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2011 Book of the Month Reads > September: "Ben Hur" by Lew Wallace

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Adrianna (adriannas) | 529 comments Mod
For discussions concerning September's book of the month Ben Hur by Lew Wallace (400 pages).

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Adrianna (adriannas) | 529 comments Mod
It was posted at the Yahoo Cafe Libri Group that this book was being offered for free by Kindle. The message was posted on August 24. I'm not sure if the book is still free, but anyone with a Kindle might check it out.

If you own a Nook, the book is being sold for $3.99.

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Adrianna (adriannas) | 529 comments Mod
There is a free nook book copy of Ben Hur:

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Cari (carikinney) Here are some discussion questions for the September reading selection, Ben-Hur. Feel free to answer all, some or none. You can also use the questions to spark further discussion about the book. Please keep in mind that discussion questions always have the potential to include spoilers.


1. Initially, Ben-Hur is driven by his desire to avenge his sister's and mother's "deaths." What changes Ben-Hur's perspective on vengeance? What does the Bible say about revenge?

2. What turns the friendly relationship between Ben-Hur and Messala into a bitter rivalry? Have you ever struggled with a friend because one (or both) of you developed a new belief system? How did you handle this?

3. What did Ben-Hur believe about Christ and His purpose? What event makes him believe otherwise?

4. Why doesn't Amrah, a former servant of the Hur family, tell Ben-Hur when she discovers that his mother and sister are alive? What makes her change her mind?

5. What happens to Messala in the end?

6. What makes Arrius interested in Ben-Hur?

7. What lessons can we learn from the way Ben-Hur acted, even as a prisoner?

8. How is life in the Grove of Daphne like life in America?

9. Do you see any behaviors or ways of thinking that seem similar?

10. What do you think of Wallace's account of the Crucifixion? How is this account different to or the same as the way you have heard it before?

message 5: by Catherine (new)

Catherine  Mustread (cuiblemorgan) | 50 comments I found Ben-Hur more of a religious read than I had bargained for, although the subtitle, A Tale of the Christ should have been a clue, and way too much description to keep it moving with any speed at all. I read this in short doses, and like the movie (which I saw WAY long ago), the chariot scene was the most exciting part. I had forgotten about all the connections with Christ and the emotional impact of the crucifixion part. I found this, like the Bible, mostly boring, with some exciting and emotionally powerful parts.

Interesting to learn that the author was the governor of the New Mexico Territory in the 1800s and wondered if the camels in the NM/AZ desert might have prompted his interest in writing this book.

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