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message 2: by Zachman (new)

Zachman | 5136 comments As he walked down the city streets, Zach saw a man getting mugged. He walked up behind the mugger, placed his hands over the muggers ears. The mugger screamed and dropped to the ground, blood coming out of his ears. Zach helped the man up and walked off.

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klutzygirl Laurie was up on the roof tops watching. She had been hired to watch Sanus, the new guy. He hadn't gotten in the way of any majore crime lords yet but he was on her radar and possibly soon on her hit list. It was late in the day. The sun was just starting to cast an orange glow and dip behind the sky scrapers. Soon they'd be cast into total darkness with only the street lights to elluminate their way. "And those can easily be taken care of" she smirked. Her hair was tied back and she woar no mask though it was in her pocket, ready to be thrown on if needed. At the moment she was going more for a casual look, nothing to gain attention from her target and any people around. From what she had seen so far he was a genuine do gooder with not hidden agenda. Boring. She yawned and waited for something interesting to pop up so she could report it back to the current boss.

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Zachman | 5136 comments Zach heard the sirens, even though they were at least 9 blocks away. He tossed on his glasses and flipped up the hood on his hoodie and took off running. He came upon the sirens quickly, thanks to two years on the track team. There were at least eight cop cars, and two S.W.A.T. vans surrounding the grocery store. He asked someone what was going on.
"Hostage situation. The bad guys are in one of the storage rooms, threatening to kill unless the cops release 5 gang members and give them a million bucks" a man said. That was all he needed to know. Zach dashed inside.

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klutzygirl Laurie rolled her eyes. She sat on the edge of a nearby building, idly swing her legs hundred's of feet of the ground and watching. "He hasn't developed a reputation yet" she frowned. "You cant just go running into criminal situation ready to save the day idiot" The swat team was left wondering what to make of the man who just ran through all barriers. To them he wasn't a hero, just someone who might get in the way. "If he's lucky they wont arrest him when he's done"

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Zachman | 5136 comments Sanus wasn't sure which way the store rooms were, but he would find them. He turned a corner and came across two guards. 'Please don't spot me' he thought. And of course they did. They opened fire on him with automatic pistols. He swore to himself, stood up as soon as the firing stopped and blasted them with a sound blast! The criminals dropped to the floor blood coming from their ears. He walked over their bodies, not sure of whether they were dead or not. He found the store rooms, along with 10 other men. He wasn't sure what to do. He was kind of tired from using two sound blasts and running nine blocks. In the end he decided to use another one anyways since he still had some strength left.
"Cover your ears" he shouted at the hostages, right before unleashing a sound blast strong enough to knock out all of the bad guys in the room. The sound was strong enough to knock down almost all the shelves in the room. Luckily he was able to absorb most of the left over sound before the hostages uncovered their ears. He walked over to the group of hostages, and that's when he heard it. A menacing click then a burst of bullet fire. Thank goodness he had super hearing. He ducked down then grabbed a gun from one of the downed men, then fired back killing the man. He asked if everyone was alright, and they were except a woman who had gotten hit by one of the last man's bullets. He dashed out as fast as he could so no one saw his face. Before he left, someone asked him his name.
"Sanus" he responded and took off out of the building running past the police.

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klutzygirl Laurie smirked. "This did just get a lot more interesting" He wasn't afraid to kill if needed and didnt stick around long after he saved the day. "whats his motive..." she tapped her chin, wondering what started it all. He had literally appeared over night and as word spread about the man who could make you bleed from your ears the men controlling the crime of the city were getting a bit concerned. Just the idea of someone encroaching on their territory was enough to put them on edge.

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Zachman | 5136 comments It was night now and Zach was feeling kinda hungry. He decided to have some Chinese then go home and go to bed. He was pretty proud of himself right now. He had just saved over fifty people from getting brutally murder! And on top of that he did one of the biggest sound blasts of his life! 'Man, moving to the city was a great idea' he thought. He just hoped that bad would happen to him while he is fighting crime. Or worse his family and friends.

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klutzygirl Laurie followed him for a bit and then took off to report the latest news about the city's newest wannabe hero.

