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Thoughts!!! You came back!!! Oh, how i've missed you!!

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☆♪Taylor♪☆ (taybrookeg) | 381 comments Mod

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Well, lets see, my neck still hurt, and it looks like i can't tilt it back to look up at the ceiling without it hurting like muffin chuckers.

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Well, lets see, my neck still hurt, and it looks like i can't tilt it back to look up at the ceiling without it hurting like muffin chuckers.

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Sammy (IreneAdler) | 194 comments Hey, Sami, is it okay if I put your thoughts in the Journaling folder?

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Jack | 286 comments I think too!

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Yeah, put it over there. Or I will at least.

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Welcome to my thoughts!! Wait... Why are you in my head? :O

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6/29/11- the other day I found out that I'm not aloud to tell anyone that its my mom's birthday this upcoming Saturday. Well, what's the fun in that? I don't get to.brag about it, make her cakes, or buy her presents. She claims that she only wants handmade stuff, but let's face it. I'm day to old for that, and it may cut it for my younger brother and sister, but I just want to buy her something. I'm not an artist, so you get my point. Can I at least GE her a card or something. I think I would, but I'd have to get my dad to take me to the store alone, and doing that is like trying to ask him to tear off his own arm, cause he only goes.to the store when he needs to. Myabe I can do something, but really mom?

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☆♪Taylor♪☆ (taybrookeg) | 381 comments Mod
get your mom to take you to the store. then, while she's looking at something, go buy a card, really quick

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Good idea, but she doeajt like me leaving her in the store. Hmphf...

message 13: by Connor (new)

Connor (connork) She wouldn't know that you left the store.

message 14: by Jack (new)

Jack | 286 comments Hmm, I know! Print something of the computer!

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Jack | 286 comments Well, if you don't have anyother option. Make her a card. She won't think it is juvenile. Unless your ego gets in the way of that, she would love and appreciate it. She would probably even say something about how much it means to her and she knows that you are a bit to old for that stuff, that would make her love it more.

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Sammy (IreneAdler) | 194 comments And you could find a simple cake recipie or something. You could even use cake mix if you wanted to! For my mom's b-day I made a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and little chocolate bars around the sides, and then I wrote Happy Birthday Mom on top with blue icing :)

message 18: by Connor (new)

Connor (connork) I can never figure things like that out. I could barely figure out how to make brownies out of a box.

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Sammy (IreneAdler) | 194 comments 1. Preheat oven to required heat.

2. Tear open pouch of mix and empty into bowl.

3. Stir in required amount of eggs, vegetable oil and water.

4. Mix well, stir in extra chocolate chips.

5. Spread out batter evenly into a pan and bake until done.

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Sammy knows!!

I'm watching bones and waiting for Burn Notice to come on. I CANT BELIEVE I MISSED THE SEASON PREMEIR!!!! RAWR!! Dhcjsicieif!

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Sammy (IreneAdler) | 194 comments pgj;sdofigjsdfgrlas;gros;ldjg0derhgakldjgosdhgo

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Connor (connork) Great Scott!!!!! :O

message 23: by Sammy (new)

Sammy (IreneAdler) | 194 comments The Awesome One!! <----Sammy

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What are you guys talking about?

message 25: by Sammy (new)

Sammy (IreneAdler) | 194 comments You started typing random letters after you said RAWR!!! and then I started doing it too. But then for some unknown reason Connor wrote down my title. And then of course I wrote down his but I had to make it clear that I was simply stating that I am the awesome one.

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Connor (connork) Becca's? Who's Becca?

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No one...

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Becca? How'd you get that?

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I've reached a sad new low. Of all the journals here, this was the only one not on the list. What a world...

message 30: by Connor (new)

Connor (connork) What??

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My journal was the only one not showing before I posted. You know like on each folder it says 'showing 5 of 6 topics'? Well mine was the one not showing. As I said, what world...

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Connor (connork) I'm confused and yeah........ tired........ so I don't care.................. sorry.

I played taps in front of about 1 to 2 thousand people today. :)

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Sammy (IreneAdler) | 194 comments You know, that song that is usually played or sung when a flag is being taken down or at a memorial service or whatever?
*Day's done, gone the sun, from the lake to the hills to the sky, safely rest, all is sound, God is nigh.*

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Jack | 286 comments Did you have a recital?

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I'm confused.

message 37: by Connor (new)

Connor (connork) Samino wrote: "Taps?"

*slaps forehead*

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LM | 178 comments o.o

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☆♪Taylor♪☆ (taybrookeg) | 381 comments Mod

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Thanks. I found this on the internet.

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My poor journal is being forgotten again. Don't worry! i'll keep you safe!

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LM | 178 comments lol xD

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((EPic movie moment!!))

I won't let you go in peace, thoughts. I'll raise hell until you're forced to stay with me.

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κίρστεν (Kirsten) (kirsten_j) | 173 comments Mod
Oh, here. I'll help ressurect them. ^^

Taps. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S-Xrlf...
Listen. You've almost undoubtedly heard it before.

If you haven't, then I wonder what mountain you've been living under.... xD

message 46: by Connor (new)

Connor (connork) rofl. :)

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I probably know what it is. I bet I know it. I'm not good with names though.

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κίρστεν (Kirsten) (kirsten_j) | 173 comments Mod
I bet you've heard the tune before. I've always known the tune; didn't always know it was called Taps though.

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same here

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