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Sammy (IreneAdler) | 194 comments So this is where I'll post my thoughts now that my last one was deleted...
I was just reading magazines and eating candy because I'm Sammy....

Before that I was talking on the phone with my friend and my sister interuppted me and asked if I could draw her a picture of a turtle and a unicorn fighting with pool noodles on the moon... So later I did and I have to say that was pretty fun to make. I gave the unicorn a beard :P.

When everything in the group got deleted I couldn't get my poetry back in time, so I started freaking out, but luckily Connor was being awesome and he saved it to a word document for me and sent it back to me! So I'll post my poetry later, even though most of you have seen it already.
Now that I'm starting fresh for this topic, I really want to post long entries every day, kinda like journaling... Hence the name of this folder.

At first I was kinda mad that all the topics were gone, but now I'm kinda glad this group is less cluttered. I would really like to focus on writing, even though I never seriously thought about it before joining this group. But you know, practice makes perfect and everything. I'd never be able to play the guitar or practice music or draw or cook or whatever if I didn't practice at all... And I guess that's the whole idea to writing, also. I was watching this video from some writing convention, and this author I really like was talking about your writing experience is kind of like having a passport, and how you need to get different stamps to make up the whole thing. One of the "stamps" was the Blank Page stamp. He talked about how everyone has trouble and gets writers blocks before they got the hang of writing, especially before being able to publish something. And when someone doesn't have that stamp, like a famous person with no writing experience suddenly writing and publishing a book instantly, you start to think, "Hey, that's not fair!". It's like some untalented person making it up to the Top Ten on American Idol. They just made it because they looked cute or whatever.
Anyway, I really liked what he said... I'll post the link to it later.

And now... I would like to talk about my visit to DC this weekend.
My favorite part of it was seeing the Smithsonian Art Museum. WOW. That was amazing!
My favorite painting was called something like Lonely Cloud. It showed a barren field during the day, and the colors were all dark rusty oranges and reds. The ground was all cracked and uneven, without a single plant, dead or otherwise, in sight. But contrasting with all the hopeless gloominess of it all was a single white cloud. It was a steamy translucent milky white pillow over the Mars-like landscape. It positively bursted out of the canvas. I almost felt like the cloud was going to pop out of the painting and smack me in the face! And in the background there was a little house with yellow sides, a red door, and a green roof that probably would have matched the rest of the place before the drought came. It shadowed happier times, seemingly out of place with the barren earth. In the foreground there was a complicated looking tiller that was deep in the ground, as if it had been untouched for some time. The sky was a pale, washed-out blue that seemed really distant compared to the house, cloud, and tiller.

Hey, look at me! I'm an art critic! Next week- DaVinci: Man or Monster?!

No, just kidding, I seriously do not plan on doing that again.


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☆♪Taylor♪☆ (taybrookeg) | 381 comments Mod
like the title

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Sammy (IreneAdler) | 194 comments Heh... Thanks :)

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☆♪Taylor♪☆ (taybrookeg) | 381 comments Mod

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☆♪Taylor♪☆ (taybrookeg) | 381 comments Mod
idk if it's a nose or mustache

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Sammy (IreneAdler) | 194 comments Now I'm gonna write about the most interesting topic there is- MYSELF!
So, I think I've already told you all the most of what there is to know about me, but I'll say that part again so it's all official since it's in What Is Sammy Thinking?: A Pathetic Diary.

Okay, so let's start from the beginning-
I was born in a log cabin four score and twenty years ago-

Wait- wrong person.

