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▕ ▋ ♛ ▍Marisa  (VergeOfInsanity) You don't sound nearly as stalkerish as Usui...

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▕ ▋ ♛ ▍Marisa  (VergeOfInsanity) *Looks at Carter and backs away slowly...* Well that explains the picture...

▕ ▋ ♛ ▍Marisa  (VergeOfInsanity) *continues to back away...*

Matthew Pepper will join any group you invite him to... he just won't RP... or post... or do anything for that matter...

▕ ▋ ♛ ▍Marisa  (VergeOfInsanity) *eventually hides behind a bush...*

... Sometimes I have to post MATTHEW PEPPER I KNOW YOU ARE SO RP NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! to get him to respond in some groups cuz he will be on for hours and totally ignore a group.

♬♥★Isabelle♥★♬ (lawls) | 319 comments Well im more of a konata type of person so hola my name is isabelle i go by belle or iz take your choice

♬♥★Isabelle♥★♬ (lawls) | 319 comments yup i cosplayed as her at Akon and i got to see a guy cossdress as kagami in cheerleading uniform

♬♥★Isabelle♥★♬ (lawls) | 319 comments lol i have my own laptop and my mom know i dont wake up till 12 pm so im safe lol

♬♥★Isabelle♥★♬ (lawls) | 319 comments lol lucky i want a dog so badly but when i do my dad always "accidently" forgets to shut the gate

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คгเค  (fanfiction-green) HEY!

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คгเค  (fanfiction-green) HELLO!!!! XD

I have two dogs. They're too lazy to escape, even when the gate's wide open.

♬♥★Isabelle♥★♬ (lawls) | 319 comments my laptops a fail

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คгเค  (fanfiction-green) Mine definitely is...

♬♥★Isabelle♥★♬ (lawls) | 319 comments lol mine is 3 years old

♬♥★Isabelle♥★♬ (lawls) | 319 comments lol same here

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คгเค  (fanfiction-green) Mine's just really annoying

♬♥★Isabelle♥★♬ (lawls) | 319 comments lol mine used to be my dads till he got a new one and dumped this on me

♬♥★Isabelle♥★♬ (lawls) | 319 comments hahaha thats how i got my ipod, then my lil bro got ipad for his bday, i get his original ipod touch and my sis gets my newer version of the ipod

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คгเค  (fanfiction-green) I got the newer version for my bday.

♬♥★Isabelle♥★♬ (lawls) | 319 comments :b i feel cheated lol

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คгเค  (fanfiction-green) Announcement:

Alright guys, as of tomorrow (29/06) I'm gonna be gone for a week at the beach, so I won't really be on... I might be able to get on a coupla times if I can take my iPod though...

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คгเค  (fanfiction-green) Lol! I don't know if I will, seeing as it's winter here... The water'll be freezing! >.<

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คгเค  (fanfiction-green) Haha!

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คгเค  (fanfiction-green) HEY!

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Matthew Peper (seathethescaleless) | 230 comments hey

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Good, hey Matthew!

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Natalie Fallenfeather (Aria) wrote: "Lol! I don't know if I will, seeing as it's winter here... The water'll be freezing! >.<"

It's winter where you live?!?! NO fair!!

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Professor M (kratoskicksass) Hello...

thats about as brief as it gets...according to me.

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Natalie hey

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hey im Farah. U can call me fa if ya wanna :)

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◄○♦☻♦○►[faith.in.God]◘♪♪ | 1 comments oh hey.. thanks for the invite

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Sodapop (froggy101) Hey guys thanx for the in. So hey Kitty do we call carter well carter on this?

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Sodapop (froggy101) Hi there C. Im calling u that bc it is too hard for me to think of u as carter

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Sodapop (froggy101) Hi Kitty

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Sodapop (froggy101) Hey kitty i have a q can u give an a?
The q is why dont u have a charries

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Carter, I have a question. You've been to an anime con before, correct?

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Okay, I was planning to go to Youmacon as Momiji, from Fruits Basket. (yes. He is a boy. But I can pull it off. trust me.) But, now, after falling in love with X-Men, I want to go as Rogue. The problem is, I don't want to dress up as the comic book Rogue (She looks messed up.), and I want to go as the movie Rogue. I just want to know if people would be very critical, seeing as some Comic book freaks obsess over that stuff.

So, would I be able to go as Rogue, without people yelling at me?

♬♥★Isabelle♥★♬ (lawls) | 319 comments Silverstream/THE X-MEN FREAK! wrote: "Okay, I was planning to go to Youmacon as Momiji, from Fruits Basket. (yes. He is a boy. But I can pull it off. trust me.) But, now, after falling in love with X-Men, I want to go as Rogue. The pro..."

Ehhh not unless they're to die hard fans but i think itd be okay for you to cosplay a movie rogue

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I'm still kinda scared. I don't think I have the self-esteem to....I'll try. My brother's friend has been to Youmacon in the past, so I'm going to have him ask her through, "THE POWER OF FACEBOOK".

♬♥★Isabelle♥★♬ (lawls) | 319 comments Lol well i went as Konata at A-Kon in dallas and i got approached by people >.< and hugged by strangers It was the best day EVAH!!!!! lol :D

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I think I might be okay as Rogue. Thank you so much for the input! I'm actually a little scared for the con. Grown men in spandex...*shivers* But I'm sure I'll love it.

♬♥★Isabelle♥★♬ (lawls) | 319 comments lol it'll be fine and fun

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I've decided what I ought to do! I googled Rogue cosplayers, and I'm probably going to do the movie Rogue hair (the comic one is like, weird looking. Its really messed up, google it) and then, try and do the X-Men suit from the comic. Its not a full body picture, but hopefully it will look like this:


Kiwi's Hero is Sydney Davies ❤ (sarahkiwi) Hey guysss! I'm good with one on ones, and call me Sarah or kiwi...

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Kaylee~  (sincerelyu) ello, i am kaylee!

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Hey, I'm Myst, I'm new XD

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HEY WORLD I LOVE CELERRYYYY!!! Im in that random mood right now when i wanna say random stuff... ;)

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