41,000$ to pay me minimum wage for that time. On the other hand, there is nothing I like more than to write, but a little food now and then would be nice!

message 10: by C.R. (last edited Jun 30, 2011 02:06PM) (new)

C.R. Cummings (cheriecummings) | 11 comments My ebook is on Amazon for 2.99. It is a full length novel. I choose the price after reading numerous posts by people who, just like you, were looking for good books to read at a fair price. You can do a search for lowest priced books, which I myself do also. If you'd like to see mine, just click on my picture and it will take you to my page. Good reading!! :) Cherie (C.R.)

message 11: by Jonas (new)

Jonas Lau (jonaslau) | 3 comments I am the author of a young adult fantasy. The ebook is $2.99 on amazon. The second book should be out in October. It is called Solerra, The Lost Woman. If you have any questions please let me know. I hope you enjoy the book!

message 12: by Liz (new)

Liz | 2 comments Thank you all for the suggestions and comments! I've acquired quite a decent list of books for my Kindle! I'll be sure to add reviews as I read through them!

message 13: by Cameron (new)

Cameron Harris (cameroniharris) May I suggest
1.Talion:Revenant (Michael A. Stackpole)
2.The Demon Inside:The Zone(Terry Cloutier)

message 14: by Jed (new)

Jed (specklebang) | 33 comments I've been delighted with my Kindle purchases for just .99. I found 2 authors that are really winners.
Dead Dwarves Don't Dance and 1 other
Lethal People and 5 others
Really, check them out.

message 15: by M Todd (new)

M Todd Gallowglas (mgallowglas) Liz, may I offer you my first Kindle novel: First Chosen An Epic Fantasy for your summer reading.

message 16: by Al (new)

Al (alstone) There are a number of indie authors selling on amazon at reasonable prices and some of them are reall well written. Of course, you have your traditional authors, but they are priced a little higher.

message 17: by David (new)

David (d_gwelsh) | 1 comments I'm not sure if you can get them, but I would really recommend the Dragonlance novels. There are LOADS but the ones you need to read are the ones called 'Chronicles' and then 'Legends'.

Chronicles now has four (originally only three) books; Dragons of autumn twilight, Dragons of Winter night and Dragons of spring dawning. The newest one is Dragons of Summer flame which, while good, is nowhere near as good as the rest.

For the Legends series, these take place after Chronicles. These consist of Time of the Twins, War of the Twins and Test of the Twins.

For awesome fantasy reads, check them out.

message 18: by Erica (last edited Jul 17, 2011 11:06AM) (new)

Erica Zinn (ezmoving) | 3 comments The kindle e-book Islandia: The Lost Colony by C.J. Klinger is a great sci-fi read. Compelling characters, vivid story development and an intriuging story line all for $2.99! Looking forward to the second book due out early fall. Also available on B&N as an e-book.

message 19: by Jan (new)

Jan I got this email from Amazon that listed books they thought I would be interested. I hope I'm not posting too long a post, I just copied the books from the email.
Are you looking for something in our Science Fiction & Fantasy Books department? If so, you might be interested in these items.
The Elder Blood Chronicles (In Shades of Grey) [Kindle Edition]
by Melissa Myers

Price: $2.99

Taming Fire (The Dragonprince Trilogy) [Kindle Edition]
by Aaron Pogue

Price: $0.99

Thinblade (Sovereign of the Seven Isles: Book One) [Kindle Edition]
by David A. Wells

Price: $2.99

Legend Unborn, The Key of Souls - Book 1 [Kindle Edition]
by David.G Welsh

Price: $1.99

The Shattergrave Knights [Kindle Edition]
by David M. Haendler

Price: $1.99

The King's Blades (Song of the Elves) [Kindle Edition]
by David Shepherd

Price: $2.99

Shimmer of Silver Sorcery (Silvinesh Series) [Kindle Edition]
by Rodney Scully

Price: $4.99

Knights: The Eye of Divinity (A Novel of Epic Fantasy) (The Knights Series) [Kindle Edition]
by Robert E. Keller

Price: $2.99

I have only read two of these books but the others definitly sound interesting and I will check them out.

message 20: by Rachel (new)

Rachel Cotterill (rachelcotterill) There are loads of freebies on the Baen site - more sci-fi than fantasy, I think, but I've downloaded a few. Sisters of Glass was a particularly excellent, fast-paced dystopian sci-fi.