Let's start again-

I was born in a hospital like most babies, and now I have grown up to be a more or less average teenage girl... Just like the other girls in this group.
BUT- here are some things that are unique to me. Apparently my hair color is "browny" and I think my eyes would qualify as the same color, too. I have been referred to as a highly functioning soiciopath, although most people just call me Sammy. Other things I have been called are: Sammers, Slammin' Sammy (by my 4th grade teacher :|), Samus, Hey You, Noodles McMuffin, David, Mycroft, Samantha, The Other One, The Weirder One, The Woodsman, Pippa Noodleberry.... And the list goes on. If you were to ask who I'm being compared to with the names The Other One and The Weirder One, I would tell you that I am in fact being compared to my sister. If you were to ask why so many of those names sound like guy names, I would tell you that I usually don't have a say in those names... And for some reason I get guy names... Although I am 100% female! If you were to ask why some of those names were so lame or weird, I would slap you.
And Emily, if you're wondering why one of those names was Mycroft, it's because I called my sis Sherlock one day when she did something kinda dumb, but then it became her nickname. And since Mycroft is Sherlock's sibling.... Yeah, we call one of our friends Watson.

One of my favorite hobbies is playing the guitar. I've been taking lessons since I was in 3rd grade, and have continuously switched the kind I learn. At first I played the electric, then I moved on to acoustic, and have now happily settled on the classical guitar. Don't get me wrong, I don't practice "classical-y" songs. Those are mostly boring. I like acoustic adaptions of classic rock, mostly the Beatles. But I also play my classical guitar acoustic style. I have one classical guitar, one Yamaha acoustic, a black Fender electric, and a copper-colored antique Silvertone. I also have a banjo I got for Christmas, but I honestly don't play it that much. I used to be interested in singing, too, but now I don't like it that much. My guitar teacher insists that I write music. Although I don't like doing it very much, I must admit that it helps me very much in understanding musical theory. It has also helped out my writing skills a lot. If you ever have an instrument and a lot of spare time, I highly reccomend trying to write something. It doesn't have top be good, but as long as it's yours! Heck, once I even wrote a song about my evil Spanish teacher and how she walks like a raptor and she smells like zombies!

Another activity I very much enjoy is drawing. I've seriously been obsessed with it ever since I was in first grade, and now it is my passion! I love to draw tons of different subjects. I like still lifes, but mostly focus on drawing people (very cartooney people) and random scenes :). But today I did stray from that and drew my sis a picture of a turtle and a unicorn fighting with pool noodles on the moon! And having practice like that is great, too. Just creating something that you never would have considered and wasn't expecting is great for your imagination. Will the turtle and unicorn be on four legs or just two? What about one? Which one will be winning? What color will the unicorn be? Are they angry? Where's whe viewpoint of it all? Those are all things that you have to consider to make it yours. I also hate to admit it, but I make a lot of fan art. Yes, be ashamed of me... But I like to make Doctor Who fanart, SH fanart, or just stuff from random movies! It's really fun to make crossovers, too. Like once I drew Watson from BBC's Sherlock and Amy Ponds from Doctor Who meeting, and it was so awkward! (In a good way for us, at least!) I recently started pinning or taping up drawings in my room so now my mirror is like 50% paper covered and my bulliten board is all cluttery! Ah, well, it's worth it!

What else could I say about myself??? Hm... Favorite TV shows? I won't dwell on this for long as to not annoy you guys! Well, I really mainly like 2 shows- Sherlock and Doctor Who. I'll start by explaining the first one. Sherlock is BBC's new adaption to the classic detective novels and movies, but this one has a very interesting twist- It takes place in 2010! Sherlock Holmes tech-savvy Londoner living in an apartment, and John Watson is an Afgnainstan war vet, just discharged because he got shot. So he is living in London, but can't afford it. His friend Mike Stamford introduces him to Sherlock Holmes, who can't afford his apartment, either, so they get a flat share. Then they start solving crimes and yada yada... But the thing I like about this is the use of modern technology! Sherlock is constantly texting and John maintains a blog to record all of the cases, and what happens to him in everyday life. And Moriarty, JIM Moriarty is just really... Well, you'll have to watch it to find out! And now for Doctor Who- It's a show about a time traveling alien called a Time Lord whose name is The Doctor. And he travels in a blue Police Box called a TARDIS. And usually someone is traveling with him, and they fly through time and space in the box that's bigger on the inside, defeating evil everywhere they go! Yes, I can't explain it without making it sound exremely stupid, but it did set the world record for the World's Mostt Successful Science Fiction TV Show! Watch it. It's good.

