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message 1: by drew (new)

drew (drewbeck) The Hogwarts kitchens are located directly below the Great Hall and are just the same size. They have high ceilings and a great brick fireplace at one end. Mounds of brass pots and pans are heaped around the walls. There are preparation tables directly below the four house tables in the Hall above, and when the time comes for the food to be served, it is magically transported through the ceiling of the kitchen onto the plates. The kitchens are staffed by over a hundred house-elves. To get to the kitchens, take the door to the right of the main staircase in the entrance hall. Follow the corridor until you come to a painting of a bowl of fruit. Tickle the pear and it giggles and becomes a door handle.

message 2: by [deleted user] (new)

Bailey went and grabbed an apple. "Ugh, is there any good food here?"

message 3: by tallfubar (new)

tallfubar (fallingfromresolution) | 201 comments George tickled the pear and stepped into the kitchen. At once the elves surrounded him, clamouring for his attention.
"Mister Weasley!" one squeaked.
"We hasn't seen you for a long time!" another squealed.
"It's been holidays," George said, exasperated. He directed an exhausted look Bailey's way.

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Bailey had an amused look on her face, "Wow. I wish all those elves loved me the way they love you..."
She laughed.

Escape The Fate | 42 comments Alex slowly walked in.

"Look!It's the boy!"One small elf squeked.Alex looked around,His hair in the way of his eyes.He ignored the two students and grabed a pumpkin juice cup.

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tallfubar (fallingfromresolution) | 201 comments George grinned at Bailey. "I visit them a lot."

message 7: by drew (new)

drew (drewbeck) A house-elf whom had known Dobby smiled. "Mister! Relative of friends of Dobby's!" the elf smiled at George. "Anything the hero shall like?" He grinned, his pale smock waving in the wind. "Because of Mister's realtives friends' Horus is a free elf!"

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tallfubar (fallingfromresolution) | 201 comments "Um, what have you got?" George asked, half-smiling.

message 9: by [deleted user] (new)

"Hmm. Then I might be seeing a lot of them soon." Bailey said smiling. "I eat a lot.." she blushed.

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tallfubar (fallingfromresolution) | 201 comments "We stea- ahem, get the food for Gryffindor, usually."

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Bailey smirked, "Yeah. Right. You know I'm in Gryffindor right?" she laughed at him.

message 12: by Escape The Fate (new)

Escape The Fate | 42 comments Alex looked down at the elf."Alex..You where chosin by..HIM!"He showed a pic of Draco Mafoy.

message 13: by [deleted user] (new)

Bailey saw Alex, "Who are you?" she asked uncertainly.

message 14: by Escape The Fate (new)

Escape The Fate | 42 comments Alex looked up.Kinda like what draco would do."Yes,It's a pitty he didn't pick you!"He scrunched his nose."I'm Alex.."He said and slowly walked out,A poion in one hand.

message 15: by [deleted user] (new)

Bailey raised an eyebrow, "Alex, that sounds familiar." she smiled at him brightly. "What brings you here?" she said again.

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Escape The Fate | 42 comments "Dark arts teacher needs something."He said now walking slowly out.

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Bailey smirked, "Yeah. I'm sure..." she replied. "But whatever, you can ignore me of ya want. I don't care." she smiled at him.

message 18: by tallfubar (new)

tallfubar (fallingfromresolution) | 201 comments George grinned. "Anyway."

message 19: by [deleted user] (new)

Bailey looked at George in surprise. "Oh hey there!" she laughed nervously. "So, what's...up?" she asked.

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tallfubar (fallingfromresolution) | 201 comments "Nothing much, I guess," George mumbled, his mouth full of a cake that an elf and pushed into his hands.

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