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Zachman | 5136 comments A week has gone by since the grocery store incident, and Sanus was going strong! He would stop every time he saw a mugging, a drug trade, or any other crime. He felt something was wrong though. Like someone was watching him. He knew no one could know who he really was since he wore his glasses and hood all the time, but still something was off.

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klutzygirl Laurie was just another face in the crowd but she was ever present. She bore the bruises of her previous encounter with the villians who were paying her to watch him. They werent pleased with Sanus's new found confidence in his crime fighting abilities so they took it out on her. Of course she had hit back, but they were paying her. She couldnt tick them off too much.

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Zachman | 5136 comments Of the thousands of people on the streets that day, one person stood out. She was always there, following him, looking away when he looked at her. even when he walked twenty blocks, she was still there. That worried him. A lot. He wasn't sure whether to go up to her or to keep his distance. He decided he might draw her closer then talk to her, so he went into a cafe and hid behind a wall.

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klutzygirl Laurie entered a few minutes later. She ordered a cup of coffee to keep up appearances and scanned the place, knowing her target was somewhere within the building.

message 14: by Zachman (new)

Zachman | 5136 comments There! He walked right up to the girl with the long blond hair.
"What are you doing following me?"

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klutzygirl "Just checking out Empire City's newest hero" she smirked. "Honestly I dont see why people are getting so worked up. I dont see much of a threat" she taunted.

message 16: by Zachman (new)

Zachman | 5136 comments "I'm no hero. Just a regular guy" He said trying not to give himself away. How did she know who he was?

message 17: by klutzygirl (new)

klutzygirl "Regular,really?" she said, raising an eyebrow. "I wouldn't call someone who can manipulate sound waves regular"

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Zachman | 5136 comments "I don't know what your talking about" he said trying to keep up the act. How did she know about his powers?

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klutzygirl "Sure you do. You might want to try a little harder in developing a secret identity" with that she left the cafe. There was no more need to follow him. The job was done but the likelihood of her being paid to take him out was another thing entirely.

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Zachman | 5136 comments "Hey wait" Zach called after her. Who was she? What did she want? How did she know who she was?!

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klutzygirl She gave him one last look before completely disappearing into the crowd of people.

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Zachman | 5136 comments What just happened? He was in deep now if people are after him. He would have to be more careful. He went back to his family's apartment, tired of being chased all day.

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klutzygirl She went off to one of her many hideaways in the city and waited to get the message to take him out.

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Zachman | 5136 comments When Zach got home he went to talk to his sister, Mary. She was a year younger than he and they grew up very close to each other, and she was the only one who knew about his powers. He told her about his day except the part about the stalker girl, because he didn't want her to worry. After talking with her he went to bed listening to some nice, loud music.

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klutzygirl Laurie wasn't surprised when her phone rang late at night. She had been partially right. Her next job concerned him but instead of finishing me off, her target was his sister.

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Zachman | 5136 comments Today Zach decided to take a break and go hang out with his friends. He was going to invite his sister but she had plans of her own. He didn't have many friends yet since he had only been in the city a weeks, but the friends he did have were into all the same stuff. He felt safer as group, especially considering the previous days encounter.

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klutzygirl This time Laurie was following his sister. She was far less observant than her older brother. "too easy" she smirked, waiting for a moment to get the girl alone.

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Zachman | 5136 comments When Zach came back his sister was still gone. 'She must have stayed over at a friends house or something' he thought. He turned in earlier that night still tired from the day before.

message 29: by klutzygirl (new)

klutzygirl Laurie had bagged the sister hours ago. She was currently duct taped to a chair, a single light hanging over her head. It was a scene right out of a movie Laurie thought, glancing over at the frightened girl right before grabbing a phone and calling the brother. She waited, counting the rings until he picked up.

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Zachman | 5136 comments "Hello" Zach answered his phone. He wondered who could be calling so late at night?

message 31: by klutzygirl (new)

klutzygirl "I've got your sister." there, that was it. No cryptic messages, just blunt details. She waited for him to respond. The sister looked on from the chair she was fastened to. Laurie looked over, smirking at her and revealing nothing.

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Zachman | 5136 comments "Who is this" he asked, wondering if it was the creepy stalker he saw the other day.