I'm a bit dissapointed that such a large portion is dedicated to television... I really don't watch that much TV!

As for music, I am a huge fan of The Beatles, Rob Thomas, Sara Barilles, Coldplay, Counting Crows, Five for Fighting, BNL, and a little bit of Taylor Swift. I don't really like her newer songs, though. Well, I really can't say much about this music that I didn't make except that the Beatles are AMAZING!!!!

Now I guess I should list my favorites. Let's see... My favorite color is green, my favorite movie is Sherlock Holmes or Back to the Future, my favorite song is either any song by the Beatles, or Her Diamonds by Rob Thomas. My favorite food is crabcakes, but my favorite dessert food is chocolate mousse cake. My favorite actors are David Tennant, Martin Freeman, AnnaSophia Robb, Benedict Cumberbatch, and Ann Hathaway. My favorite class is Art, my favorite brand of soda is Coke, and my favorite animal is a long eared jerboa. Hm... What about internet? My favorite website is goodreads, my favorite email site is gmail.

I think that's basically it for now... But I'm gonna try to keep all my entries long since this is the journaling topic. :P

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How long did this take you to write?

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Sammy (IreneAdler) | 194 comments I dunno... 10? 15 minutes?

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Sammy (IreneAdler) | 194 comments And I will write more tomorrow! But I won't be on after 5 probably since I'm going to my friend's house, and I don't think I'll be using goodreads there!

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YAY and AWWW...

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Sammy (IreneAdler) | 194 comments Sorry :(

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Sammy (IreneAdler) | 194 comments Well, my day has turned out to be pretty uneventful so far... I had to go to the orthodontist (YES! I HAVE STUPID BRACES!!) and I thought that I was going to get my braces off. And the ortho guy said that one molar in the back wasn't coming up or something, but sometimes he takes the from braces off just to make people happy. So on the inside I was like "SQUEEEEEE!!!!!!!" but then he said he wasn't gonna do that. Seriously?

So now I'm just sulking at home... But now I'm trying to think of something to draw. Connor wants me draw a picture of him. Um.... I'm not sure how to do that cause I know there's a picture of him in his profile, but I kinda suck at making my picture looking like a particular person.
CONNOR- If this picture ends up horribly, PLEASE don't get mad at me!!! But I'll try :)

I wanna write a lot like I did last time, but I really don't have a lot to say.

OH! I'll write about the converse I'm wearing. Well, these are low-tops, and they're dark poison green with dull white laces. The toe and platform (dunno what it's really called) are supposed to be a cloudy white, but all the dirt and dust have given it more of a worn look. Part of the cloudy white is showing (partly cloudy!) but all the scuffs and dirt are covering it with the color of burnt brown rice. The two little bands that run around the side of the shoe are black at a first glance, but if you look closely, it resembles bitter dark chocolate. The stitching that holds the shoe together is very hard to notice because it's the same dark poison green as the canvas. I guess it's slightly darker than the material, but you can really notice it if you run your finger close to the eyelets. There are little bumpy ridges where the thread travels. The eyelets (where the lace runs through)are silver, but in a rustic metal kind of way. Not very shiny, but definitely can reveal shadows and change of light. Unlike the rest of the parts, they're not very scratched or dirty. Besides being where the laces are, there are two on the inner side of each shoe, to provide a little air when running in them. The tounge of the shoe is almost identical to the main piece of material, although it says ALL STAR near the top in the same chocolatey midnight color as the two bands. and the tounge is a little bend lengthwise from the shoes being laced up too tightly to fit my feet. On the heel there is a scuffed-up rubber label attached that says ALL STAR as well, but a bit of the paint on the word STAR on the right shoe is rubbing off. The back of the shoe at the top near the ankle has little fold marks from where it bends when I run in them. A lot of peoples feet go over the sides of the bottom of converse, but mine don't because the shoes are a size or two too big on me. It's way more comfortable this way because I usually wear them without socks. This also means that they're a pretty long leftover length of lace after I tie them up in the double knot bow, so they end up looking like little droopy, almost soggy looking musty bunnies. The bottoms are almost clean, but the dark chocolate rubber is very dusty from walking countless times through my neighborhood to the bus stop, through metro stations for day trips, the trash filled streets of DC, and the sandy beaches of Ocean City. But as out of shape as they might seem, they are one of my absolute favorite pairs of shoes.

