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•EM• Indi made her way to the movies with a couple of her friends, she was expecting to meet new people as she was going with a large group.

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she smiled "thats good. I haven't made it before"

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"thanks" she smiled

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she smiled and took his bowl and washed it

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she sat on thed edge when she came back in

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"no idea"

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she shook her head

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she sighed "I'm gonna show you the real world outside of that. Com eon" she said and went to the stable

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she got on a horse and threw the reins of the second one at him

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she smiled and started to canter her horse. "so" she called "for the next month I'm gonna show you things to do and you'll pick your favorites"

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she smiled and rode a little faster as she entered the woods

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she ducked a branch "branch!"

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she glanced out of the corner of her eye "good"

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she smiled and nodded.

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"urm 2 years"

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"you'll see"

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she smiled a little

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here sorry))

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Rebeka turned a corner and tromped into a meadow

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she stopped and jumped off the horse. She looked around and sighed

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she smiled and got back on her horse. "Stop two...ice cream" she spurred her horse and laughed

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she laughed and went into town

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she turned to him and dodged a branch "Have you had it before? ice Cream?"

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she smiled "perfect thenm I'll get you a little of everything" she laughed "They shouldn't mind'

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she smiled and headed to the ice cream place. The parking lot was full of cars. She 'parked' her horse

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she jumped off too and went to the stand thingie

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(gtg soon then bbs)

She ordred a little of everything. "Okay take some and go to the table." she got a spoon and some of them. SHe set them out on the table and went back for the rest

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she smiled and pushed one to him "try this first"

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she laughed "Thats VAnilla" she put another next to it "Thats chocolate. HAve you ever had any Chocolate?"

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((I know!))
She smiled and nodded "what about this" she pushes oreo at him

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"IS crunchy good?"

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she smiled and gave him another "coffee"

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she laughed "tell me when your getting full" she gave him a toffee, butterscotch and um.moose tracks (is that what it's called?)

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she smiled "same here"

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she smiled and rolled her eyes. "I'm guessing you have a fave" she smiled

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she laughed and threw the cups away

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she orderd him another "here eat this while we ride" she said and hopped onto Cloud

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