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Good or Bad:

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Zachman | 5136 comments Name:Zach A.K.A Sanus



Good or Bad: Good

Looks: Reddish-brown hair, blue eyes, tall, kind of scrawny, but not a shrimp.

Costume: Whatever he's wearing.

Personality: Kind, outgoing, serious at times, will help when needed or when he sees trouble.

Power: Sound

Other: Is always listening to something.

(( P.S. This is my first roleplay.))

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Fiamata | 5811 comments Mod

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klutzygirl Name: Laurie (goes by no other name)
Age: 16
Gender: female
Good or Bad: good, bad...whatever strikes her at the moment and depends on the person paying her to get a job done
Looks: long blonde hair, green eyes, average height and slender, rarely smiles
Costume: a black mask and dark, almost always black clothing unless she's not on the job
Personality: Calm and collected, serious, is just as likely to save a person as to watch them be harmed, is fickle about relationships and her loyalty can only be bought with money
Power: Gifted fighter though that is more of a skill than and actual power, can control and emanate electricity
Other: Works for hire or personal gain with no care as to who is paying her and why, has a soft spot for kids

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Name: Rose de Bellis
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Good or Bad: Good
Looks: 5' 7" with brown frizzy hair, athletic, no core or upper body strength though, lots of freckles, brown eyes
Costume: Whatever she is wearing at the time, she is trying to find a fire proof suit for her to use
Personality: She's rather naive, and always tries to be nice. She's very intelligent, and doesn't like to be talked down to. Loves joking around.
Power: She can create an energy field with her hands that can be turned into a ball of energy, a force field, or (with enough concentration) a ball of fire. She can fly (with even more concentration) by sort of surrounding herself with this field and use telekinesis (which gives her a pounding headache) by surrounding an object mentally with her field.
Other: She can barely make a tiny energy ball yet and the force field she makes is only big enough to cover her face, so she is not very powerful at all yet. She spends most of her time trying to improve her skills.

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Zachman | 5136 comments Name: James Kimbley

Age: 26

Good or Bad: Bad, really, really Bad.

Looks: http://www.google.com/search?q=Soff+J...

Costume: The white suit

Personality: Sadistic, happy.

Power: The ability to cause people any kind of pain within a 100 foot radius.

Other: Works for the Big Boss.

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Domuyrr Name: Alanna
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Good or Bad: She fights for good causes. It just depends on how you propose an offer to her.
Looks: Dark blond, with pale features and plump, peach colored lips. She is thin, but not skinny. She is curvy, but not very. She could be a model if she wanted. She never wares makeup, and her hair is always loose. She likes wearing frilly blouses and skinny jeans. She loves fashion, even if she doesn't always follow the style.
Costume: She wears a ninja like costume, with no eye holes or anything, just solid black.
Personality: She will follow her heart on all matters from killing people to what dress to wear to the next dance. She doesn't care what other people think. She is strong enough to defy anyone in the city, and knows it.
Power: Walls mean nothing to her. Gravity doesn't either. She can float, walk through walls, etc. Her power is basically nothing effects her physically. But if you can get something emotional on her, she is yours.
Other: n/a

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Chase (dekunut) | 1246 comments Name: Alwin Tennings; when in costume is nameless and silent.
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Good or Bad: Whatever is best for him.
Looks: Black
Costume: Black ninja outfit, outfitted with a joy-buzzer like part of the hand that can collapse an opponent.
Personality: OoC (out-of-costume) is a nice guy, though a bit of a nerd. IC (In-Costume) he rarely talks, but has a dark aura about him.
Power: None, though he is a mechanical genius and uses that to his advantage.
Other: N/A

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Name: Mia Morris
Age: 18
Gender: F
Good or Bad: Double, she's good but she goes to the badside everyonce and a while to have an inside ear.
Looks: Usually - [image error]
'super self' - description
Costume: A white body suit, white gloves, white slippersih shoes and a white head band to pull back her hair, white mask covering half her face (forehead to lips).
Personality: Rude, dark, morbid most of the time. She can be a sweet and funny person and very protective but that side of her is rare.
Power: She can change her appearence - hair color eye color, skin color, smile anything about her physical appearence. She can change her height by a few inches either way. If she really wants ot she can make herself look like a guy in most ways but not below the belt.
Other: Graduated highschool a year ago and hasnt been back home since. She lives in a small aprtment by herself with her pet turtle named tank and old dalmation named Zebra. (She pretty much stole the dog from her parents).

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Name: Ian
Age: 20-21 range
Gender: M
Good or Bad: Bad
Looks: description
Costume: No one really knows, he usually isnt seen. But when he is it is a light blue thing, not really spandex but not really loose
Personality: Mysterious, dark, smart, cunning, sly. Doesnt get close to people emotionally.
Power: He can turn invisible.
Other: You will see.

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Cat (coffeecat19) Name: Flower Child
Age: 17
Gender: F
Good or Bad: Bad, soon to be good.
Looks: http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4016/4...

Costume: None
Personality: Mean, soon to be nice
Power: Can kill flowers and other living things with a stare(Not humans, she can only harm them)
Other: N/A

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