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Fiamata | 5811 comments Mod
Angel/Demon/Half Angel/Half Demon/Angel and Demon:

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*Sklip*  (stalkerninja) Reserve :D

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Chase (dekunut) | 1246 comments Name: Tennor Dekan
Age: 16
Looks: Black hair on one side, blonde on the other. Light tan, and seems to be two differnt peopel in one.
Personality: demon: lustful, devious. angel: smart, caring, friendly.
Angel/Demon/Half Angel/Half Demon/Angel and Demon: Angel and Demon
Powers: A ball of light can be shot from the left hand, one of dark from the left. Most powerful is the rare time when he's in perfect harmony with himself.
Other: Has MPD

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Name: Grave night
Age: 16
Looks: Blood red hair with a black fringe, she has two little black horns coming of the top of her head, her eyes are strange, one eye is totally black while the other being blood red.
Personality: lustful and devious, at first glance, but can also be nice and somewhat caring if she actually likes someone
Angel/Demon/Half Angel/Half Demon/Angel and Demon: demon
Powers: She can control the mind of others, as well as see a persons true self (so basically lying to her doesn't work to well)
Other: none.

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Name:Nelly (meaning light)
Age: 16
Looks: Light brown hair that captures the light no matter how dark it is, warm light brown eyes that seem to be gold at times, she has thin, gossamer, wings that are dusted with gold.
Personality:kind of a loner, she hates the fact that she is an angel and wishes that things were different. that she could be bad.
Angel/Demon/Half Angel/Half Demon/Angel and Demon: Angel
Powers: Visions (though they are very painful), She can wipe people's memory with the sound of her singing voice
Other: wears black all the time and a silver necklace that she wears on her wrist.

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((what if angels could like kill demons but Nelly won't kill them?))

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