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message 1: by Pitchblack (new)

Pitchblack | 44 comments Mod
Just a few questions to think about while you're reading Walkers:

1.) What choices has Aaliyah made that upset you the most?

2.) Who is your favorite and least favorite character?

3.) Does Aaliyah seem a bit selfish and nieve is her quest to find the truth?

4.) Does Nicholas actually love Lasette or is he only out to obtain the ability to Walk in the Sun?

5.) How'd you like the differences in the two races of vampires?

message 2: by Elaine (new)

Elaine | 37 comments 1. Me personally loved the choices she made though I wouldn't have made them myself. Okay the choice to leave NY before finding out who the girl was and if Anthony was really with her I think I would have waited.

2. My favorite character is Mechelle; my least favorite is Chantel, she a B....

3. Well she's just trying to find out who she is but yes she is a bit nieve though, she so focused on uncovering who she is she doesn't see things that are standing right in front of her face. She starts to become selfish and doesn't listen toward the middle of the book but to me within good reason.

4. I believe Nicholas loves Lasette I think he doesn't really realize it until Anthony tries to stake his claim. Though he wants to walk in the sunlight I think he wants to be with Aaliyah too. He knew who Anthony was and he could have killed him but he didn't becuase that would have hurt Aaliyah

5. I thought it was different, I like the new school vampires becuase they have better opportunities and to me it seems more realistic alot of the stories of today really make you think vampires are walking right beside you. But I love how the authors tells the story about about how the walkers came about

In conclusion one of the things I loved most about the book was the story of course but I loved the fact that it is a bit edgier than your average YA I don't think its in that genre but anyway the love scenes in the story sent chills down my spine; very well told. I can't wait till part II. Oh the end does leave you like dang I can't believe this is it.

message 3: by Robin (new)

Robin  G (Browneyes0614) | 17 comments This was a book I read prior to the BOM July however; I want to comment on it. My favorite character is Tyler becuase he plays both sides of the fence and still shacks up with the Aaliyah and becuase he has women graveling at his feet; (Ladies man) also he ends up being the vilian so he made the ultimate play. My least favorite is Anthony becuase he just lets Aaliyah walk all over him. Hopefully in part II he gets his revenge. Aaliyah makes a lot of mistakes I mean she doesn't know her history and anyone who doesn't know their history will make alot of mistakes. Leaving Daron in LA was low; and then again not checking on Denise was another low; yes she is very selfish and quite nieve. Nicholas doesn't love anyone he just want the power to be able to walk in the day time. Loved the difference in the two vamp races. The first few chapters of book II was on the walkers website for a while so I'm waiting for the completion of part II. I heard part II is going to be shorter than part I. Since the author is in this book club what are your thoughts?

message 4: by Nana (new)

Nana | 16 comments Despite the typos which I can definitely get past if the story is interesting which it was.

My favorite character was Daron who seems to be a free spirit; and then I would have to say Derwin because I knew he was there for a reason and can't forget about Mechelle the super vilian in all this; she was unbelievable. If this was to come to the big screen I would definitely like to see how she turns out. Love the fight scene and I would have to agree with Elaine about the sex scene. I many vampire books you read skip over the surface of sex. Its apart of life no one would be here without it. So it was definitely good to read a book that was "edgier".

Yes Aaliyah is definitely selfish! She's my least favorite becuase she doesn't use common sense.

message 5: by Stepp (new)

Stepp (Steppintothis) | 14 comments 1.What upset me the most about Aaliayah is that she tends to be selfish at times. She also seem to be guided by her emotions/feelings at that moment.

2. My favorite character is Anthony because of the boundless love that he has Aaliayah, his children and his family. He show alot of patience. My least favorite is Nicholas because he seen to be the total opposite of Anthony.

3. Inedeed. These characterists seem to be the reseason that she is so over protective on her family.

4.Nicholas has a plan and he intends not to fail. He seek to be a day walker by any means necessary!

5. The Stalkers and The Walkers are at opposite end of the tree. It seem that the Stalker have a plan in action, yet the Walkers must get a grip on reality and protect their blood line!

message 6: by Kyra (new)

Kyra Gates (koolaid) My favorite character is Mechelle for her tenacity; agressive behavior; and her evil demeanor. Secondly Daron becuase yes he is a bit of a free spirit.

There isn't a character I don't like and I think that Aaliyah made those mistakes becuase she was struggling with knowing herself. Yes she is selfish and nieve but that's what makes her her.

I thank you for your comments and I am excited that my book was voted for the first book of the month for the group. I would love to hear from many others, what you liked about the book and what you didn't.

Its my first book so be nice!

message 7: by Pitchblack (new)

Pitchblack | 44 comments Mod
Another question to think about: Which character do you identify with and why?

message 8: by Stepp (new)

Stepp (Steppintothis) | 14 comments Anthony becuase of his devotion to his family and one true love. I'm a family man what can i say.

message 9: by Elaine (new)

Elaine | 37 comments I identify with Denise, she easy going down to earth just like me

message 10: by Ms. Twilight (new)

Ms. Twilight Twilight | 44 comments Mod
I'm behind I see. Well I identify with Kika. I wouldn't say that Aaliyah made bad choices becuase its really about what is she going to learn from the choices that she made. Tyler probably does love Lasette he has too becuase they go way back. Aaliyah isn't selfish or neive she's just lost. I actually like the differences in the vampires and the new race. I'm not really a fan of the monsterous looking ones so this was something different. I think i rated this book a 4

message 11: by Robin (new)

Robin  G (Browneyes0614) | 17 comments I identify with Daron; he reminds me of my little brother; both a hot head and strong mind. Very socialable

message 12: by Pitchblack (new)

Pitchblack | 44 comments Mod
Okay to sum it all up and get ready for the groups 2nd book of the month. First I'm sad that not many took part in the discussion, hopefully we'll have more participation for August. With that being said; Walkers good book; fix the typos though but even best sellers still have editing issues. (Just keeping it real); First off I love the fact that this is more adultsy and it definitely kept me going. Can't wait for book II, so congrats on that. My favorite character was Tyler (I'll leave it at that for those who haven't read it). Tyler is the bad boy seriously and most women tend to fall for the bad boy types; my second favorite character has to be Aaliyah what can I say she gets the best of both worlds something that wasn't pulled off in Twilight (love twilight to death but this was good). I let my boss read it who is definitely not into vampires, witches,and warlocks and he couldn't put it down, I still haven't got my book back. Never loan your books out; a lesson I learned. Least favorite character was Chantel she's just annoying, sorry. Aaliyah is selfish not nieve she's knows what she's doing getting her cake and eating it too. I would have done the same thing! I identify with Aaliyah becuase she's living the life I wish I had and I've made some of the same mistakes too. I loved the two races of vamps something new and different. I like the more modernize vamps but that may not go over well with oldskoolers. Overall good book can't wait to see how the twins turn out and what happened to Tyler. Anthony hopefully will have to fight for Aaliyah.

message 13: by Love (new)

Love hurtswick | 29 comments I have just started reading; so far so good. At this point Aaliyah getting some questions answered and opening up to Anthony. The love triangle is developing. I'll probably be done with this by tomorrow if I don't get interrupted. I know I'm late with the discussion but I just joined the group.

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