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Bas finished unloading some supplies from the truck and took them inside their headquaters (idk what to call it)

♥Sex Kitten♥ ((it's a warehouse))

Nayomi was inthe back of the warehouse with her '67 Ford Mustange, the hood was open and she was leaned over it. She wore dark shorts and a white v-neck tee shirt that had oil stains on it with a rag in her back pocket. Her shirt had ridden up a bit to reveal her tattoo of the word ACE written in gold.

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He watched as Nayomi worked on her car. He had been in the mob for 8 months now

♥Sex Kitten♥ The other workers had stopped to watch her too,"Damn, I sware she is the best looking leader I have ever seen." one of them said to another.

"You can say that again," the other said with a smile as he looked at her tattoo.

"If I turn around and your not working I sware there will be hell to play," Nayomi said with out looking up. The guys quickly got back to work.

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Bas turned back and began putting the supplies into the storage place. He was glad he had something to do, it distracted him

♥Sex Kitten♥ Nayomi finished with her car and closed the hood and turned,"Hey Bas, could you come here for a second?" she asked him but he knew it really wasn't a request.

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Bas walked over to her "whats up"

♥Sex Kitten♥ "I need you to run a messege for me later if your not busy?" she asked him as she walked to her office motioning for him to follow her.

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"Sure, whats the message" he asked keeping his eyes on her face, not her body

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♥Sex Kitten♥ "Its to one Victor's gaurds who is thinking about switching gangs," she said as she walked up a flight of stairs to her office. Victor was the leader on the Kings and the men who kill her brother.

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"alright" he said following her

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Raina slipped her dark sunglasses over her eyes and walked down the street. Her heels clicked evenly as she strutted past several shops. She turned into a coffee shop to get something for her and her brother.

Dimitri was in the shop today. The Reid&Sumnet Corp. asked him not to come in today. Which was fine by him, he liked working on cars better.

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Bas walked down the street

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Ordering as best she could in English Raina paid the younge rlooking boy behind the counter and probably left him a bigger tip than was nessacary. She crossed the street to walk the two blocks to her brothers shop, her eyes observing those around her.

Cranking a nut into place Dimitri shut the hood of the car he was working on and went to wipe his hands off. Grabbing his opened water he went ot glance up and down the street.

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Bas saw a cute girl in front of him.

Cora walked down the street, feeling very odd

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Feeling someone behind her Rain ran a hand through her short hair and glanced over her shoulder.

Dimitri finsihed off his water. Rain was late but he tried to push of the worry. Instead he kept tabs on the people walking by, most of the usuals, but a few different. He stiffed slightly, but tried ot keep a replaxed form.

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bas caught her glance and blushed looking away. then mentally kicked himself for being shy

Cora felt like someone was watching, she looked around descretely, then turned down an ally

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Rain smiled lightly to herself seeing the guy blush and turn away.

Dimitri watched a girl turn down an alley across the street from where hsi shop was. He hadnt seen her before, and sensed something was about to happen.

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Bas glanced back at her, and saw her smile, which made him also smile

Cora answered her phone. "yeah..right across the street.....whatever bye" she put her cell back into her pocket. she walked over to the mechanic shop across the street

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Someone rushed past her, bumbing into her and causing one of the drinks she held to fall to the ground. She swore in Russian and bent ot pick the cup up, deciding if it would be worth it to chase the person down.

Dimitri saw the girl cross the street and walk to the shop. Which was odd, only pepople of the mob came here.

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Bas rushed over to help her. "you ok?"he asked picking up the cup

she walked inside and saw a guy standing there. "Hi, I'm here to pick up a car for John Kovalik."she said

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Raina glanced up and saw the guy she had seen watching her. She struggled finding the right words, "Oh, yes. Fine, thank you."

Dimitri looked the girl up and down and shrugged lightly. "Just a minute." He gestured to a chair she could sit in and went back to a small desk with piles of papers. He picked through them and read through one carefully.

