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Johanna Frappier Hi, my name is Johanna Frappier and I'm the author of FAIRY CIRCLE. I'm still learning to navigate in goodreads but got a big dose of inspiration today when I saw the "marked to read list" on my book! Thank you all! Friend me on facebook-I'd love to discuss anything with you and keep you notified as to when I release FAIRY THIEF the second in the series...xoxxoxox :D

Shalini Boland This is an awesome book, Johanna! I've nearly finished it and so I'm rationing myself to one chapter a night! Looking forward to the next one in the series.

Johanna Frappier oh god, shalini :D xoxoxox thank you :D !!!

Shalini Boland Just finished :( It was so enjoyable. what am I gonna read now?

Johanna Frappier After I read RAVEN by Suzy Turner, then I have DJINN and DUSAN by Poppet. Need more hours in the day! Thanks again for writing me!!!!!!

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