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Fiamata | 5811 comments Mod

MALLORY *ROX EVERYONES SOX* (awesome_1) Harlie walked inside the school and saw all the boys looking at her. She giggled and waved.

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DestinysMaster Ai snuck into the school from around back, trying to avoid all the bullies

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Chase (dekunut) | 1246 comments Tennor wandered back inti the halls of the high school, looking for all his old friends.

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Eve walked in quietly, she noticed she got a few hateful glares from the popular people and smiled.

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Chase (dekunut) | 1246 comments Tennor noticed Eve and walked over, "Haven't seen you in a couple months," he said.
(And MCR... Sign up and yes.)

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"yeah" said eve smiling up at tennor "how have you been"

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Chase (dekunut) | 1246 comments "Bored," Tennor answered, "Hey, can I check if we have any classes together?" he held out his schedule.

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"sure" smiled eve handing out her schedule "Hope we do, be nice not to be a total loner in class" eve laughed.

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Chase (dekunut) | 1246 comments Tennor checked, "Looks like we have 4th period math together," he said, passong the paper back to her, "I've gotta get to class," he said, "Wanna talk more during lunch?"

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"sure" eve said, just then the bell rang "oh crap i gotta go to class, see you at lunch" eve ran off to her first period class.

message 13: by Chase (new)

Chase (dekunut) | 1246 comments Tennor did so as well. On to biology!
Tennor walked into the caffeteria, looking for Eve, "Where are ya?"

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eve walked into the cafferteria, she heard a few idiotic girls ;aughing at her but chose to ignore it. she smiled at tennor as soon as she saw him "hey sorry im late"she said "class got kept back"

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Chase (dekunut) | 1246 comments Tennor nodded, smiling, "First day... you can never tell with them," he shook his head, "You wanna go off campus or stay on for lunch?"

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"whatever" saod eve "food off campus is better then the crap they serve here, honestly sometimes i litarly think its shit" eve laughed "maths next isnt it, dont care if im late for that maths is to easy for me"

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Chase (dekunut) | 1246 comments Tennor laughed, "That it is," he opened the door for her, "Where would you like to go?"

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"somewhere with at least half decent food" said eve as she walked out the building "so in others words, pretty much anywhere else" eve laughed.

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Chase (dekunut) | 1246 comments Tennor smiled, "KFC?" he asked, "I could go for some chickn right now. What do you think?"

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"awesome" said eve, grabbing tennors hand and runing to KFC, she orderd enough chicken, chips and potato and gravy for them both.

message 21: by Chase (new)

Chase (dekunut) | 1246 comments Tennor ordered a buiscuit as well and payed before sitting across from Eve with the food, "Chow down, Eve," he said, "But save some for me please."

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"of corse i wont" eve said laughing. she handed him his share of chicken and chips and stuff.

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Chase (dekunut) | 1246 comments Tennor smiled and accepted his food, eating slowly and thoughtfully. Soon he checked his watch, "How time has flown," he said, eating faster, "We're almost out of time!"

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"well were going to be late" she said "better hurry" she grabbed his hand and ran, dragging him along with her until they were at the shcool and in class

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Chase (dekunut) | 1246 comments Tennor blushed when she grabbed his hand. He'd been crushing on Eve for years... not like he'd told anyone.
When they reached class, Tennor took a seat near the back, motioning for Eve to sit next to him.

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eve sat down next to tennor "about time you two joined us" said the teacher, eve just sighed and said "tennor may need help but im to smart for the class, i mean how many times have i proven you wrong sir" the teacher glared at her.

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Chase (dekunut) | 1246 comments Tennor laughed, "I kept track. Let's see... quadratic equations, relativity of pi, that picture from the Christmas Dance..." he shut up when the teacher dug into hid desk.

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eve shut up and started doing her work, as well as passing notes to tennor "crazy evil teacher" she wrote.

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Chase (dekunut) | 1246 comments Tennor answered back, "let's find a good way to humiliate him."