Some bargains I've enjoyed from the Kindle store include A Dance of Cloaks (fantasy assassins) and The Iron King (YA faeries). I'm not sure what the prices are now but I got both of those for 99p. I snagged a few others in the recent sale but I haven't had chance to read them yet.

message 21: by Isla (new)

Isla | 1 comments A Light In The Dark

Nathan Lowell's latest is on Amazon Kindle for $0.99.

The first 3 of his Tales of the Solar Clipper are at $4.95 which isn't a bad deal either.

message 22: by Kendal (new)

Kendal | 4 comments DragonSoul

message 23: by M.M. (new)

M.M. Mancey | 6 comments You might want to check out my new book The Cripple and the Staff currently for 0.99c.

Latest review:
"Well written, dark and sinister fantasy novel"

Follow the cursed Cripple of Kilten into a world where crooked dark cities have tunnels instead of streets and clusters of dragon-scaled towers are the abode of seers living in the greatest city of all. A thick fog of fear rises when the immortals who lived in secret among humans stir, and sorcerers fight for a deadly but powerful staff in a circle of combat in a bid for ultimate power. It is a struggle of the mortals against the immortals, and it all gets complicated when the cripple finds out that he too is an immortal.

Could this be your new favorite book? Have a peek. The Cripple and the Staff.The Cripple and the Staff Vol.1

message 24: by Richard (new)

Richard Due (richarddue) If you like young adult adventure fantasy, you might want to try my book.

Here's the blurb:

Gibbering Gnome Press Presents a Tale of Epic Fantasy

For Lily and Jasper Winter, the Moon Realm began with a single secret bedtime tale. As the children grew older, Uncle Ebb enthralled them with thrilling tales of the Dragondain riding horse-sized, catlike Rinn; mysterious tales of peerin-wielding lunamancers manipulating the magic that lies just beneath the surface of reality; exciting tales of flying dragons, swimming merfolk, stomping giants, and troublesome faeries. But as the magic of their childhood faded, so too did the tales. Eventually, they were just . . . good stories.

Or were they?

Now, nine years after it all began, Uncle Ebb is missing.

Lily and Jasper search for clues, but their uncle's mansion is full of distractions. A Tesla generator thrums in the basement. Prismatic electrimals flit around walls resembling underwater reefs. Then a most unexpected friend comes to their aid, leading them to a hidden room where they find a mysterious coin—the moon coin. Before the night is out, Lily is transported to the real Moon Realm. But the moons are in trouble. The Rinn of Barreth are under siege, and the lunamancers of Dain are beset by the very dragons they once loved. Most horrifying of all, the moon Darwyth has fallen to a villain named Wrengfoul, whose creeping evil now threatens to overshadow all the Realm.

Are Lily and Jasper too late to save the Moon Realm, or will they have enough time to write an ending of their own?

Featuring twenty-two stunning full-color illustrations by Carolyn Arcabascio. Volume One of the young adult fantasy adventure series The Moon Realm.

$2.99 at Barnes & Noble., Amazon, and the iBookstore.

message 25: by Michael (new)

Michael Duncan (michaelduncan) | 1 comments Just to add my work to the posts - my debut novel is out in print and e-book (Kindle, Nook). It is currently at 5.99 for Kindle.

Shadows: Book of Aleth, Part One
Shadows Book of Aleth, Part One by Michael Duncan Michael Duncan

message 26: by [deleted user] (new)

A world hidden right under our noses for thousands of years. A secret dating back to it's founding fathers that threatens to throw it into chaos. It's savior ... a boy from our world.

"It is not very often that I open a book package in my house and set everything else aside, seeing as that I usually already have a pile to review. But when this one came into my hands, let’s just say that the first page ‘had me at hello,’ (not that I ever like using a Tom Cruise reference.) But to be given a young adult title with no vampires, no ‘yearnings’ of love, no thoughts of suicide - I mean, this was not only a great plot with fantastical characters - but it was also a total breath of fresh air.

I am telling you, readers - take a wee bit of Harry Potter, combine it with Peter Pan’s Lost Boys, throw in some Eragon, and infuse all of that with a new author whose imagination has such an appeal that you will want to read every book in this series - and you end up with the world of Grim’s Peak. The carriage called a ‘Sleeker’ is beyond cool; the dead lake in Hel-mir is frightening and creepy; the Water Arch that protects the city, and even the odd foods from Coral Sweets (candy) to the glasses of creamy whale’s milk - there is not one scene that doesn’t bring you into a seriously glorious world that SHOULD be looked at as the next ‘big’ YA fantasy series! This is a truly great read!"

