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Emily Donnellan Lenny Kravitz, and I think he is perfect!

Tiffany lenny has that rockstar rebellious attitude that cinna has, cinna was rebelling through clothes against the capital like lenny has rebelled through music i love him and i find it so funny jen l has worked with lenny's daughter and now him! she might as well be adopted by the kravitz family at this point!

maddie lol yah but he might have the attitude but i imagined cinnas looks way differently.

Tiffany yea i didn't realize cinna was African american in fact im not sure he is but i love lenny and the girl who is going to play rue is adorable!

maddie i nooooo shes adorable ...... and i am pretty ure that cinna was never balck... ill wiki him lol... i NEED to figure this out. lol :)

Tiffany maddie wrote: "i nooooo shes adorable ...... and i am pretty ure that cinna was never balck... ill wiki him lol... i NEED to figure this out. lol :)"

LMFAO...made my night! please figure it out for the both of us!

maddie kk lol do that rite now

Danielle Did anyone else image cinna looking just a little italin? I think I did because he was a fashion designer and there is an italinan character with the same name in another story I read.

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maddie depends on how italian... i iamgined him with a lil darker than olive skin tone ...obviously just not dark enoughto be black...not anyway near that close.

Juliet same

maddie me too. black never crossed my mind. plus he has GREEN eyes!! not brown

Tiffany black never crossed my mind but just cuz he has green eyes doesn't mean he can't be black my ex boyfriend who was black had blue eyes and in the capital people had diff colored skin so its not that far fetched if he was a black man with green eyes there is such thing as contacts but i thought of him with a tanned olive skin with short hair and around 6'1 with a ice skaters body thin, lean but muscular...

maddie i know but katniss said nthing altered was changed about cinna from actually being normal. and srsly about youre ex? thats really cool

Tiffany yea his name was Colt he was the first black guy i ever dated, and he wasn't mixed he was full black at first i thought he wore contacts but nope. i just can't wait for this movie to come out becuz im nervous it wont' be good and im sick of the anticipation from it already lol

maddie i know...i forgot where theyre shooting it....Charlotte maybe? goin to figure it outagan rite now


HUNGER GAMES ‘Hunger Games’ crew looking for extras who’s hair they can go ‘all out’ on

A new update from the people casting The Hunger Games reveals they are looking for extras who will allow them to really go crazy with their hairstyles.

They write:

Calls booking fittings have begun for Artemis. Reminder we will be booking and calling thru August. We will be booking in groups. We do need 50 folks who will honestly let us go out totally ALL OUT on the hair -be it an extreme cut or extreme color (which may be permanent), style or everything listed.

Juliet oooo, I would so do that, but my hair is totally untamable, I wouldn't mind if it was permanent. I think I'd only have my Goodreads friends left though cuz all my other friends think I'm too weird to begin with so.......

maddie ..the week of may 25th they were in north carolina..and the hunger games district twelve is setup in Charlotte!!!! we need to crash it lol

Juliet definitely, we have to scout out the actors. Are there any cute guys??????!

Tiffany lol maddie i love how you are always getting to the bottom of these hunger games questions they should've made you a consultant on this movie! if you crash it please take some pictures! post it on youtube im stuck in stupid CT, no one ever comes to films anything here except when Shia came to film the last Indiania Jones at yale, i went to Southern so i was close but didn't even realize he was so close ill have to wait until i win the powerball before i can find shia again and make him my boyfriend lol

Tiffany like i said though the suspense is killing me ever since they showed the pic of jen l as katniss im like ugh can i see more pics please!

maddie lol idk bout the cute guys. but THNKS tiffany lol

Juliet dang it....I will find this out

SarahO I'm rereading Hunger Games and so far all it says is he has brown hair and green eyes although for some reason I always pictured Cinna like the project runway guy (tall, then, with blonde slicked back hair). my sister pictured him as a oriental so I think everyone has a different Cinna in their I don't agree with the casting but hopefully he does good.

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i've read the hunger games 8 times the whole series.

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