"You might be mistaken, Mr. Kovalik never mentioned someone else would be coming to pick his car up."

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"that guy was a jerk" he said

"Mr.Kovalik didn't know that he would be out of town" she replied simply, still standing at the counter

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Rain laughed lighty. "Yes, he was lucky I have heels on or I would have chased after him."

Dimirtri glanced the girl up and down before sighing. "Can I see some I.D. then?"

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he smiled slightly. "I'm sebastian, friends call me bas"

she took out her drivers liscense and showed it to him

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"Raina," she smiled back, "friends call me Rain."

"Thanks," Dimitri said. "Will you or Mr. Kovalik settle the price?"

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"so where are you heading?" he asked

"I will, how much?"

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"My brothers car shop," she said gesturing down the street. "What about you?"

"380," Dimitri said. He turned and grabbed the set of keys from one of several hooks drilled into the wall.

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"just killing time" he said

she took the cash out of her wallet and handed it to him

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Rain laughed, "I know how that goes."

Dimitri handed over the keys and took the cash. "Its on the next station over."

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he smiled, he loved her laugh. "there is a great cafe right around the corner, maybe you wanna get a coffee or something sometime?" he asked trying hard to hide his nervousness

"could you show me?" she asked, she had actually never seen the car before and needed to make sure which car was dropped off

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Rain raised an eyebrow before smiling. "I'd love that."

Dimitri set the money in the unbelievable old register and looked her up and down again. He never really liked Kovalik anyways and was fine with seeing his car stolen. "Yeah follow me."

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he smiled back "great"

she felt weird when he scanned her body, but just nodded

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Dimitri turned away and pulled his cell phone out of his pocket he hit speed dial one and waited.

Raina was about to say some thing when her phone began buzzing. She held up a finger and answered the phone, "Privet*? Dimitri?" she asked. A long winded speech followed and Rain snaped the phone shut. She glanced bakc at Bas and smiled apologetically.

"I need to meet my brother, I m sorry."

((*I really hope that means hello in russian, lets hope google did me some good this time))

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bas just nodded "its alright, can I have your number? so i can call you about coffee?"

Cora waited

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((oh sorry I thought he already took her to the car))

"Yeah," Rain pulled a battered peice of paper from her purse and a pen and scribbled her number down and handed it to him.

"Sorry," Dimitri muttered he took her to the stall and duble checked everthing was in order. "It will run smoothly now."

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((oh ok sorry i think i missed that lol))

"thanks" he said taking the number

"k" she said

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"See you soon," Raina said with a wink.

"Have a good day," Dimitri said .

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he smiled at her "see ya"

"yea" she said getting in the car and slowly easing onto the street

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Alex was eating

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Rain walked another block before she saw a car pulling out of her brothers shop. She recognized the car but not the driver. She waited for the car to pass beofore turning into shop.

"Kovalik going to be mad if you just got his car stolen," Rain told her brother in Russian.

Dimitri rolled his eyes waving slightly as the car pulled away. "I checked her I.D, and she paid in cash," Dimitri replied. "SOunds like him doesnt it?"

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Cora found a thick book in the glove compartment and put it on the pedal, then she jumped out of the car as it sped forward. she slipped into an alley and watched the car crash from the shadows

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"Told you so," Rain said bending down to inspect the small refrigorator. "Where is the caffiene?"

Ignoring her Dimitri stepped outside and watched as people started flooding out to inspect the crash. A dozen things running through his mind, Dimitri went back inside and pulled the garage doors down and flipped a closed sign on,

"Yeah and thats not suspicious at all," Rain muttered in Russian inspecting a tuperware of noodles. Dimitri flipped her off and went to change.

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Cora walked away from the crash

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Zoey Wondered through the city, sure it was late but she knew how to handle herself. She had always wanted to join one of the many gangs that patrolled this city but they all thought she was to young.

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He was prepping for a big gang fight

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