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Shayla (shaylaalexander) ((Rp inside camp here))

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Asher was outside as the sun began to rise. Living in the meadows had its advantages, but the best where the canyons that lined their territory.

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Asher dipped her head to her fellow pack member. "Same to you, Moon." She stood up, and shook her black brown pelt of grass and other debris that filed her pelt.

Escape The Fate | 13 comments Kiara woke up.Her small clay pots near.Her herbs wher running out.She placed out what she needed and then made a neat moss bed.She headed out running into Moon and Asher."Well hello!"She smiled at her pack mates.

Escape The Fate | 13 comments "Anything needed of me?"She asked befor heading off.

Escape The Fate | 13 comments "Well,If you di need anything i'll be in the herb patch."She said and nodded.Waiting for her aproval.

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Shayla (shaylaalexander) Rio stretched and looked around. She sat at the entrance to the subordinate den. She yawned. "Hi, everyone."

Escape The Fate | 13 comments Kiara smiled and walked into the small path blocked by a thicket bush.She made sure her path was hidden from any pups.Once,A pup went down the path and ate a small mase bush beary.He ate the herb and it posined him.He died and it wasn't Kiara's fault.He leaped around small rocks and saw her maple sapp claybolw was full.She sowly dragged the claypot to her den.Puting it on her sleeping shelf.

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Shayla (shaylaalexander) Rio looked over at Kiara. "Whatcha got there?" She asked, walking over curiously.

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Escape The Fate | 13 comments "Maple sapp."She said glad someone asked."Nice too see you this morning"She smiled and pushed the maple sap around fixing her shelf.

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Shayla (shaylaalexander) Rio nodded. "Nice to see your up, Kiara," She said, looking around.

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Asher yawned, and decided to send out a wolf to patrol. She howled a call for any unoccupied subordinates.

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"Moon? Would you mind going on a border patrol? You may take another wolf with you, if you want." She said, blinking.

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Escape The Fate | 13 comments "Nice to see you um also."She smiled and returned to her Shamaning.

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Shayla (shaylaalexander) Rio walked out of Kiara's rolling her eyes. She looked over at Asher. "G'morning, Asher, Moon." She dipped her head to both of them.

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