Shoes... that's um... interesting, I guess....

I need help thinking of stuff to write about! Nobody cares about shoes!!! This is the writing group and I actually want to use my thoughts topic for my thoughts, not chatting! So PLEASE! Anyone! Help.


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Very descriptive...I liked that....Ummmm describe the first thing you've ever drawn.....

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Sammy (IreneAdler) | 194 comments How would I know what that is? I'll try...



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Sammy (IreneAdler) | 194 comments I'll write something long later.

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Connor (connork) Sammy wrote: "Now I'm gonna write about the most interesting topic there is- MYSELF!
So, I think I've already told you all the most of what there is to know about me, but I'll say that part again so it's all of..."

SAMUS ARAN IS MY FAVORITE VIDEO GAME CHARACTER!!!!! You probably don't know, but she's from a famous video game called Metroid. :)

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Sammy (IreneAdler) | 194 comments I knew that! :)
...But I've never played it before...

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Connor (connork) IT'S AWESOME!!!! Come to my house tomorrow and I could show you. You only have to pay a few hundred dollars for plane tickets! Uh oh, you can't come tomorrow, that's too short of a notice for the airports. Oh well. Come next week.

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Sammy (IreneAdler) | 194 comments (view spoiler)

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Sammy (IreneAdler) | 194 comments Okay, I see that my What is Sammy Thinking: A Pathetic Diary isn't on the home page anymore, a problem that can easily be solved by updating it.
It seems like I am always at lost with what to write on this, so I'm just gonna do something fun.


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Sammy (IreneAdler) | 194 comments Okay, NOW I have time.

Things You Can Learn From Doctor Who:

1. Bananas are good.

2. Santa's a robot.

3. There is an act of parliament banning Harriet Jones's autobiography.

4. The Doctor is definitely a madman with a box.

5. Bowties are cool.

6. TARDIS stands for Time And Relative Dimension In Space, but it also stands for Tethered Arial Release Developed In Style.

7. The sun is alive.

8. 708 plastic surgeries will turn you into a cranky trampoline.

9. Charles Dickens WAS surrounded by ghosts.

10. If you see a little boy with a gas mask asking for his Mummy, RUN!!!!

11. In the future people are randomly teleported from their homes to participate in deadly game shows in outer space.

12. In the future there is also a New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New York City.

13. Rose is all.... Pink and yellow.

14. The Doctor likes a shop. Not a big shop, just a shop. So people can... shop...

15. Queen Victoria was not amused. Eventually.

16. The Doctor likes his thumb. He is very fond of his... thumb.

17. Rose cannot do a Scottish accent.

18. There is an alien space ship completely designed to stalk a woman from 17th century France.

19. Space travel was specifically designed because the Silence wanted to.

20. The Doctor had a group of stalkers on Earth, but they had fun doing other things... like singing.

21. Hermits united. They get together every 10 years and swap stories about caves.

22. The Doctor will carry the torch for the 2012 London Olympics because the original runner dissapeared when a little girl drew a picture of him.

23. The Doctor read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows before it came out. He cried.

24. Cybermen are better than than Daleks in one respect- They are better at dying.

25. Fezzes are cool.

26. Stetsons are cool.

27. Bunkbeds are cool.

28. Rubbish is cool.

29. Shakespeare was a flirt.

30. The Doctor supplied half of Shakespeare's lines.

31. The traffic of New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New York City becomes really bad eventually. You can drive for 12 years and go 6 miles.

32. Don't blink.

33. Blink and you die.

34. You will be deleted.

35. The Doctor knows the true meaning of Easter. In fact, he was there!

36. A diet pill will turn every American into a tiny group of fat monsters.

37. Many Harry Potter actors come on DW, also. Some characters: Barty Crouch Jr. (the Doctor!!!), Barty Crouch Senior, Moaning Myrtle, Madame Hooch...