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klutzygirl "Im suprised you dont know already just from the sound of my voice. And you claim to hold power over sound" she taunted. "It's me you dimwit, the girl from before"

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Zachman | 5136 comments "What do you want? Money? Is that it" he asked, very afraid now.

message 35: by klutzygirl (new)

klutzygirl "Just for you to back off" she said cheerily. "Cut this crime fighter crap, you're just an annoyance. Promise to do so and I'll happily allow you to retrieve your sister."

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Zachman | 5136 comments "Fine, just give me my sister back" Zach demanded.

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klutzygirl "Not so fast" she chuckled. "If this little hero charade continues just know, next time I might be paid to do more than just kidnap her" she gave him the address of where he'd find his sister and left the building. By the time he got there she'd be long gone.

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Zachman | 5136 comments Zach rushed to the building where his sister was being kept and set her free. He untied his sister, made sure she was ok, and went home.

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Rose saw Zach walking back home with his little sister that evening. She was staying in the city for two weeks with her friend this summer and had been many times before. She knew all of the neighbors, so it had been surprising when she had arrived yesterday and seen a new face in the building and on her friend's floor. Rose quickly said hello and introduced herself, asking if he was new. He had replied yes and showed her his little sister and his parents. Nice kid. It was weird though, Rose thought, I thought I only saw Zach leave. She shrugged and went back to fixing herself a bowl of cheese doodles.

message 40: by Zachman (new)

Zachman | 5136 comments ((Hey Isabelle will you be on later tonight?))

message 41: by klutzygirl (new)

klutzygirl Laurie waited awhile before calling the guys who had hired her. She didnt know exactly who they were, just that they were high up on the city crime food chain. "Hey doll, how'd it go" a gruff voice answered on the first ring. Laurie tried to remember who it was. "Either evil guy with mustache or evil guy with bald head and prison tattoos" she thought. "Sanus already picked up the sister. Not sure if he'll stop this little crime fighting stint." she replied, listening to the soft sound of cigarette smoke being inhaled and exhaled on the other light. "you know how these little heroes are, just cant stay away" The conversation lost all pleasantries. "Well its your job to make sure this charade ends. If this continues...sanus won't be the only one on Big Boss's list" Laurie rolled her eyes. "yea yea, Im not one of your goonies. You paid me to do a job and I did it, no threats needed" She hung up, scowling softly.

message 42: by Zachman (new)

Zachman | 5136 comments Kimbley was getting bored. He hasn't had a job in forever. He was starting to wonder if Big Boss had lost interest in his abilities. And then the phone rang. It was Big Boss.

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klutzygirl Laurie crushed the phone in her fist, enjoying the feeling of electricity being drained from the device. She hated working for whoever Big Boss was.

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Zachman | 5136 comments Zach walked down the streets, like he did everyday. He liked to walk. He noticed a woman's purse being stolen. He thought 'I could stop this, but then endanger my sister, but if I don't do something what kind of person would I be'. He decided against his instincts. He brought his fist around and hit the person in the face, right as he passed by. He grabbed the purse and gave it back to the woman. He hoped this incident wouldn't be something he would regret.

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klutzygirl Laurie sighed and decided to go out. She needed to get away from the darker parts of the city, it was suffocating.

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Zachman | 5136 comments Kimbley watched as the boy punched the purse snatcher. Nothing serious, just stopping a petty thief. But if the kid stopped one of Big Boss's drug trades or robberies, Kimbley would be forced to act. And then of course there was the matter of "taking car of" miss Laurie.

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klutzygirl Laurie ended up on the same street as Kimbley and Zack. She didnt notice either of them, and if she was lucky neither would notice her.

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Zachman | 5136 comments Zach saw her. The same girl who kidnapped his sister. He wasn't sure what to do. Should he get revenge? Should he keep his distance? He didn't know.

message 49: by klutzygirl (new)

klutzygirl Laurie stopped for a moment, sure somebody was watching her.

message 50: by Zachman (new)

Zachman | 5136 comments Kimbley noticed the girl. Oh what luck! He would get to hurt someone today! While he was at it he might as well take out the boy. He wasn't told to but the boss would probably be ok with it. The only problem was, which one to attack first?

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