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The Wikkles Family House

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Marcus walked up the path carrying Flora's trunk. He stopped by one of the Aurors. And had a small chat.

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Flora ran to her mother and hugged her tight. "It's alright love I'm here" Her mother said

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((on the bright side, once she gets bored and done with the funeral, she can go back to school. poor paul.))

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((Yeah . That really sucks for Paul though))
Flora didn't cry she had run out of tears. "I know it's good to see you mum" Flora said.

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Flora's mother Monica took Flora to her room and helped her get ready for the funeral. They didn't talked much since her mother could barley talk without crying. Once ready they went down to the Church with her uncle and aunt.

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Joyce ((Who's funeral??))

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((Her fathers))

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Joyce ((OH!!!Srry....))

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((It's ok ))

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Joyce ((Lolz im late))

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((Yeah it happened sort of sudden))

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Kyle | 269 comments ((yeah, di dyou and sunnydarkness plan that or something? that was insane!))

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((Um I thought of her dad dying but not the thing with paul))

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Kyle | 269 comments ((I have to say that you two have skill then, playing of the ideas like that.))

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The proceedings of the funereal went well. Many people came out to morn her father. Even people fr om the ministry where he worked came to give their condolences. Flora was there for her mother helping her as best she could. After the funeral her mother and some close family member went to a restaurant to eat. It was odd not having her father around to lighten the mood.

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After all the family gathering flora went back home and packed her things. Her aunt was going to stay with her mother for a while to help her out. Before she left through the chimney Flora gave her mother one more hug goodbye.

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