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Colleen | 432 comments Mod
HI everyone. This Q&A is for Susan Goldsmith author of Abithica Abithica by Susan Goldsmith Please feel free to ask Susan questions here.

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Susan (susan87) | 10 comments Thanks Colleen! This will be fun. Bring it on!!!

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Darby Karchut Okay, I'm going to ask the question everyone wants to ask: will there be a sequel? Because we're all dying to read more about Abithica and Lane. Come on - spill the beans!

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Susan (susan87) | 10 comments Darby! How was the big launch day for GRIFFIN RISING? Congratulations!!! *I'm giving you a long distance hug*

Griffin Rising by Darby Karchut

I have three chapters left to write for the sequel. Then the editing will begin.

The title is going to be ECHONYZA. (I think) The sequel centers on The Legnas, what they are, what they want, and how Abithica is tied to them. Echonyza is a mysterious character who “awakens” to help The Legnas find the missing Sarah Cummings. Like a snowflake, no two people see him the same. He has the ability to be whatever you need him to be. There are huge plot twists that will keep you on your toes, and Lane and Abithica’s love is challenged on the very opening scene in a huge unexpected way.

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Darby Karchut Yes, yes, yes to the sequel! Your teaser has me drooling! And I feel the launch day hug - hugs right back at ya!
Congrats on Abithica being #67 in the Top 200 June Books! Well deserved! :-)

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Susan (susan87) | 10 comments Thanks Darby. By the way, my 10-year-old loved GRIFFIN RISING. She wanted me to ask you when the sequel is coming out.

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