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eve giggled 'that would be great" she wrote 'but how'

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Chase (dekunut) | 1246 comments Tennor responded by passing her an envelope that said, "Danger."
Inside was a picture of the teacher, drunk and shirtlss, at the Christmas Party.
"Don't ask why I keep this around," Tennor said.

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"well i wanna know" eve said smiling "you screatly gay for the teacher" she laughed.

message 33: by Chase (new)

Chase (dekunut) | 1246 comments "NO!" Tennor said, "I'm gonna use it to get a good grade... but this is tii good to resist."

message 34: by [deleted user] (new)

"pass it here, ill copy it and post it around the school" eve took the photo and put it in her pocket "what are you two talking about" came the teachers booming voice "nothing sir" quickly replied grave. when the bell rang "im going to the libary to use the photo copier, thank god for free periods" then she ran off.

message 35: by Chase (new)

Chase (dekunut) | 1246 comments Tennor smiled and moved on to his next class.
This teacher was going down.

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Grave used the photo copier to make a hundred copies, which she also enlarged. She then walked around the school posting copies up on lockers and walls and any surface she could find. She waited until the bell rang smiling. As the kids came put laughter filled the hallway and there was one seriously angry teacher.

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Chase (dekunut) | 1246 comments Tennor walked by and picked up some pictures, sure to put three on said teacher's door. He retunrned to Eve when he was out, "I think we did well, Eve," he said, smiling at her.

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"yes we did" eve said smiling "revenge is like chocolate, you may want to have a little bit but you always end up having a lot"

message 39: by Chase (new)

Chase (dekunut) | 1246 comments Tennor, for no particular reason, reached for Eve's hand, but stopped himself, "What am I doing?" eh asked himself, "What if she doens't..."

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Eve was smiling at her handiwork when the principle showed up "eve, tennor" he said "my office now" all eve could think was 'oh crap' as she walked to the principals office besides tennor.

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Chase (dekunut) | 1246 comments Tennor knew tht now would be better han aby other time and brushed his hand against, Eve's, hopin she understood it.

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Eve barely noticed tennor brush his hand against hers, when they got to the principals office they sat down across from his desk, there maths teacher was standing next to the principal. "mr heck says that you pulled this little prank" said the principal.
"do you have any proof"
"you weren't in class and were seen using the photocopier" said mr hack
"if you check my schedule you will see I have a free, and I was photocopying stuff for tennor, try finding proof other then circumstantial evidence"
"eve is right" said the principal
"they were plotting it in class" said mr heck
"we were discussion our work" said eve.

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Mae sat in her history class gratefull he didnt have this class wit hher. She folded her arms across her chest and leaned back in her seat.

Chance was in photography working on arranging his collage assignment. He had focused on using black and white pictures from his sister's dance recitle.

Bored with how easy the assignment was in his physics class Liam leaned back in his seat and stared off int othe distance.

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•EM• Indi made her way slowly to the main office, she needed to be given her books and her time table. Being a new student at a school was always tought for her, she never felt right being there.

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Eve was happy when they got off with no punishment "crap I'm late for history" she said to tennor "I'll see you later" she said running off to history. The only seat left was next to a girl who she thought was named Mae or somthing like that "sorry I'm late sir" she said as she hurried down to sit next to the girl.

(finally someone else has joined ^_^ hope you don't mind me jumping in with your charter lol)

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•EM• ((lol heya too..))

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((lol its fine))

Mae glanced over at Eve for a moment before looking forward again. She avoided looking at one place to long, Duke always seemed to notice and always seemed to question her about it.

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Eve thought that Mae looked to tense "you alright" she asked "you need help with the work no need to stress I can help" eve smiled kindly at her.

(hey elec ^_^)

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•EM• ((hey..))

Indi got her books, she looked at her time table and walked towards her History class.

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"It's fine," Mae said she flashed a brief smile.

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