Until Next Time,
Amy (Lignor)- Professional reviewer, interviewer, ghostwriter and editor (

Available in paper and e-book format. Go to for details.


message 27: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Baethge (22niel) | 5 comments Anyone mind if I suggest my own book?
The Speed of Darkness (Kindle Edition) by Sarah Baethge
The Speed of Darkness, new book, new author, only $2.99

message 28: by Erik (new)

Erik Rodgers | 8 comments You might enjoy following this:

Wetwire: Part One- The Human Technology

message 29: by Greyweather (last edited Nov 29, 2011 11:57AM) (new)

Greyweather At the moment these novels are free in the Kindle store:

Sasha: A Trial of Blood and Steel Book One by Joel Shepherd

Bright of the Sky (Book 1 of The Entire and the Rose) by Kay Kenyon

message 31: by Erika (new)

Erika Tamblin (ETamblin) | 4 comments I love Elle Lapraim and her short stories are only .99

Here is my favorite.The Seamstresses
Death is just a career change.

When Yin opens her eyes at the beginning of the story, she realizes two things. She is in an old abandoned seamstress shop – and she is dead. This afterlife is filled with laughing snowflakes and endless city streets. The only person here to guide her through this world is her older sister, who also happens to be dead.

Yin soon discovers that they must use their abilities to sew together the relationships of the living. Although Yin finds this prospect thrilling at first, not everything in these snow-lined streets is as it seems. She will soon discover that good and evil are woven more tightly together than she could have ever imagined.

message 32: by Jake (new)

Jake | 4 comments looking for good fantasy? Try this one,

Familiar yet refreshing.

message 33: by Stephen (last edited Mar 27, 2012 04:58AM) (new)

Stephen Pearl (stephenp11) | 37 comments If you want a good Paranormal detective novel you can get Nukekubi for E book.

From ancient times nukekubi have haunted the land of Japan. Living as men by day, these beasts slip their heads free of their flesh at night and go in search of human prey. These hapless souls are driven into a terrified madness that results in their death.
Ray McAndrues, a modern-day wizard, must neutralize a nukekubi that is feasting on the people of Toronto. He is aided by Cathy, a sorceress of numerous charms, and Toshiro and Kunio, two, Japanese, martial artists who have made hunting nukekubi their lives' work.
As the quest plays out, questions arise. Who is hunting who? How can you slay the beast that stalks the night without slaying the man who walks the day? What is the strange, millennia-old connection that binds Ray to the beast, and will it help or hinder the quest?
Remember, you have nothing to fear but Nukekubi, fear itself.


Nukekubi Nukekubi by Stephen B. Pearl

message 34: by [deleted user] (new)

Hate to sound like I'm pushing my novel, but hey I'm pushing my novel. "The Clashes of Tarn" can be found here-

I think you might enjoy it. 99 cents. There are also alot of great books at Kindleboards and Amazon that are priced really reasonable.

message 35: by Jeannette (new)

Jeannette Westlake | 10 comments J.D. Hallowell's Dragon Fate is free for Kindle all day Friday, March 9th.

message 36: by Alex (new)

Alex Baj (AlexBaj) | 1 comments Mind if I add my debut novel to the list? It is just 99 cents on (or free if you have Amazon Prime.) The title is The Black Stone Prophecy. The Black Stone Prophecy
The Black Stone Prophecy by Alex Baj

message 37: by Stephen (new)

Stephen (photoscribe) | 83 comments Allow ME to hawk MY goods here again.... The novels of my own "Cassiopeia" series have all the potential to become classics in the ensemble sicence fiction genre! Follow the adventures of Ralph, Oswald and the troupe Garcon/Thierry as they weather space, time and war as Providence ITSELF seems to be putting on a show for them... one that they're in the middle of!

available as both Kindles and print novels:
The Last Voyage of the Cassiopeia
The Avedon Question

message 38: by Stephen (new)

Stephen Pearl (stephenp11) | 37 comments I just got a nine out of ten stars review for Nukekubi my paranormal, detective novel from Sheena McNeil at Sequential Tart Web Zine. Check it out at:
Quote: The writing is exciting and easy to follow. The story is rich, and the characters real and fleshed-out.
Nukekubi Nukekubi by Stephen B. Pearl

message 39: by Darren (new)

Darren White | 1 comments My Science Fiction short story collection Memes of Loss and Devotion has been getting pretty good reviews.

