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Do M/M novels have to be erotic?
Susan Roebuck Susan Jun 28, 2011 03:48AM
I don't think so - and, for me, subtlety is best. Perfect Score is non-explicit yet it's receiving great reviews. What do you think?

Of course they don't HAVE to. I love the explicit m/m parts as well, but if had to choose between too much and too little I would always go for the little (or in this case none). It's nice when it works with the story, but if it's just another sex scene (which repeats itself in slightly altered versions every few pages) I could do without it. I think most people read m/m mainly for the romance aspect of it. (with the erotic stuff as the occasional bonus) I wouldn't want ALL my novels to be non-explicit, but it's good to change it up.

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