38. The Doctor has two hearts.

39. TORCHWOOD- If it's alien, it's ours!

40. The Doctor has a daughter. Her name is Jenny.

41. Agatha Cristie's books will be the most popular for billions of years.

42. Apples are evil.

43. Never let the Doctor eat a pear.

44. They tore down the old sonic factory to make a banana farm.

45. Yogurt is disgusting.

46. Turn left.

47. There is something on your back. SERIOUSLY!!!!

48. "Go to your room!" would be horrible last words.

49. The Doctor and the parallel TORCHWOOD sent the Daleks to Hell.

50. The French really know how to party.

51. Always take a banana to a party.

52. The Doctor used to have a horrible great Aunt with two heads. And bad breath... twice.

53. The TARDIS's real name is Sexy.

54. Captain Jack Harkness is really the Face of Boe, meaning that it is actually BILLIONS of years old. Just don't tell him that.

55. The inhabitants of Raxacoricofallapatorious have very cruel ways of excecution.

56. When Raxacoricofallapatorians are in danger, they can shoot poison darts out their fingers.

57. The Doctor has sen World War Five.

58. Any poison can be cured with ginger beer, salt, protein, and a shock.

59. The Doctor remembers when he was a kid... He was ninety back then.

60. Christmas trees are deadly.

61. Bad Wolf. You'll find it eventually.

62. There's a planet called Barcelona. They have dogs with no noses!

63. There were Daleks during WWII.

64. The alien that crashed in London was not a pig.

65. The Doctor stopped World War Three from happening.

66. The Doctor's fifth incarnation made him the man he is today.

67. You can absorb immense radiation and expell it through the foot, but only if the reciprocal is a red converse shoe.

68. You will be exterminated.

69. Wilfrey tried to defend the earth from Daleks with a paintball gun.

70. Amelia Ponds is a very fairytale name.

71. ALLON-SY!!!!!

72. If you meet a guy called Alonso, you know what to say!

That was fun! I have to admit a few of these were not completely mine, some were from a thingy on Deviantart, but I'm pretty sure most of them are mine. This probably makes no sense to those who haven't seen the show, but I'm sure Taylor and a few others will appreciate the HP part of it.

If you don't like it, WHATEVER!!! It's my journal :)

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Jack | 286 comments I LOVE DOCTOR WHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sammy (IreneAdler) | 194 comments Me too :)

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Sammy (IreneAdler) | 194 comments I see I again need to update this so it still appears on the home page, so I'm gonna make another list of things you can learn from something.



1: Relationships in Dangerous Situations:

Harry Potter Version:

Harry Potter wants to be with Ginny Weasley in the series, but he soon learns as Voldemort grows stronger that he can't be with her because if he finds out who his loved ones are, then they will all be murdered. So he does the right thing and explains to Ginny what is going on and how Voldmort will kill everyone he loves, so he can't let him find out about her. He has to leave Ginny, as much as it breaks his heart :(

Twilight Version:

Edward is being followed by Bella, and she is always with him. He tells her that he's "too dangerous" and he might "accidentally" hurt her because he's hungry. But when Bella wants to stay with him, he lets her... No matter how dangerous it might be for her.


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Sammy (IreneAdler) | 194 comments I don't really feel like continuing this because Twilight is stupid!!!!!

So... Now for Cabin Pressure! I know I've already mentioned this in another group, but I am faced with a dilemma. I bought the second season for it on my iPod, and I have finished 5 out of the 6 episodes. Should I listen to it now? Or save it for later?

For those of you who don't know, Cabin Pressure is a British comedy radio program about the misadventures of four people who fly an airplane called GERTI. And those four people are:

(Copied and pasted from The British Comedy Guide because I am far too lazy to come up with anything myself.)

