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Heaven or HELL? | 12 comments So, what should we do it about?

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Um, should we do it kinda like witch and wizard? Like sister and brother?

Heaven or HELL? | 12 comments Good idea! You can make your charrie first.

((FWI won't be on for a while))

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Name: Ashton
Age: 17
Personality: Strong, tought, nice, protective
appearence: http://www.google.co.kr/imgres?imgurl...
Power: Fire

Heaven or HELL? | 12 comments Name: Amber
Age: 11
Personality: fierce, tough, funny, dangerous, risky
Appearence: http://www.google.co.kr/imgres?imgurl...
Power: Water

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Ashton woke up to the sounds of people marching and shouting. He opened his window and took a peek outside. His eyes almost popped out as he saw 1,285 people marching down the street."What the H$#l?!"

Heaven or HELL? | 12 comments Amber yawned and sleepily got up. Amber peeked out window and said "what the H#@!$%^&!!!

Heaven or HELL? | 12 comments "what are they doing" she mumbled "whatever they're doing, thery're pretty loud" she said sleepily. she fell back on her bed and stared at the ceiling for a while, until she heard her alarm clock ring. she got up in suprise, washed, and got dressed.

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Heaven or HELL? | 12 comments ((ainonniyo, this is fun.I get y your addicted to it aineener))

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Heaven or HELL? | 12 comments G2G

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Ashton rushed into Amber's room."Amber! Are you okay? Where's mom and dad?" he searched franticly

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Heaven or HELL? | 12 comments "what they're gone!" she said."I think the marching people took them!!!" she said panicing."oh no, what do we do!go save them, if we save them it's going to be to late right now."

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"Man, chill. Don't panic, cause that'll only make things worse!" Ashton said and pulled at his hair.

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