It examines the human condition, our possible futures, our challenges as a species and our failings as sentient, supposedly intelligent beings. Just where might future technology take us if we are not mindful of the unintentional consequences?

What will we get? The future we want, or the future we deserve?

Buy here

Memes of Loss and Devotion
by Darren White

Memes of Loss and Devotion by Darren White

message 40: by Stephen (new)

Stephen Pearl (stephenp11) | 37 comments Hi one and all, Dark Dragon publishing has a gift for everyone. In the momma dragon’s own words.

From all of us at Dark Dragon Publishing to you - We wish you a healthy and happy holiday season and New Year.

In celebration of this festive season, from now until January 6, 2014, all of our ebooks will be reduced to $.99 USD/CDN so NOW is the time to pick up any and all of our amazing titles!

So, if you read on a Kindle, Nook, Kobo, or any other device, you will find the right format for you at the following links. Read and enjoy, and don't forget to leave a review!

Visit: http://darkdragonpublishing.blogspot....

For buy links and more information.

Nukekubi Nukekubi by Stephen B. Pearl

Worlds Apart Worlds Apart by Stephen B. Pearl

message 41: by Pat (new)

Pat Adeff | 1 comments Liz wrote: "Hi all. I recently acquired an Amazon Kindle, and as a woman on a budget, I'm looking for reasonably priced/free e-books! Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated as I start my e-collection of..."
Hi, Liz!
Being in the same boat, I found an awesome "bang for the buck." Any of the Writers of the Future anthologies (there are 30) give you at least 12 if not more SciFi / Fantasy stories from new authors that have been picked as winners by judges (respected authors) such as Zelazny, Wentworth, Pournelle, Pohl, Card, etc. LOTS of reading for little $$$.

message 42: by Greg (new)

Greg Strandberg (gregstrandberg) You can't go wrong with a freebie from a proven fantasy author, Lindsey Buroker. This book here is always free:

The Emperor's Edge (The Emperor's Edge, #1) by Lindsay Buroker The Emperor's Edge

message 43: by Al "Tank" (new)

Al "Tank" (alkalar) | 5 comments Pat wrote: "Liz wrote: "Hi all. I recently acquired an Amazon Kindle, and as a woman on a budget, I'm looking for reasonably priced/free e-books! Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated as I start my e-c..."

A number of "starter" books are available for 99-cents. The idea is that you'll read the first book in a series and get hooked on the author and/or the series and buy more books at "regular" prices. Most of these are full-length books.

Examples (outrageous plug here): John Bowers' "The Fighter King" (Book 1 of the Fighter Queen saga), "Starport" (Starport series), "Asteroid Outpost" (Nick Walker series); and Kriss Erickson's "Brownbird's Luck" (Land Behind the Veil series).

If you like classics, browse Project Gutenberg for stuff that's in the public domain (maintained by volunteers who scan the books into eBook format).

Baen has a free e-library of older "list" books (some are, quite frankly, less than the author's best).

message 44: by Angela (new)

Angela | 1 comments I love my kindle and free books are a huge perk. I sit every couple weeks and just search for books. The best way to locate free books is to type in a keyword. I'm into witches & vampires and other sci-fi so I use these keywords a lot. You will pages and pages of books and large chunk are free

message 45: by Jonas (new)

Jonas Lau (jonaslau) | 3 comments Solerra the Lost Woman is a young adult fantasy. It is only $0.99. The second book in the series will be on sale next week for $0.99.

message 46: by Elizabeth (new)

Elizabeth Caunter (elizcaunter) | 2 comments My YA fiction Emilia and The Adventure Next Door should be price matching Kobo as freeee at the moment if you like quirky adventures ::)

message 47: by Ian (new)

Ian Miller | 13 comments A recent competition was held for first lines, and the results are out. At least four of the books are SF (including one of mine, so I am biased here) so read some first lines at:

message 48: by Anna (new)

Anna | 1 comments My choice for sci-fi novelty are:
1. The Alpha's Bed by Michelle Fox
2. Collective Mind by Vasily Klyukin
3. Beauty in the Eyes of His Beast by Natavia

Wether anyone of you have already read them?

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