Martin has wanted to be an airline pilot since he was six, and before that he wanted to be an aeroplane. And now, in his early thirties, he finally sort of is... although as Carolyn points out, MJN Air is not exactly an airline. You cannot put one aircraft in a line. If it's anything, it's an airdot.
But nonetheless, Martin is at last a professional pilot, and a captain to boot, which is one in the eye for all those people who told him he'd never make it: parents, teachers, prospective employers... examiners. No doubt other things like spatial awareness, natural authority, and ability to make decisions under pressure will come in time. For now, the main thing is the desperate struggle to stop passengers mistaking him for a steward, a baggage handler, or the work experience lad.

Douglas Richardson is an effortlessly charming, authoritative, dark-brown voiced smooth old sky god. He's twenty years older than Martin, and spent most of those as a captain for the mighty Air England, before finding himself unexpectedly on the job market after a difference of opinion with Hong Kong customs about whether having seven silk kimonos stitched inside one's jackets indicated one was a smuggler... or simply a lovable eccentric.
Having to sit in the co-pilot's seat, fly drunken city boys to Biarritz, and then hoover the plane afterwards is not how Douglas imagined the last ten years of his career, but with a wife to support, and two different flavours of alimony to pay, he's not in a position to be choosy. And on the bright side, there's Martin to tease, and... well, there's Martin to tease.

Carolyn Knapp-Shappey is at last, at 64, free of her awful husband, pleasingly not free of his private jet, and ready to show the world what she's made of, by running the slickest, most successful, most profitable charter air firm ever seen. And were it not for her crew, plane, and passengers, she would do!
An ex-stewardess, and a woman of formidable energy, formidable competence, and formidable formidableness, she is continually frustrated by the incompetence or irresponsibility of the sort of pilots who are prepared to work for the money she's prepared to pay.

Passenger service is provided by Carolyn's excitable son, Arthur Shappey. Arthur, like Martin, always wanted to a pilot, and, like Martin, was always told by everyone he'd never make it, and so, unlike Martin... he isn't one.
However, his Mum has let him be the steward, and his boundless enthusiasm for his new role is only matched by his boundless enthusiasm for pretty much everything else he ever sees or does. He's particularly delighted to be allowed to serve Martin and Douglas - in his unshakeable opinion the two greatest aviators to take to the skies since Wilbur and Orville.

Yup, those are the awesomeful characters.

WATCH IT. NOW. (or you can just listen to it, which is probably a lot easier than trying to watch a radio program)

(first part of first episode...)

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Sammy (IreneAdler) | 194 comments Hm.... I've been thinking of the job I wanna have when I'm older, and have no clue what I wanna be.

So far my choices are:

-graphic designer

-CIA....person...shhh! Don't tell!

-government secret service?

-pilot...? :/

-interior designer

Um... that's it, for now. I think.

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Jack | 286 comments I want to be...
-A lawyer
-A writer
-An Actor
-A book/anything reviewer
-Trillionaire, then billionaire (I like charity)

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Sammy (IreneAdler) | 194 comments Haha... awesome!

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I m so confused. I thought doctor who was a Guy who could talk t animals!

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Connor (connork) What?

message 40: by [deleted user] (new)

?..... wait, what made you think that?

message 41: by [deleted user] (new)

....... movie trailors

message 42: by Jack (new)

Jack | 286 comments for what?

message 43: by [deleted user] (new)

A movie called doctor who!!!!!! That's what. Sheesh!

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Jack | 286 comments Oh, the one from the 90's?

message 45: by [deleted user] (new)

Idk, just showed a vet talking to animals.

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Sammy (IreneAdler) | 194 comments I think you're talking about Doctor Doolittle. That's a completely different movie! The Doctor is a time traveler.

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Connor (connork) SAMMY???? YOU COMMENTED 47 MINUTES AGO!!!!!! I thought you were gone....

message 48: by [deleted user] (new)

ME TOO!!!! Awesome! And it was doctor Doolittle.... oops...

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Sammy (IreneAdler) | 194 comments Sorry Connor... I just got on 1 more time before I left :P
(I left for a week, came back for 20 hours, and left for another week. I know. It's crazy. But I am 100% back now!)

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